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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

(page 31 of 62)


Healing, 318:involves will not exist when continuity of consciousness (which negates death) is achieved. ThatHealing, 319:and will prepare itself to withdraw, in full consciousness, from the form. It will know that theHealing, 319:and the episode of abstraction. When that consciousness has been developed in man, and the processHealing, 319:polarization, or upon an achieved continuity of consciousness, but on emotional reactions and aHealing, 321:of distribution. In the same way, the energy of consciousness uses the nervous system and the brainHealing, 322:of the soul in its two aspects - livingness and consciousness. Healing, 331:cell lives, the contribution of quality - consciousness and pure life. It might be stated alsoHealing, 332:and which constitutes what we understand as the consciousness, with its powers to contact, to senseHealing, 335:one. The head center and the brain in which the consciousness principle (the Soul aspect) isHealing, 337:heart, utilizing the blood stream, whilst the consciousness aspect works through the brain, usingHealing, 344:aspiration, as registered in the physical brain consciousness. Through the spontaneous awakening ofHealing, 348:effort the man is making to achieve some mental consciousness, but no suppression takes placeHealing, 351:the mind, as the agent of the soul (whose consciousness is inclusive of the past, present, and theHealing, 352:Seek to eliminate these attitudes from your consciousness, and you will arrive at a truerHealing, 354:the Mind and the Imagination to Develop Group Consciousness When a member of a group, such as aHealing, 354:a group for healing, speaks of developing group consciousness, he refers to his particular group ofHealing, 354:It serves as a stepping stone away from the consciousness of the isolated personality. If you canHealing, 359:retains, so oft, the undivided attention of the consciousness of the human being involved, and theHealing, 360:the medium of the expansion of the Christ consciousness in one's own life, and by arriving at theHealing, 382:induced by the rapid unfoldment of the human consciousness, and it prefaces a great expansion ofHealing, 382:stamped out in toto as humanity shifts its consciousness on to the mental plane and away from theHealing, 384:words you have the key to the growth of man's consciousness. Most men live today in the world ofHealing, 391:The elimination of the life principle and the consciousness aspect is dealt with in the secondHealing, 396:remembrances stored in the enquirer's consciousness, and wishful thinking anent advice demandedHealing, 397:of man is to be found in his various stages of consciousness and in his capacity to present forHealing, 397:to present for investigation all stages of consciousness, from that of the illiterate savage,Healing, 399:seated fear of death, there is emerging in the consciousness of mankind the realization that thereHealing, 400:is believed to be only the sumtotal of the consciousness of the cells in the body. This theoryHealing, 402:perfect expressions of the indwelling spiritual consciousness, and of a series of initiations atHealing, 404:is the sequence of events and of states of [404] consciousness as registered by the physical brain.Healing, 409:man comes to realize his own true state of consciousness (whether developed or undeveloped), andHealing, 410:soul, he will himself - with full continuity of consciousness - carry out the processes ofHealing, 411:to credit than the alternative of an expanded consciousness. - Page 98-99. [412] a. The growth ofHealing, 413:Vol. I: You must always bear in mind that the consciousness remains the same whether in physicalHealing, 413:than when limited and conditioned by the brain consciousness. - Page 81. Healing, 415:to an end and all returns within the causal consciousness...This demonstrates on the physical planeHealing, 416:esoteric and ulterior purpose, hid in the Will Consciousness of the [417] Supreme Being, whichHealing, 424:humanity finds its point of entrance into man's consciousness through the act of dying; failure toHealing, 427:whence it came"? Imagine the change in the human consciousness when death comes to be regarded asHealing, 429:that body is composed. The stream of individual consciousness. This is anchored in the head, is anHealing, 429:is an aspect of the soul, reveals the type of consciousness which is, in its turn, indicative ofHealing, 429:type of man, the solar plexus is the focus of consciousness and the energy is registered by theHealing, 429:the energy is registered by the focal point of consciousness in the head without any recognitionHealing, 429:aspirant, disciple or initiate, the thread of consciousness will withdraw from the body via theHealing, 429:principle and the sentient aspect, or animal consciousness, is still withdrawn via the solarHealing, 430:be born with no centralized point of individual consciousness, the following triplicity is ofHealing, 435:as an "ordered" process, carried out in full consciousness and with understanding of [436] cyclicHealing, 437:and again. Death is essentially a matter of consciousness. We are conscious one moment on theHealing, 437:actively conscious there. Just as long as our consciousness is identified with the form aspect,Healing, 437:and find that we are capable of focusing our consciousness or sense of awareness in any form or