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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Healing, 15:the way humanity may gain release from the form consciousness and consequent immunity from theHealing, 25:is astral. From the astral or emotional state of consciousness, much concerning individual physicalHealing, 26:are really consciously aware of the focus of the consciousness or the life force in the patientHealing, 33:According to others, they are states of consciousness and some regard them as made in the likenessHealing, 35:should be established as occult facts in the consciousness of the healer before he is able to workHealing, 37:which constitute the quality aspects and the consciousness aspects, and whose function it is toHealing, 37:several are brought into greater functioning consciousness. There is, finally, the awakening ofHealing, 42:bulk of human beings are today centering their consciousness. It is the most developed of theHealing, 42:likewise receives the energy of the stream of consciousness. [43] It is oriented, if I may soHealing, 43:misleading and unfortunate. It produces in the consciousness the idea of a defined form and aHealing, 43:an aggregate of forces, working through into the consciousness in the form of desires, impulses,Healing, 45:system Blood Also Vagus nerve Life force Group consciousness Love petals Higher mental Causal bodyHealing, 45:Alimentary canal Creative energy Sound Self-consciousness Knowledge petals Mental body AverageHealing, 47:aspects of the human being express themselves in consciousness. The work of the endocrinologist, asHealing, 50:the mind, bring a shift into a higher level of consciousness. This will produce a harmonizing ofHealing, 53:effect because of the stage of the individual consciousness at which that majority finds itself.Healing, 54:forces emanating from that plane whereon a man's consciousness is primarily centered. To the aboveHealing, 56:sources of disease and deal with those states of consciousness (I do not say states of mind only)Healing, 69:numbers of people today are Atlantean in their consciousness. I want briefly to touch upon the mostHealing, 80:Others are certain forms of fainting or loss of consciousness and "petit mal." There are also, asHealing, 81:and superhuman expression, the five stages of consciousness and the various other groupings of fiveHealing, 82:have referred above form an integral part of the consciousness of the perfected man. Though thisHealing, 82:the forces which are seeking entrance into the consciousness and the expression of man upon theHealing, 82:himself as he functions on the subtler levels of consciousness and from the soul; they come alsoHealing, 83:of impressions, which are conveyed to the human consciousness through the medium of the awakenedHealing, 84:of all worlds, all phenomena, and all states of consciousness, and so achieve that omniscienceHealing, 85:the center of life as the brain is the center of consciousness. From the heart, the bloodHealing, 87:do not condition the inner man or his states of consciousness, but they can and do prevent thoseHealing, 87:later, determine the nature and the expressed consciousness of the man. If the centers are awakenedHealing, 87:those above are not, you will have a man whose consciousness will be focused in the animal and theHealing, 91:life of the senses and of the "I in the center" consciousness. Few live in the world of thought andHealing, 94:must some day learn that it is only the higher consciousness of the soul, working through the mind,Healing, 95:register [95] and express the higher states of consciousness which leads to wrong rhythms.Healing, 97:the laws of thought begin to control the racial consciousness, disease - as we now know it - willHealing, 97:the physical man and the developing focus of his consciousness in the mind nature. This will go onHealing, 104:on him so that he becomes a reality in your consciousness and close to you. When you are aware whatHealing, 112:of humanity still in the Atlantean stages of consciousness, only five per cent of the prevalentHealing, 114:emanating from the plane upon which the man's consciousness is primarily focused. [115] The fiveHealing, 117:comprehend the analogies existing in the human consciousness to great unexplored areas ofHealing, 118:assistance, if possible) to the surface of his consciousness, is then intelligently explained andHealing, 119:divine Reality within the form, and the Christ consciousness. This could well be called the processHealing, 120:peculiar to those who have lifted themselves in consciousness out of the life of the personalityHealing, 122:of some kind or another, either within the consciousness of the disciple or in his relation toHealing, 125:of glamor and consequent danger. He goes out in consciousness towards those he seeks to help, butHealing, 127:of decentralization and "elevation" of the lower consciousness to the higher which produces theHealing, 127:and civilization. The entire focus of humanity's consciousness is being changed; the selfish lifeHealing, 139:but complexity, the overlapping of states of consciousness, difficulty, disease, psychologicalHealing, 146:active intelligence. Thus the energy of will, of consciousness and of creativity meet in him,Healing, 150:time to the subtler bodies, to the states of consciousness which are synonymous to states of beingHealing, 153:such heights through human development and consciousness. It is