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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Hercules, 70:in the field of the brain and in his walking consciousness, the disciple has to register contactHercules, 71:cannot grasp it; as a hint dropped into the consciousness in moments of one-pointed attention, whenHercules, 73:his high moment, when he transcended his brain consciousness and held converse with his soul. ButHercules, 73:does not last, and he drops back into the brain consciousness and enters upon another experience.Hercules, 82:sense which is the higher aspect of the mass consciousness. Equipped, therefore, with a controlledHercules, 82:of the world of glamor and of form, and in his consciousness is free from their limitations. Now heHercules, 85:and the other into the universal state of consciousness, which is the Kingdom of spirit. One marksHercules, 88:for the totality of the life and the consciousness of the cells in the body, and of thatHercules, 89:of transference out of the animal state of consciousness into the human, whilst the gate ofHercules, 91:the story of the evolution of matter in form, of consciousness, of spirit and of life. ArgoHercules, 92:intellect in a human being as he develops self-consciousness and emerges from out the purely animalHercules, 92:of psychology and those who probe the unfolding consciousness [93] of man, is the fact that thereHercules, 93:and intuition, are but varying aspects of consciousness and of response to environment and to theHercules, 93:response to his environment. Instinct is the consciousness of the form and of the cell life, theHercules, 94:the spiritual intuition, that extension of consciousness, that highly developed sense of awareness,Hercules, 102:to Leo. He will then be the man with a universal consciousness, in contradistinction to theHercules, 102:him round and round the zodiac until full self-consciousness has been achieved. The appropriatenessHercules, 103:for in the unfoldment of the Christ consciousness in the form, stage by stage, various aspects ofHercules, 104:In Aquarius, we have the light of the universal consciousness irradiating the human being andHercules, 109:to learn the lesson of service and universal consciousness. When, in two thousand years' time, weHercules, 110:of the Lord is heard in the cave, the Christ consciousness is nurtured in the cave of the heart,Hercules, 110:is one of keen mental development, and the consciousness of people everywhere is shifting steadilyHercules, 115:her arms. And it is in this sign that the Christ consciousness is conceived and nurtured throughHercules, 116:are "connected with the [116] growth of Christ consciousness. They mark critical points in theHercules, 116:manifested zodiac, they produce the changes in consciousness that make man divine at the close ofHercules, 121:who nourishes the form and also the Christ-consciousness latent in the form. The Mutable Cross andHercules, 123:Virgo is positively met then, "the substance of consciousness itself is renewed and with thisHercules, 123:is the climax of the birth of the latent Christ-consciousness in Virgo. [124] Keynotes The heightsHercules, 128:test from the sign of Virgo, with the Christ consciousness stirring in his heart and mind. ThinkHercules, 139:To the average man, with no developed spiritual consciousness, the word goes forth again and againHercules, 145:lies concealed in the subterranean areas of consciousness, yet feels baffled and bewildered inHercules, 147:suggests that they can be overcome by raising consciousness to a higher point of integration. WhenHercules, 157:it is a pedestal word. "Master" has bred in the consciousness of people the feeling that thereHercules, 158:Cancer he passed on to a certain amount of mass consciousness; he took form. That is a stage ofHercules, 158:human beings just does not enter into their consciousness at all. In Cancer, Hercules began to getHercules, 172:is a person who is no longer placing his consciousness in his mind, or desires, or physical body.Hercules, 172:to help all humanity, but that is not where his consciousness is focused. He is focused in what weHercules, 172:ourselves which is free from form. It is in soul consciousness that we eventually function inHercules, 173:the bull, but all of the oxen, carrying into our consciousness the idea of the universality ofHercules, 173:idea of the universality of world work, of group consciousness, of universal consciousness and ofHercules, 173:world work, of group consciousness, of universal consciousness and of universal service. If youHercules, 173:of their importance; they have a touch of soul consciousness, but only a tiny touch, which theyHercules, 175:the path of discipleship, that perhaps the group consciousness which is beginning to demonstrate inHercules, 176:with it that you have raised it to the head consciousness and from the head you control yourHercules, 177:initiate always, because it is based on group consciousness. The Symbol of Cerberus TheHercules, 183:upon our planet at that time brought into the consciousness of man his essential duality and theHercules, 183:of himself, two fishes linked by a band. This consciousness, on a large scale, began to make itsHercules, 184:mentality will be secondary, and the soul, the consciousness aspect, that universal urge in each ofHercules, 184:and, though we may be inhabiting bodies, our consciousness will be focused in the fifth kingdom ofHercules, 185:to liberation, but service rendered because our consciousness is no longer self centered. We