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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Discipleship2, 747:the destruction of fear. Next, reaffirming your consciousness positively in the ajna center,Discipleship2, 749:cast off fear and refuse to register in their consciousness - by an act of the spiritual will - theDiscipleship2, 754:bringing illumination. Pause here and focus your consciousness in the mind. The work is done byDiscipleship2, 759:into your next incarnation with the initiate consciousness (of the grade desired), and thus startDiscipleship2, 760:the disciple regularly and cyclically into the consciousness of the Ashram, with subsequent andDiscipleship2, 760:Ashram and to register it in your physical brain consciousness. You may not and probably will notEducation, vi:personality and for the overcoming of the double consciousness that has resulted from the culturalEducation, 2:mode of bridging the gap which exists in man's consciousness between the world of ordinary humanEducation, 6:focus of a man's attention and to note where the consciousness is primarily centered. Then he mustEducation, 11:of the growth of the God-idea in the human consciousness would prove a profitable illustration ofEducation, 12:realization and awareness. These expansions of consciousness finally bring a new factor into theEducation, 16:which must take place upon the mental levels of consciousness), we shall make but little progressEducation, 17:can be entered and understood by the integrated consciousness of the intelligent human being.Education, 17:bridges the gap between his higher and his lower consciousness. The significance also of creativeEducation, 18:of space and informed it with His life and consciousness. He did this for His good purposes and inEducation, 18:appearance through the two aspects of life and consciousness. The life principle - the flow ofEducation, 18:- temporarily seated in the heart, while the consciousness principle, the soul of all things, isEducation, 18:uses the heart as its central organ; whilst the consciousness principle [19] uses the nervousEducation, 19:The higher Self or Soul is the sumtotal of the consciousness of the Monad, again in time and space.Education, 19:of soul awareness, the deepening of the flow of consciousness, and the development of an innerEducation, 19:This is essentially the unfolding of the consciousness of the whole. We call it groupEducation, 19:the consciousness of the whole. We call it group consciousness. Its first development isEducation, 19:consciousness. Its first development is self-consciousness, which is the realization by the soulEducation, 19:his own little phenomenal appearance; self-consciousness [20] is, therefore, a stage on the way toEducation, 20:[20] is, therefore, a stage on the way to group consciousness and is the consciousness of theEducation, 20:on the way to group consciousness and is the consciousness of the Immediate. Through education,Education, 20:of the Immediate. Through education, this self-consciousness must be unfolded until the manEducation, 20:be unfolded until the man recognizes that his consciousness is a corporate part of a greater whole.Education, 20:true educational endeavor. Love of self (self-consciousness), love of those around usEducation, 20:love of those around us (group-consciousness), become eventually love of the whole (GodEducation, 20:become eventually love of the whole (God consciousness). Such are the steps. 3. ActiveEducation, 21:which reflects itself in the soul. It is the consciousness of harmony and beauty which drives theEducation, 25:or evading questions posed by the awakening consciousness of the child, in time to come theEducation, 26:triad, so that there can be the free play of consciousness and complete identification with the OneEducation, 26:between the life thread and the thread of consciousness. One thread is the basis of immortality andEducation, 26:(the antahkarana) embodies the response of the consciousness within the form to a steadilyEducation, 27:Naught is and naught remains but life. The consciousness thread (antahkarana) is the result of theEducation, 27:can follow along this path from the physical consciousness to the emotional, and from the emotionalEducation, 28:is later [28] colored by the discriminating consciousness of the mind, and this produces that innerEducation, 28:not identified with the mechanism, but with the consciousness in man. Through the means of thisEducation, 28:Increasingly he learns to tread this path of consciousness, and thereby ceases to be identifiedEducation, 31:here that the bridging has to be done in the consciousness aspect, and concerns the continuity ofEducation, 31:The energy which is used in connecting, in consciousness, the physical man and the astral body isEducation, 32:the other thread which embodies the principle of consciousness, is anchored in the head. This youEducation, 32:He must himself create, in both the world of consciousness and of life. Like a spider, man spinsEducation, 33:centers, thus producing a synthesis between consciousness, the soul and the life principle. TheEducation, 34:Some aspirants and students have the mystical consciousness highly developed, and are therefore aptEducation, 35:and synthesis and an increased [35] expansion of consciousness through the establishing of rightEducation, 35:by developing the rational aspects of his consciousness and life, teaching him to use hisEducation, 35:equipment for the evidencing of the social consciousness and attitudes. 