onHealing, 439:laws of the natural world, as we call it. Their consciousness remains unidentified with the worldHealing, 441:and releases, on various levels, the imprisoned consciousness. The same statements can be made ofHealing, 442:to past violent deaths, lying deep in the consciousness. Clinging to form life, because primarilyHealing, 442:life, because primarily identified with it in consciousness. Old erroneous teaching as to HeavenHealing, 442:in which it is now understood. Continuity of consciousness will be so widely developed, and so manyHealing, 444:cannot as yet bring back into the physical brain consciousness the recollection of that passingHealing, 445:of abstracting the life principle, informed by consciousness, from the form of the bodies in theHealing, 445:that they have dropped below the threshold of consciousness and have entered the world of instinct;Healing, 446:is a continuance of the living process in his consciousness and a carrying forward of the interestsHealing, 446:of the interests and tendencies of the life. His consciousness and his sense of awareness are theHealing, 448:which are not only processes of expanding the consciousness but are rooted in the death or theHealing, 449:principle from the Hierarchy, and all life and consciousness will then be focused in the planetaryHealing, 449:its place. Neither form nor quality (body nor consciousness) are paramount in the new state ofHealing, 449:to this work are stated to have Buddhic consciousness, and the line of Their descent (occultlyHealing, 450:of Their freely rendered service, work with the consciousness aspect in order to lay the emphasisHealing, 451:the emergence of the Hierarchy into the public consciousness; all this had to do its work upon theHealing, 453:and form, and that which concerns the soul, the consciousness aspect, the thinker in manifestation.Healing, 454:energy, producing consequently complete loss of consciousness and disintegration of the body. DeathHealing, 454:becomes unconscious. By this we mean that his consciousness or sense of awareness is focusedHealing, 454:have the entire story. Being is awareness, self-consciousness and self-expression, and of thisHealing, 457:the brain awareness is there, with a full consciousness of happenings, but there is a completeHealing, 458:also be employed and definitely built into the consciousness of the dying person by those aroundHealing, 460:2. The Act of Restitution In considering the consciousness of the departing soul (note that phrase)Healing, 462:takes place when the soul has withdrawn the consciousness thread or aspect, but not the lifeHealing, 463:impulsive activity - sufficient to preserve consciousness, to vitalize the various physicalHealing, 467:the two minor chest centers. All this time the consciousness of the dying man is focused in eitherHealing, 470:Then the "Word of Return" is uttered, and the consciousness aspect, the quality nature, the lightHealing, 474:one of the basic causes of coma and of loss of consciousness. It evokes a reflex action in theHealing, 475:is as if the dying person, still preserving his consciousness, gathers his resources together forHealing, 476:It is that of the conscious man, withdrawing his consciousness, steadily and gradually, into theHealing, 484:true [484] death eventuates when the thread of consciousness and the thread of life are completelyHealing, 487:plane came into being; the mental state of consciousness was then practically non existent, thoughHealing, 487:case today. Many people are still Atlantean in consciousness, and when they pass out of theHealing, 487:and when they pass out of the physical state of consciousness and discard their dual physical body,Healing, 490:produce consequently such an [490] expansion of consciousness within the mental body that it isHealing, 490:the man is quite familiar with the state of consciousness in which he finds himself. Forget notHealing, 490:not that a plane is essentially a state of consciousness and not a locality, as so many esotericismHealing, 492:out of his memory, leaving nothing in [492] his consciousness but what are esoterically called "theHealing, 494:in the same manner of the surrounding states of consciousness. He may be glamored by astralHealing, 494:of the physical brain, when the focus of his consciousness was that of the aspirant, but anchoredHealing, 496:and purpose, in reality constitute the state of consciousness which has been called devachan by theHealing, 497:future, for prediction is an asset of the soul consciousness and in this the man temporarilyHealing, 497:process of rebirth. This constitutes a state of consciousness (characteristic of the normal stateHealing, 498:Thus you will realize also that continuity of consciousness is also being slowly developed, and theHealing, 498:mental control (based on the fact that the man's consciousness is now definitely focused andHealing, 499:the withdrawal of the life principle, plus the consciousness, from the subtle bodies in the threeHealing, 501:- an [501] awakening and finally an awakened consciousness is evoked. This demonstrates in theHealing, 512:its aggregated life is to induce realization in consciousness of the spiritual polarization of theHealing, 514:the disciple dies with deliberation and in full consciousness, and with real knowledge relinquishesHealing, 517:realizations may be registered in the brain consciousness or in the mind of the illumined
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