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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Fire, 1086:and conveys only to their relatively limited consciousness the general nature of the group ofFire, 1088:to the public. In those books the development of consciousness and its transition through theFire, 1091:unknown to humanity. These will sweep into the consciousness of the human being in another solarFire, 1091:fifth kingdom has been passed through, and group consciousness is merging in that of the divine.Fire, 1092:succeeding chain. Many Monads who achieved self-consciousness in the moon chain only entered intoFire, 1104:making principle necessary in order that self-consciousness may be evolved, but transcended whenFire, 1104:been generated is so strong that continuity of consciousness becomes an accomplished fact. The manFire, 1108:devachan is absorption into a definite stage of consciousness within the logoic physical body;Fire, 1108:devachan, therefore, is occultly a state of consciousness, but of consciousness thinking in termsFire, 1108:is occultly a state of consciousness, but of consciousness thinking in terms of time and space inFire, 1108:It has therefore no location for the unit of consciousness, but has location from the standpoint ofFire, 1108:of the Heavenly Man. Prakriti (matter) and consciousness are - in manifestation - inseparable. TheFire, 1108:of the occult books is connected with the consciousness of the logoic planetary body, and with theFire, 1109:and the quality of what he brought. When the consciousness within devachan has absorbed all theFire, 1117:upon the wheel." Thus the expansions of consciousness, which will admit an individual point ofFire, 1122:medium until the man can succeed in linking the consciousness of the two aspects of the dense bodyFire, 1124:that which is to be found outside the separated consciousness, for separative knowledge entailsFire, 1124:and do, reach high levels along one aspect of consciousness, and touch certain specific heights ofFire, 1125:can reach, in their later stages, expansions of consciousness and of power that will take them farFire, 1133:of those lives only who have achieved self-consciousness, or individuality, and therefore relativeFire, 1135:Matter thus prepared that the Aspects of Logoic Consciousness can manifest themselves as Beings." -Fire, 1135:can manifest themselves as Beings." - A Study in Consciousness, by Annie Besant, p. 9. Fire, 1146:upon the moon, and those who attained self-consciousness upon the earth. There are importantFire, 1146:the groups of human units who reached self-consciousness on our planet is hidden in the methodsFire, 1147:the ability to arrive, and to achieve full self-consciousness. These three methods bring us to theFire, 1147:of the Godhead; they are the qualities of consciousness - material, intelligent, and divine. TheyFire, 1149:in order that the Inner God may function in full consciousness and wield full control on theFire, 1156:are differentiated in time and space where the consciousness of man is concerned, from the point ofFire, 1158:active. The sevenfold energy of the psyche, the consciousness aspect, demonstrates when the threeFire, 1160:periphery, nevertheless, from the standpoint of consciousness there is that which must be bridged.Fire, 1167:that which brings about the realization of self-consciousness; from the point of view of theFire, 1168:working out into manifestation of the informing consciousness of a part of the deva kingdom, and ofFire, 1173:dealt with from the material aspect and from the consciousness aspect, this term is occultly used.Fire, 1173:to cover the law as it affects the expansions of consciousness which an initiate undergoes, and hisFire, 1173:arrived at, or transcended the stage of self-consciousness. It has consequently a vital connectionFire, 1175:exists in order to teach a specific aspect of consciousness, and each planetary school or HierarchyFire, 1177:grade to another. For the expanding of the human consciousness under the law, For the transmutationFire, 1186:men lift themselves out of the human state of consciousness into the divine, but on this there isFire, 1188:which are due expressions of the indwelling consciousness which is the great purpose of what weFire, 1188:of unfoldment, that which concerns the soul or consciousness aspect and that relating to the SpiritFire, 1190:There are human beings, or exponents of self-consciousness on other planets, but the forms theyFire, 1194:i.e, no body at all, but an ideal breath; consciousness merged in the universal consciousness, orFire, 1194:breath; consciousness merged in the universal consciousness, or soul devoid of every attribute.Fire, 1196:sends the following suggestion: In a Study in Consciousness, the three, by an arrangement ofFire, 1198:to them ability to realize the nature of group consciousness, the quality of the seven HeavenlyFire, 1208:the word "above" but serves to mislead. It is consciousness and realization which must beFire, 1208:must be considered as being transferred and the consciousness of one hierarchy expands into that ofFire, 1208:stage. There are, therefore, nine states of consciousness through which each hierarchy has to pass,Fire, 1210:failure is so complete (from the standpoint of consciousness) that all the response they can makeFire, 1211:and marking the stage in the evolution of consciousness