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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Fire, 465:to attain, and who aims at expansion of consciousness but is having some effect - in ever wideningFire, 478:elemental, tiny life. 57 Atom and Electron: See Consciousness of the Atom, page 17-22. Fire, 486:as in the above mentioned cases and grades of consciousness, but owing to the disastrousFire, 499:ways inconceivable as yet to the half awakened consciousness of man. In that round three-fifths ofFire, 499:will be laid upon the achievement of causal consciousness, and upon the scientific construction ofFire, 499:terms: The Heavenly Man will be achieving the consciousness of his causal body on cosmic levels,Fire, 503:from the point of view of universal or group consciousness it is occurring NOW. For instance, suchFire, 504:contact is the birth of the Son, or the Ego, the consciousness aspect. The egoic manifestation isFire, 507:purposes: It separates one unit of egoic consciousness from another unit of consciousness, yet isFire, 507:unit of egoic consciousness from another unit of consciousness, yet is itself part of the gaseousFire, 508:atom. They hold hid the memory of the unit of consciousness. When fully vibrant they are the raisonFire, 508:are the raison d'ętre for the continuity of the consciousness of the man functioning in the causalFire, 508:and through initiation, man achieves the consciousness of the Spiritual Triad, and transfers hisFire, 509:in the cosmic etheric. As each unit of consciousness, through self-induced effort, achieves theFire, 511:the fourth, or human kingdom, is in the astral consciousness viewing this kingdom as a unity inFire, 517:of positive life. This concerns the evolution of consciousness in substance. A permanent atom comesFire, 521:sources, each distinctive and apart, and only Consciousness producing intelligent effect throughFire, 522:of manifestation. Three is the number of consciousness. One is the number of Life or Spirit.Fire, 522:by friction. Father - Son - Holy Ghost. Spirit - Consciousness - Matter. Fire, 523:of the second aspect. These vibrations of consciousness are the major three words which are theFire, 524:threefold essential nature will the mystery of consciousness become apparent, and the nature of theFire, 524:under law, with the scientific expansion of the consciousness, and will eventually bring aboutFire, 525:students of the Knowledge - actuated by group consciousness, and working consciously - willFire, 525:of demarcation between the lower four Rays of consciousness, and the higher three. It is also aFire, 525:of man separates those who are developing the consciousness of the Triad from those who as yet areFire, 529:of different kinds, and the effect produced on consciousness by their interplay. Back of all formsFire, 529:system as an abstraction. A man can attain group consciousness; he can vibrate to the note of theFire, 530:average man in physical incarnation, the egoic consciousness, within the causal periphery, is asFire, 530:That which, for Him, lies below the threshold of consciousness. Those centers from which logoicFire, 530:- S. D., I, 680. Spirit has to acquire full self-consciousness. - S. D., I, 215. Form imprisonsFire, 534:their esoteric significance describe a stage of consciousness not a location. Through fiveFire, 534:The entities who are the sumtotal of group consciousness on egoic levels, remembering that theseFire, 537:- Spirit. The Heart center - The Ego - Love - Consciousness. The Throat center - The Personality -Fire, 539:egoic lotus, the heart center in the monadic consciousness, unfolding each of its petals in groupsFire, 543:which he gained therein to the content of his consciousness; he has in ordered sequence developedFire, 545:with the psychical aspect, or the development of consciousness; the central nucleus, or the threeFire, 546:of egoic unfoldment as interpreted in terms of consciousness or of fire. In studying the subjectFire, 547:a comparatively low stage of development or of consciousness (egoically speaking). This is due toFire, 548:a better comprehension of the effect of one consciousness upon another consciousness on theFire, 548:of the effect of one consciousness upon another consciousness on the physical plane, and thisFire, 548:another will be realized; the method of arousing consciousness on the different planes by actionFire, 553:Vibrations from that which, within the logoic consciousness, is recognized as the logoic HigherFire, 554:as to be almost outside the range of His consciousness. In carrying out these ideas in connectionFire, 555:initiations, and not the numerous expansions of consciousness which can be traced through allFire, 555:impulse, and makes its appeal to the subjective consciousness through impact upon whatever may beFire, 555:frame, and their alliance with the brain consciousness. As will be seen in the three worlds ofFire, 560:In our first point we touched upon the aspect of consciousness, or "response to sensation, orFire, 560:of intelligent substance, or that through which consciousness seeks expression. Now the will orFire, 561:the life within the form, or the subjective consciousness, comes gradually to the fore, and theFire, 562:and therefore responsible. Where self-consciousness is not, there is no