related to the personality by theHealing, 153:creative thread, to the soul by the thread of consciousness, and to the monad by the sutratma orHealing, 153:in the head, at the head center. Then direct consciousness is established between the monad and theHealing, 153:and a great duality comes into being. Life, consciousness and form are then all focused creativelyHealing, 156:are responsible for the unfoldment of the human consciousness. It might be truly said, brother ofHealing, 158:of the monad and which cannot be called consciousness - as we understand the term. The heart centerHealing, 158:soul contact is thereby established. Personality consciousness is superseded by groupHealing, 158:Personality consciousness is superseded by group consciousness, and the inflow of hierarchicalHealing, 160:relation to his soul, and then two expansions of consciousness take place which are interpreted byHealing, 169:and produces eventually the recognition of group consciousness by the personality. The evocation ofHealing, 183:types. The reversal of the centers so that the consciousness of the indwelling man is adequate toHealing, 184:is poured. Another is related to the path of consciousness and of sensitive psychic unfoldment. TheHealing, 184:of the Mother and of the Son is carried on. Life-consciousness-form and life-quality-appearance areHealing, 185:alive. The human being who can do this in full consciousness is therefore an initiate who has leftHealing, 191:with the Life of a solar system or only with the consciousness of that body in which the humanHealing, 192:humanity, the conflict (from the angle of consciousness) is practically nil; you have lessHealing, 201:except in the case of those with the initiate consciousness and certain advanced disciples. ThereHealing, 210:of "qualified" energy which is expressive of the consciousness aspect of divinity, and indicates toHealing, 210:threefold organism. Through this organism the consciousness must perforce express itself, and theHealing, 211:produced, plus the full play of the enlightened consciousness and also of the life aspect. TheHealing, 211:the blood of those in whom the Christ life and consciousness, and the quality of the Christ, isHealing, 212:for love, and becoming aware only of the consciousness of the whole, they are focused on affirmingHealing, 212:will be normal and declarative if the inner consciousness is harmless (and the majority of theseHealing, 213:will experience not only a fully awakened consciousness, and a brain which is ever intelligentlyHealing, 214:to the heart center. Individual, emotional consciousness is transmuted into group consciousness.Healing, 214:emotional consciousness is transmuted into group consciousness. From the base of the spine to theHealing, 229:where there is no sense of responsibility and no consciousness of wrong doing. The Hierarchy inHealing, 230:the physical body dropped below the threshold of consciousness; the etheric body becameHealing, 232:or to comprehend the Atlantean state of consciousness. There was no mental process whatsoeverHealing, 233:was that psychological attitudes and states of consciousness can and do bring about physiologicalHealing, 233:- and a great step forward was made in the human consciousness. Instinct failed to handle thisHealing, 234:the whole problem to the surface of the human consciousness and the ancient Atlantean struggle isHealing, 235:What is beginning to manifest now in the public consciousness is something utterly good and new. Healing, 236:physical condition of humanity, its quality and consciousness, are already beginning to show [237]Healing, 245:made and the soul has withdrawn the thread of consciousness from the brain and its life thread fromHealing, 247:to the soul, via the sutratma, and to return as consciousness to its registering source. In thisHealing, 252:of people today are basically Atlantean in their consciousness, and are therefore prone to theHealing, 255:a new and needed concept to penetrate into the consciousness of the average thinking (or againHealing, 262:today a great and incontrovertible fact in the consciousness of humanity everywhere. They may notHealing, 264:as the chosen people and have an innate consciousness of that high destiny, forgetting theirHealing, 267:that he is a Jew and becomes in his inmost consciousness an Italian, an American, a Britisher, aHealing, 268:a purely materialistic Jehovah upon world consciousness. The general theme of the Old Testament isHealing, 270:as a major conditioning factor in the human consciousness, not only on a large scale but inHealing, 272:of controlled living, and to keep clearly in the consciousness of the average man certainHealing, 282:is well nigh impossible to separate the two in consciousness; this will not be proven or possibleHealing, 296:the nature of the cause and the area in consciousness where it originated. Developing thoseHealing, 306:developments in themselves and expand their consciousness normally under instruction. However, theHealing, 307:field of inquiry, and of possible expansions of consciousness. Healing, 312:diseases because they made a shift in their consciousness, but through misuse of certain God-givenHealing, 312:Lemurian, the Atlantean and the Aryan states of consciousness. Scarcely anyone today is a pureHealing, 313:and mental. It is an intermediate level of consciousness. Only broad generalizations are therefore
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