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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Fire, 287:aspects of knowledge are really those zones of consciousness which are not yet conquered, andFire, 288:units who are ready for a similar expansion of consciousness. In this thought lies the key to theFire, 288:Love and Knowledge. The seven states of consciousness. The seven states of matter or planes. TheFire, 288:of His body (those separated units of consciousness which we call deva and human [289] beings), andFire, 289:the Fires has to do with the development of the consciousness of a Heavenly Man, and theFire, 289:This is of a threefold nature: To attain the consciousness of the realized control of their ownFire, 289:spiritual kingdom. It concerns the awakening of consciousness on the three lower planes. To attainFire, 289:on the three lower planes. To attain the consciousness of the particular center in the body of oneFire, 289:fifth Initiation, and covers the period wherein consciousness is awakened on the five planes ofFire, 289:the five planes of evolution. To attain to the consciousness of the center in the Body of the LogosFire, 290:and covers the period of the awakening of consciousness on the seven planes of the solar system.Fire, 290:work is again threefold: To attain to full self-consciousness, or to individual consciousness onFire, 290:to full self-consciousness, or to individual consciousness on the five planes; to vibrate withFire, 290:entrance upon the fourth round. To attain to the consciousness of the solar Logos, within WhoseFire, 290:the attainment by a Heavenly Man of a group consciousness of a sevenfold nature, or the achievementFire, 290:in the body of a solar Logos. To attain to the consciousness of a greater center on cosmic levels.Fire, 290:from the standpoint of time and of space) the consciousness of [291] the cosmic astral, or theFire, 291:astral plane is brought under control, and the consciousness of the Heavenly Man expands to includeFire, 291:root-races on this planet, in which the astral consciousness of the Atlantean cycle is beingFire, 292:nature: [292] He has to attain to the full consciousness of His entire ring-pass-not, or of theFire, 292:contact and stimulation. He has to attain to the consciousness of the cosmic Logos within WhoseFire, 292:also the cosmic astral plane. To attain to the consciousness of the center in the body of the ONEFire, 294:threefold: First. The development of individual consciousness. Second. The development of groupFire, 294:consciousness. Second. The development of group consciousness. Third. The development of GodFire, 294:consciousness. Third. The development of God consciousness, of that consciousness in each caseFire, 294:The development of God consciousness, of that consciousness in each case which represents theFire, 295:to a third, that of the development of consciousness, which is the gradual expansion of theFire, 295:ideas can be applied to the three grades of consciousness referred to. As follows: Man, the lowestFire, 295:to. As follows: Man, the lowest type of coherent consciousness (using the word "consciousness" inFire, 295:type of coherent consciousness (using the word "consciousness" in its true connotation as the "OneFire, 295:as relatively low in the order of cosmic consciousness as man is in relation to solarFire, 295:consciousness as man is in relation to solar consciousness. He is but a cell in the body of the ONEFire, 304:achieves three objects: The development of consciousness or the awakening of the faculty ofFire, 304:further noticeable developments. As before, his consciousness expands, but he begins to workFire, 305:as having reference to the psyche, or soul, or consciousness) and deals with the gradual expansionFire, 308:and work. We considered somewhat the factor of Consciousness, and saw that the great work of aFire, 308:fire, which is the animating principle of consciousness itself. Let us first of all get one broadFire, 317:active purpose are the sumtotal of intelligent consciousness, and are (to the manifesting cosmicFire, 319:man. It is the seat of that better and wiser consciousness behind the outward looking consciousnessFire, 319:wiser consciousness behind the outward looking consciousness in the forward part of the head; thatFire, 319:forward part of the head; that better and wiser consciousness of "the back of the mind," whichFire, 319:the spiritual view on the outward looking consciousness in the forward part of the head. It is theFire, 336:complexity of the subject." - From A Study in Consciousness, by Annie Besant. Fire, 338:body. Reap the benefit of experience. Expand the consciousness. Make progress towards a specifiedFire, 345:all other individualized selves, or spheres. Consciousness, above all. Ability to evolve. CapacityFire, 346:had permeated the substance like yeast. Thus was consciousness awakened. In the previous solarFire, 346:and These advanced cosmic Beings entered into consciousness and mastered the three lower planes ofFire, 347:the agent which produced the first flicker of consciousness in the particular groups involved. InFire, 347:was that of a slow evolutionary growth till the consciousness suddenly blazed forth owing to theFire, 347:influences from outside; these tend to awaken consciousness, and to bring about the merging of theFire, 348:groups. This application, bringing about consciousness on some plane, may be regarded as literallyFire, 348:by the electric rod this animal man awoke to consciousness on the mental. Thus the three bodiesFire, 350:comprehensible. In each case this awakening of consciousness is preceded by a period of gradualFire, 350:will individualize in the next. a. Consciousness and Existence From the wider point of view theFire, 350:they both express the idea of an expansion of consciousness, or of entrance into a new kingdom ofFire, 354:develop abstract thought [354] and to expand the consciousness, for they are as yet insoluble andFire, 358:the fact, and leave the explanation until his consciousness is of greater scope. 