7. Above all else, theEducation, 36:methods to be employed in bridging the gaps in consciousness between the different aspects. ThusEducation, 36:mind on the mental plane, as the sensitive consciousness on the emotional plane, and as the activeEducation, 39:The teaching imparted stimulates the latent mass consciousness of the child, and evokes the memoryEducation, 39:technically employed) to recover from that race consciousness and racial memory, not only nationalEducation, 40:primarily sensitive and emotional - a state of consciousness (I cannot say state of mind) mostEducation, 40:Christ, Who wrought great changes in the human consciousness and ushered in a new civilization.Education, 40:Children are still largely Atlantean in their consciousness; it is with them a form ofEducation, 40:upon the Path when a man develops the mystical consciousness anew, after he has evoked his mentalEducation, 40:before Education is to take the Atlantean consciousness of the child and make it Aryan or mental.Education, 43:civilization concerns the masses and the racial consciousness, while culture concerns theEducation, 43:both worlds, and with simultaneity as far as his consciousness or his sense of awareness isEducation, 43:being and the task of bringing this condition of consciousness to fruition, have been regarded forEducation, 48:and the world of values and of meaning in his consciousness. He should begin to relate the worldsEducation, 51:being also, and yet with complete continuity of consciousness and with a complete tripleEducation, 54:brought a measure of light to the physical plane consciousness of humanity. The second opened inEducation, 59:a true esotericist, for he is not dealing in his consciousness with energies and forces, but withEducation, 61:which come from emotional and mental levels of consciousness, focusing through the etheric bodyEducation, 64:When I say "soul," I refer to the animating consciousness found throughout nature and on thoseEducation, 67:and into hitherto unknown phases of the divine consciousness. Esotericism is not, however,Education, A Trea:629-751] thereby grounding and fixing in the consciousness of humanity the fact of the existenceEducation, 71:inclinations. New race, with group qualities and consciousness and idealistic vision. Education, 73:who is basically Atlantean or early Aryan in his consciousness, is a fruitless task and will doEducation, 74:spirit and the substitution of the cooperative consciousness. Here the question at once arises: HowEducation, 76:are necessarily on the very verge of soul consciousness. One of the first indications of such soulEducation, 77:- a necessary urge in the development of self-consciousness, but one which needs understanding andEducation, 89:lines should be started in infancy so that the consciousness of the child (so easily directed) canEducation, 90:fighting its way into the forefront of the human consciousness in spite of all separate enmities.Education, 90:be no racial, national or separate religious consciousness present in human thinking. It wasEducation, 92:There is a thread of energy, which we call the consciousness aspect or the faculty of soulEducation, 93:[93] 1. To reorient the knowledge, the consciousness aspect or the sense of awareness in the childEducation, 93:to him from the angle of the racial growth in consciousness and not so much from the angle of theEducation, 93:come with greater ease. 3. The unification in consciousness of the life impulse and the urge toEducation, 94:which, when added to the life thread and to the consciousness thread, will link head, heart andEducation, 95:will facilitate the stream or flow of consciousness and will produce that continuity ofEducation, 95:and will produce that continuity of consciousness, or that sense of unimpeded awareness, which willEducation, 96:and make a man responsive in his brain consciousness to impressions coming to him from the higherEducation, 96:science of occult bridge building or bridging in consciousness. By its means, particularly in theEducation, 96:and the soul. Produce an eventual continuity of consciousness. Meditation is essentially theEducation, 96:the antahkarana (that which bridges the gap in consciousness between the soul and the spiritualEducation, 97:and the light of the soul pour into the brain consciousness, the normal result is the subordinationEducation, 97:very young and in the formative years of their consciousness. It should here be remembered thatEducation, 98:and its emphasis upon a seeming abstract group consciousness), will seem to them normal andEducation, 99:are beginning to make their impact upon public consciousness. These ideals in themselves areEducation, 101:are and where they are, and so to have gained a consciousness of a general planetary picture. TheEducation, 102:is in him; it is strongly inculcated into his consciousness that his individual life must beEducation, 103:is a definite step forward in the expansion of consciousness which the human race must achieve. IEducation, 103:here remind you that it is the expansion of consciousness and the production of increasedEducation, 103:and chaos so devastatingly present today in the consciousness of humanity, and behind all the fearEducation, 103:beginning to blend in themselves three states of consciousness - that of the individual, of theEducation, 104:communistic devotee, the [104] effect upon the consciousness of humanity as a whole is definitely
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