are noHercules, 185:We are no longer interested in ourselves but our consciousness being universal there is nothing forHercules, 188:getting the vision and are seeing the life, the consciousness, the purpose and the plan emergingHercules, 188:of spirituality, of intuition, and of universal consciousness. The second decanate of Aquarius isHercules, 188:"I am the self", the illumination we call self consciousness. Illumination coming, in Aquarius isHercules, 188:is "I am That", I am group conscious. My self consciousness has dropped away, my individuality isHercules, 188:my personality is only a mechanism, and my consciousness is one with all that is. In the thirdHercules, 192:begin to get a [192] larger picture, develop the consciousness of humanity as a whole. As BrowningHercules, 192:pouring in; we build for the future. Inclusive consciousness does not mean humanly conscious; it isHercules, 192:that will include every sphere and aspect of consciousness which we can call strictly human. ThatHercules, 192:sympathetically and understandingly into the consciousness of [193] the immediate members of yourHercules, 193:necessary for the Aquarian, but not that self-consciousness that we find now. When we have brokenHercules, 207:past century has been the slow dawning upon our consciousness of the fact of our own inherentHercules, 212:awareness. Emergence out of the herd. Self-consciousness. Self assertion. Polar Opposite: Aquarius.Hercules, 212:Polar Opposite: Pisces. A water sign (Christ consciousness revealed as a World Savior). Rulers:Hercules, 213:Opposite: Aries. A fire sign (subjective, latent consciousness, will to incarnate). Rulers:Hercules, 214:Struggle overcome. Transfiguration. Initiate consciousness. "The unicorn of God." Polar Opposite:Hercules, 214:then the higher Self. World service. Individual consciousness transmuted into group consciousness.Hercules, 214:Individual consciousness transmuted into group consciousness. Polar Opposite: Leo, A fire signHercules, 214:Duality. Fluidity endowed with instinctual consciousness. Mediumistic. Polarized mind unawakened.Hercules, 222:Illumination. Mind. Leo Individuality. Self-consciousness. Scorpio The final freeing from illusion.Hercules, 228:and demonstrate to us the inclusiveness of the consciousness and the vastness of the methodsInitiationor saying is corroborated by our own reason and consciousness. "For this," says he in concluding,Initiationyou have heard, but when you believed of your consciousness, then to act accordingly andInitiation, 4:wonderful whole, utterly beyond the reach of our consciousness, - a whole that the highest Angel orInitiation, 4:on the emotional plane, and only developing the consciousness of the mental plane, it is obviousInitiation, 7:human being is but the passing from one state of consciousness to another. It is a succession ofInitiation, 7:indwelling Thinker. It is the progressing from consciousness polarized in the personality, lowerInitiation, 7:a polarization in the Monad, or Spirit, till the consciousness [8] eventually is Divine. As theInitiation, 11:vehicles, and with the expansions of consciousness that succeed each other from life to life. ItInitiation, 12:or the process of undergoing an expansion of consciousness, is part of the normal process ofInitiation, 13:and hear on all the planes. It is an increased consciousness of God's plans for the world, and anInitiation, 14:of the solar system. It leads from one state of consciousness to another. As each state is enteredInitiation, 15:the pupil, and gives two things: An expansion of consciousness that admits the personality into theInitiation, 15:the Ego, and in the higher initiations into the consciousness of the Monad. A brief period ofInitiation, 15:consists largely in making that expansion of consciousness part of the equipment for the practicalInitiation, 17:elsewhere in the system. All are in the Logoic Consciousness. One great fact to be borne in mindInitiation, 19:sacrifice. Man becomes a conscious Ego, with the consciousness of the higher Self, at the thirdInitiation, 20:four pre-eminent lines of work: To develop Self-Consciousness in all Beings The Hierarchy seeks toInitiation, 20:fit conditions for the development of self-consciousness in all beings. This it produces primarilyInitiation, 21:the faculty of discriminative love. To develop Consciousness in the Three Lower Kingdoms As is wellInitiation, 21:kingdom. All these kingdoms embody some type of consciousness, and it is the work of the HierarchyInitiation, 21:if we briefly summarize the different aspects of consciousness to be developed in the variousInitiation, 22:the fifth kingdom. In the fifth kingdom, the consciousness to be developed is that of the group,Initiation, 22:something more. He enters into a still higher consciousness than that of the group, and becomesInitiation, 22:of divinity, the tending of the seed of self-consciousness in all beings, is the [23] work of thoseInitiation, 23:no cause for discouragement in this fact; group consciousness is already somewhat more than aInitiation, 24:obligations, is beginning to [24] permeate the consciousness of men everywhere. This is the work ofInitiation, 25:are established as acknowledged truths in the consciousness of the race, then may we look for aInitiation, 26:seek for the truth as a fact in our own consciousness. Every religious faith holds out the promiseInitiation, 26:has been to bring him this expansion of consciousness and this illumination, and that the
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