where a triple awareness is possible, -Fire, 1213:units of the human kingdom in full individual consciousness, and the work of each human being mightFire, 1213:few are the human units who have merged their consciousness with that of the greater directingFire, 1214:life which brings about the great expansions of consciousness and leads to individualFire, 1216:consciously, part of group work. The individual consciousness of relationship is somewhatFire, 1216:somewhat established owing to there being self-consciousness. The work for the subhuman kingdoms isFire, 1216:lives is the establishment of a universal consciousness which will enable every planet and solarFire, 1218:of group realization, and expansions of [1218] consciousness and the part each unit plays in theFire, 1231:or activity of Spirit. From the point of view of consciousness these are the only things which theFire, 1231:of form. The goal of realization for man is consciousness of the nature of the Soul, the mediumFire, 1234:distant future pass through the human state of consciousness are not regarded as creators. TheyFire, 1241:has passed beyond the veil and has expanded His consciousness so that he is at-one with theFire, 1241:color, and its attributes; he has expanded his consciousness until gradually he has ascertained andFire, 1244:themselves, then there is borne in upon their consciousness a something which transcendsFire, 1244:their consciousness a something which transcends consciousness altogether and which can only beFire, 1246:happening, and are undergone within the monadic consciousness after the transcendence of the atmicFire, 1246:"initiation" which has to do specifically with consciousness and therefore with duality and areFire, 1252:the objective or form side and the subjective or consciousness aspect of his triple nature. WhenFire, 1253:with other solar Logoi, within the sphere of His consciousness. As is well known, the solar plexusFire, 1255:solar Logos through the medium of the body of consciousness, or through the soul-form. They thusFire, 1259:a form of identification which is divorced from consciousness altogether. The reason also why theFire, 1262:which comes when the skin is touched. It is not consciousness but knowledge through vibration. TheyFire, 1266:These two paths enter into cosmic states of consciousness as inconceivable to man as theFire, 1266:of consciousness as inconceivable to man as the consciousness of the Ego of a human being is to anGlamour, 8:name; at its [8] meaning as that emerges in the consciousness through meditation; and at itsGlamour, 9:manifests and where the intuitional state of consciousness is active is that of the buddhic orGlamour, 13:goal. In the study of symbols conceptually, the consciousness is polarized in the mental body, andGlamour, 14:the figures in a symbol serves to pull your consciousness up on to the mental plane and to focus itGlamour, 16:here to your particular group, but to the world consciousness. Help shatter the great illusionGlamour, 18:Three great events are immanent in the world consciousness today: The growth and understanding ofGlamour, 18:The steady impact of right thought on the human consciousness by trained groups of thinkers is theGlamour, 20:truth, owing to the limitations of the human consciousness. Glamor has oft been regarded as aGlamour, 22:to your minds? The cause lies far back in the consciousness of the "imperfect Gods." Does thatGlamour, 32:slowly emerging into recognition in the human consciousness and this is a real point gained, forGlamour, 36:and irradiates not only the mind, but the brain consciousness [37] as well. He sees the situationGlamour, 37:yet able to see truly in the larger sweeps of consciousness; the group glamor and, of course, theGlamour, 42:Dweller on the Threshold Physical Brain consciousness Angel of the Presence DiscriminationGlamour, 42:always to be realized and worked out in full consciousness upon the physical plane. Theory mustGlamour, 42:and mental planes must be realized in the brain consciousness. It is there that the application isGlamour, 42:become clear to his perception in waking consciousness, they form in time part of his qualityGlamour, 43:and activity have to be realized in the brain consciousness of the disciple as he works upon theGlamour, 46:though not the illusions of the mental levels of consciousness. When the glamor of authorityGlamour, 46:of authority transfers itself into the spiritual consciousness of man, we have such a state ofGlamour, 48:of their chosen service will penetrate his consciousness, and automatically and naturally he willGlamour, 48:to the laws which control group life and group consciousness. Finally, he will find himselfGlamour, 48:soul, which is basically and intrinsically group consciousness. Therefore, when one of you is besetGlamour, 52:capacity of the soul to meet that need flood his consciousness. His dedication, consecration andGlamour, 53:until a man has: Shifted the focus of his consciousness on to the mental plane. Worked definitelyGlamour, 54:man (which is slowly becoming the center of his consciousness and the major reality in hisGlamour, 55:is inadequate. The idea which has emerged in his consciousness, through the partial awakening ofGlamour, 55:will be distorted in its descent to his brain consciousness in several ways. That which he brings
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