32 A hint of thisFire, 366:Fourth, the fourth method of transference of consciousness, and the bringing of the life unitsFire, 376:development of the intuition and of the higher consciousness during the sixth and seventh. DuringFire, 381:history of the individual scheme, and with the consciousness, and evolution of some particularFire, 382:average thinker, for it involves an expansion of consciousness unattainable by man. NeverthelessFire, 384:through it the entire content of his egoic consciousness, so a Heavenly Man, when taking to HimselfFire, 384:of His Life or the splendor of His manifesting Consciousness. It might here be stated in connectionFire, 384:rent by pain and suffering, for His is the consciousness at the center of the Body, and theirs isFire, 390:at that time, will have their center of consciousness definitely on the mental plane, [391] whilstFire, 396:ENTITY Who enfolds our solar Logos within His consciousness. When, therefore, the esoteric side ofFire, 399:it as the Not-Self. Through the expansion of his consciousness through graded steps until itFire, 400:but a higher four. He becomes part of the consciousness of that occult group hinted at in variousFire, 400:become the five pointed star, he passes into the consciousness of the Monad, or pure Spirit, viaFire, 405:always exist together, the Devas giving the consciousness and the Pitris forming the body. The twoFire, 405:the world and making it exist as a factor of our consciousness. From the highest to the lowestFire, 407:being only permitted to make the statement. The consciousness of the mass of the human family willFire, 410:manas. Beneath them come many grades of consciousness. Man is gradually achieving that consciousFire, 411:under what we call the second aspect, yet self consciousness itself is the result of the manasicFire, 418:First. Discrimination between the I-consciousness, and that which is cognized in the externalFire, 418:the concept down to the sphere of a man's own consciousness, and enables him to differentiateFire, 419:Man now knows himself as a separated unit of consciousness; he now distinguishes between himselfFire, 420:be stated that: "I am" refers to the personality consciousness on three lower planes, or to allFire, 420:within a chain. "I am That" refers to his egoic consciousness, and to the planes of the Triad. ItFire, 420:part. "I am That I am" refers to a man's monadic consciousness, and his relationship to the planesFire, 422:and will know themselves as "I am That" in full consciousness. The remaining units will be thoseFire, 425:and the translation of the indwelling units of consciousness to other spheres, more [426] suited toFire, 431:Here can be seen the awakening of the higher consciousness, and the first ripple of perception of,Fire, 443:forms which the Lord of Life utilizes to develop consciousness within. The force or vibration ofFire, 446:Initiation, thus transferring their centers of consciousness out of the purely human into the earlyFire, 447:imparted to the Builders, being latent in their consciousness. They evolve the form of the GrandFire, 449:fall into a group of mantrams, hidden in the consciousness of the Lords of the fifth and seventhFire, 450:their group soul, or the union of matter and consciousness. Second. The guidance of the stream ofFire, 450:particular kingdom, or the blending of form and consciousness. Third. The transference of theFire, 450:forth its influence in order to produce self-consciousness within the conscious form. It willFire, 450:who have done three things: First. Developed the consciousness of the group in which theyFire, 450:results outside the periphery of the group whose consciousness is theirs. For instance, an adeptFire, 457:at various times; the development of the animal consciousness and its immediate future is as yetFire, 459:of repulsion of the animal units, leaving their consciousness to be stimulated on astral lines.Fire, 463:be paid by occult students to the effect of the consciousness of one group upon another group, andFire, 464:apprehension, enabling Them to expand Their consciousness. The consciousness of the Heavenly MenFire, 464:enabling Them to expand Their consciousness. The consciousness of the Heavenly Men stimulates allFire, 464:working at the development of group consciousness. The vibration, for instance, of a planetaryFire, 464:(in the minor group of seven) is active. The consciousness of man is stimulated and developed whenFire, 465:taking the form of: The increase of the total consciousness of the group. The stimulation of units
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