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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Glamour, 56:the idea, nebulous and faint, emerges into the consciousness of the man. It stands revealed, muchGlamour, 61:point. Ideas very seldom come into the world consciousness and into the human mind direct from theGlamour, 61:of a very high order, are stepped down into the consciousness of a disciple by his Master and areGlamour, 62:a fragment of some basic idea impinges upon his consciousness and he interprets it as belonging toGlamour, 66:Deity. At that moment, He entered fully into the consciousness that He was Himself God, and naughtGlamour, 66:xvii, was indeed and in truth a fact in His Own consciousness, established unalterably. Yet,Glamour, 66:overcome, the astral body fades out in the human consciousness. There is no desire left for theGlamour, 67:can no longer come between his brain consciousness and the soul. Fleeting moments of this highGlamour, 67:nature of truth sweeps momentarily through their consciousness, and life is never again exactly theGlamour, 72:with dynamic life - seek to [72] hold the consciousness of humanity upon the astral plane. Such aGlamour, 79:produced the middle way which is that of the consciousness aspect or the soul aspect. Ponder deeplyGlamour, 80:activity of spirit, soul [80] and body; of life, consciousness and form, the three aspects ofGlamour, 82:habitually works, and the centering of the consciousness in the world of the soul, there silentlyGlamour, 83:do well to bear this thought constantly in their consciousness. The process is one of linking upGlamour, 90:and lead up to: The unfoldment of the divine consciousness. This starts in the mineral kingdom. TheGlamour, 94:This condition is a difficulty in the realm of consciousness itself and is not really inherent inGlamour, 94:with that which is not himself; he shifts his consciousness into a realm of phenomena which engulfsGlamour, 95:sex, food and warmth. These loom large in man's consciousness. The animal nature in man is made theGlamour, 99:that this is a long and slow process because the consciousness is - in this stage - not theGlamour, 99:awareness of the thinking man but the blind consciousness of the physical man, plus the forces ofGlamour, 102:this break in the continuity of the spiritual consciousness. I would here remind you that thisGlamour, 102:entire problem can be solved if the shift of the consciousness is away from identification with theGlamour, 106:and intensified that glamorous condition of consciousness which we call the astral plane. AllGlamour, 107:evolved and the higher levels of the racial consciousness became more subtle and the mind factorGlamour, 108:emotions, of the astral plane, was evoked in the consciousness of the groups under preparation forGlamour, 108:time. The reason for this slowly emerging astral consciousness in the physically polarized aspirantGlamour, 108:in the right understanding and use of the consciousness which is aware and capable of functioningGlamour, 108:was aware of: The physical duality wherein his consciousness was accustomed to function normallyGlamour, 108:the vital etheric body. A dimly sensed higher consciousness which was distinguished by quality andGlamour, 108:who was to lead him out of the purely physical consciousness into the next divine stage, the astralGlamour, 108:into the next divine stage, the astral consciousness. Forget not, through familiarity and fatigueGlamour, 108:arose from the recognition of these factors in consciousness and was the result of man's reactionsGlamour, 109:were vast numbers of people with the Lemurian consciousness flourishing at the same time, just asGlamour, 109:millions of people who express the Atlantean consciousness and are polarized in their astralGlamour, 110:values, and finally a period of conflict in the consciousness of the individual and of humanity asGlamour, 110:is brought about when a higher aspect of the consciousness is dimly visioned and men become awareGlamour, 110:the same time the sense of self-identity or the consciousness that "I am," is steadily growing, andGlamour, 110:cleavage and have become centered in the astral consciousness. Today such is the magnitude of thisGlamour, 110:in the fogs and miasmas of the world of sentient consciousness. When I [111] use the wordGlamour, 111:of glamor: 1. Those who are Atlantean in their consciousness and are, therefore, completelyGlamour, 112:2. Those who are more definitely Aryan in their consciousness. This means that the mind factor isGlamour, 112:of the human race definitely Lemurian in their consciousness, even though few in numbers relativelyGlamour, 112:there will be no people at all with the Lemurian consciousness. However, as evolution proceeds,Glamour, 112:will be predominantly distinguished by the Aryan consciousness, is not as far ahead as might beGlamour, 114:in incarnation which succeeds in releasing its consciousness from the world of illusion and ofGlamour, 115:in mind that when a man is nearing the stage of consciousness when both the astral body and theGlamour, 127:progress from a lower state of being and of consciousness to a higher. This is in every case theGlamour, 127:to a higher. This is in every case the state of consciousness of some Being, limited and confinedGlamour, 130:you that all ideas stream into the planetary consciousness along the channel of the seven rays.Glamour, 131:the buddhic plane, which is seldom open to the