responsibility. HenceFire, follow:it is known that the mineral kingdom has a consciousness of its own, yet sensation is moreFire, follow:second kingdom, and the distinction between the consciousness of the mineral and that of the animalFire, follow:of the animal is so vast that their respective consciousness are basically unlike. Between theseFire, follow:kingdom, approximating more generally the animal consciousness than the mineral, and having a mostFire, 568:of that One of the cosmic Logoi [568] in Whose consciousness both our system, and our greaterFire, 568:for it describes the next racial expansion of consciousness, and has an occult meaning. In theFire, 571:have not yet evolved to where we have planetary consciousness, still less systemic, how can weFire, 572:identity, but forever remain separated units of consciousness, though one with all that lives orFire, 572:His identity, even though He forms part of the Consciousness of the Logos of Sirius. In His turn,Fire, 575:and feminine; it concerns the evolution of consciousness of the psyche. On the path of evolutionFire, 581:evolves, apart from those in which individual consciousness manifests, the great religiousFire, 582:vehicle, establishing a consequent continuity of consciousness. This correspondence, and thisFire, 582:which results in a merging with the monadic consciousness. The third Ray, that of adaptability orFire, 592:of Karma. We need always to remember that the consciousness of the cosmic mental plane is theFire, 593:at the stage of love of humanity or group love consciousness which is the predominantFire, 595:- lies the difference between the personal consciousness and that of the Ego. 85 In the sixthFire, 602:with the coherent life of all forms, with the consciousness in its evolving aspect, or with Agni,Fire, 603:Logos on the cosmic mental plane, for the egoic consciousness of the Logos is more than HisFire, 604:lives and is conscious , but all life and consciousness is not similar to the human. - S. D., I,Fire, 606:of evolution, of psychic development and of consciousness. This fact is hidden in these figures,Fire, 606:body, and have not reached back to the egoic consciousness. The lunar Lords have had their day; nowFire, 607:Second Love-Wisdom. Solar Fire Activity of Consciousness. Egoism. Vitality. Magnetism. The sevenFire, 608:Central Spiritual Sun. Egoic fire. Solar fire. Consciousness Love-Wisdom. The Heart of the Sun.Fire, 608:is the number governing the development of the consciousness within that form of the psyche. ThisFire, 610:of unfoldment, and comes to an ever fuller consciousness. This is the period of egoic development,Fire, 610:of the Path. Third. The period wherein the egoic consciousness itself is superseded by spiritualFire, 611:fire of matter. As he ascertains the nature of consciousness, and the laws of psychical unfoldmentFire, 611:spiritual or essential life which is developing consciousness by means of the sheaths, he willFire, 612:These deva activities in relation to Self-Consciousness (which is the distinctive characteristic ofFire, 614:for the human being (until he has attained the consciousness of the Ego) to differentiate betweenFire, 615:own powers, and until he has fully unfolded the consciousness of the ego; then, and only then, canFire, 615:or Universal Mind. They contain within their consciousness the plan logoic, [616] and inherentlyFire, 617:in that term. They are the source of his self-consciousness, and it is their action upon theFire, 619:cells of His Body, fostering the germ of self-consciousness, fanning the flame until each unitFire, 622:with them and until [622] he has attained the consciousness of the Ego, and has with full knowledgeFire, 624:first great stage of the battle for full Self-consciousness, and for identification with theFire, 626:direct by those who have expanded their consciousness adequately. [627] The buddhic plane, orFire, 628:the seven Rays, or as the Light of Wisdom, the Consciousness, radiating through the form. As fireFire, 629:until the "Son be made perfect," or the logoic consciousness is fully awakened. They areFire, 629:or those seven states of activity through which consciousness is expressing itself. They are theFire, 629:is expressing itself. They are the vehicles of consciousness and the seven vibrations. They areFire, 631:lesser devas, who form the central fire, and consciousness of the substance of a subplane. It isFire, 632:a difference lies, not only in degree, but in consciousness. Man works usually unconsciously. TheFire, 633:Finally they are concerned with the evolution of consciousness 7 in the three worlds, andFire, 633:with the individualization of the human unit of consciousness, and with the vitalization of theFire, 633:to win immortality. - S. D., III, 518, 519. Self-consciousness is their goal. - S. D., I, 205; II,Fire, 635:for they are the builders of the body of consciousness per se. From the psychic standpoint ofFire, 637:[637] The centers are allied or connected with consciousness, and are composed of self-consciousFire, 638:life; when the scientist begins to work with the consciousness that animates substance (atomic orFire, 641:matter aspect there is less to be said than on consciousness, and on the hylozoistic aspect of
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