consciousness of the average disciple and certainlyGlamour, 132:no illusion that the development of the Christ consciousness is the goal of the human family, butGlamour, 132:religion and by those in whom the Christ consciousness is as yet undeveloped, it becomes simply aGlamour, 143:in the head. Get this picture clearly into your consciousness, for it involves the dual, yetGlamour, 147:is so very ancient and deeply rooted in the consciousness of the race that it is far bigger thanGlamour, 154:controls. The stage of a growing cleavage in the consciousness [155] of the disciple. The DwellerGlamour, 156:importance where the human understanding and consciousness is concerned. The analogy is to the fewGlamour, 159:to absorb the Dweller. Humanity has advanced in consciousness to the very boundaries of the worldGlamour, 159:is concerned and the approaching Hierarchy. The consciousness of humanity from the higher andGlamour, 161:manner, and their powerful assault upon the consciousness of humanity is dependent not only uponGlamour, 168:and the recognition of truth as it exists in the consciousness of those who are polarized in theGlamour, 173:accepted disciples as they seek to expand their consciousness in response to soul contact. WhenGlamour, 174:with form and into those states of consciousness which are supernormal from the ordinary humanGlamour, 176:nature: To gauge the unfoldment of the human consciousness and to meet its constant appeal andGlamour, 176:of the Angel, who is the individualized seed of consciousness through whom, after due growth andGlamour, 178:Angel or the soul, and an ability to raise the consciousness to a point of soul fusion. I will listGlamour, 184:the trammels of orthodoxy, thus illumining his consciousness. This he must use for all and not forGlamour, 190:the mode of handling world affairs, states of consciousness and conditions in the three worlds isGlamour, 191:he is then in a position (or in a state of consciousness, if you prefer) wherein he becomes awareGlamour, 194:appeal, and their power to delude and imprison consciousness. The light concerned is soul light,Glamour, 198:of glamor and for the emergence in the consciousness of men of a clear conception and recognitionGlamour, 200:Ending of Glamor The whole subject is related to consciousness, to the second aspect, and concernsGlamour, 200:which we call the second initiation into a wider consciousness. Those forms which are beingGlamour, 203:and major conflict is fought out. This dualistic consciousness culminates at the time of the thirdGlamour, 204:The stage of focusing the disciple's consciousness upon the mental plane and the gathering of theGlamour, 205:as a functioning factor by those with initiate consciousness. The Path of Evolution is in fact theGlamour, 205:in character, leading from one expansion of consciousness to another until the worlds of theGlamour, 209:can only make a man aware in his waking or brain consciousness that glamor holds him. This isGlamour, 213:Disciples and aspirants must cultivate the consciousness of cooperation and realization that inGlamour, 216:glamor to be eradicated. This does not involve a consciousness of the glamor and its why andGlamour, 220:light of the soul from illuminating the waking consciousness. The energies taking form upon theGlamour, 229:This is done in order to withdraw the [229] consciousness from all world and personal affairs andGlamour, 230:symbol. It is the great symbol of light and of consciousness and signifies the vertical light andGlamour, 230:make is the Cross of Christ and of the Christ consciousness. Gradually the Cross of Christ (theGlamour, 234:Then follows the group withdrawal of its consciousness from the astral plane and the world ofGlamour, 240:and maya, lies TRUTH. This truth is the clear consciousness of Being, of Existence and ofGlamour, 241:and true. The opposites are then resolved and consciousness is superseded by a condition ofGlamour, 243:that the world of thought, the field of sentient consciousness and the playground of the energiesGlamour, 244:down upon the trestle board of the spiritual consciousness by the great divine Architect. Yet heGlamour, 257:are clear and firmly established in the mind consciousness of the disciple, nothing can then stopGlamour, 258:and is not focused in relation to the soul; the consciousness of the uniqueness of specialGlamour, 268:totality, are brought to the surface [268] of consciousness, there to be dealt with in such a wayGlamour, 269:the two aspects of his nature together in full consciousness and with clear intention through aGlamour, 269:that all this takes place within the field of consciousness of the disciple) move together andGlamour, 270:these processes, it is the disciple who, in full consciousness, acts. He initiates all theHealingis man at the point in the evolution of his consciousness where he can begin to realize the powerHealing, 3:disease originates in this body or state of consciousness, and here I wish to enunciate the truthHealing, 9:is symbolically descriptive of a condition in consciousness which is that of [10] certain of theHealing, 10:limitations and certain areas or states of consciousness which still await mastering. TheseHealing, 10:growing out of these unconquered areas of consciousness and these states of awareness, hithertoHealing, 10:evil, divine imperfection, limited areas of consciousness, the freedom of pure spirit, divine
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