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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Intellect, 72:another kingdom in nature, into another state of consciousness and Being and into anotherIntellect, 72:tremendous event takes place we find that the consciousness of the individual soul is theIntellect, 72:the consciousness of the individual soul is the consciousness of the whole, and that separativenessIntellect, 73:transcended before the Real Self becomes, in the consciousness of the man, the Supreme Self. It hasIntellect, 73:the hope of glory." This becomes a fact in our consciousness and not simply a much hoped forIntellect, 77:emphasizes when he says: "The transfer of the consciousness from a lower vehicle into a higher isIntellect, 78:and divine unrest. Steadily his center of consciousness has shifted, and steadily his attention hasIntellect, 79:and the way by which the transfer of the human consciousness into that of soul realization and soulIntellect, 79:as well as in those of transference of consciousness. Transmutation is the changing, andIntellect, 80:the herd instinct will be transmuted into group consciousness. A fifth instinct, namely the urge toIntellect, 82:attainment by the individual being... of the consciousness of that which truly is from allIntellect, 82:the soul, and become aware of inner states of consciousness. This is summed up for us in theIntellect, 83:quick process for the unfolding of the reasoning consciousness, but in this instance must beIntellect, 99:and involves the carrying down into the brain consciousness of the knowledge achieved. Inspiration.Intellect, 102:and reference also to that universal psychical consciousness which pervades the animate and theIntellect, 105:defines it thus: "The binding of the perceiving consciousness to a certain region is attention orIntellect, 106:is, therefore, the power to focus the consciousness on a given subject and to hold it there as longIntellect, 108:and quietly learning to abstract the [108] consciousness from the outer world and exotericIntellect, 108:concentration as the holding of the perceiving consciousness in a certain region and meditation asIntellect, 108:as the prolonged holding of the perceiving consciousness in a certain region. This implies only aIntellect, 109:seed thought. In concentration there should be a consciousness in the meditator all the time thatIntellect, 109:that he is using his mind. In meditation this consciousness of the mind being used is lost, butIntellect, 109:by desire of some sort. In this state of consciousness desire is transcended, just as later in theIntellect, 113:is called [113] bliss, or identification. The consciousness is no longer focused in the intellectIntellect, 122:we shall discover those rare souls whose consciousness is illuminated and whose minds record thatIntellect, 123:interest might be noted to be that of a growing consciousness in man of a Universe which [124] is aIntellect, 125:up, to the man in deep meditation, states of consciousness and ranges of knowledge which haveIntellect, 126:functioning man, there has always been present a consciousness of something Other, of a f actorIntellect, 127:roughly outline the way that man, in his consciousness, has traveled. They portray the condition inIntellect, 127:they are anxious to go forward into a wider consciousness and into a certainty as to spiritualIntellect, 127:and must do so if another kingdom or state of consciousness is to be added to those alreadyIntellect, 128:begins to stir, to start into life and into consciousness." - Otto, Rudolf, The Idea of the Holy,Intellect, 130:mystic learns is that dimensions do not exist in consciousness, and that the "within" andIntellect, 131:recorded are mental. Thought has dominated the consciousness during the stage of "meditation withIntellect, 135:It is held in a waiting attitude, whilst the consciousness of the thinker shifts into a new stateIntellect, 135:man. What is technically called the "perceiving consciousness" waits. Intellect, 136:stage of contemplation and he enters into the consciousness of the soul. He discovers that all theIntellect, 137:in. It is the Soul that contemplates. The human consciousness ceases its activity and the manIntellect, 137:of the physical body and that body. The man's consciousness, therefore, is no longer focused inIntellect, 137:truth at first hand, and aware in full waking consciousness of its own nature, prerogatives andIntellect, 138:contact has to be made if those lower states of consciousness are to be known. Later, when a manIntellect, 139:as a psychic gateway, leading from one state of consciousness to another. Jeremy Taylor calls itIntellect, 143:words of Evelyn Underhill: "The full spiritual consciousness of the true mystic is developed not inIntellect, 144:other men... On the other hand, the full mystic consciousness also attains to what is, I think, itsIntellect, 144:Transcendent... This all-round expansion of consciousness, with its dual power of knowing byIntellect, 147:we rather smile at the idea of an illumined consciousness and ascribe much of the testimonyIntellect, 148:its results are to be found working out in the consciousness of the man who has progressed throughIntellect, 152:of arriving at a state of freedom from the body consciousness in order that the light of the soulIntellect, 154:how "to hold the mind steady in the light." The consciousness then slips out of the lower self (outIntellect, 157:self-realization and self-completion, with the consciousness that it is not merely his own selfIntellect, 161:one vehicle to another. It is the same divine consciousness making its presence felt in differentIntellect, 161:of intellection. It is the emergence into the consciousness of some truth or beauty never beforeIntellect, 161:to occur as man moves towards higher centers of consciousness. His surface intelligence, purifiedIntellect, 162:itself will lie as much below the threshold of consciousness as the instincts now do. We shall thenIntellect, 165:our being, and with which we are identified in consciousness. We know ourselves to be divine. OneIntellect, 167:which has been reached. This must be held in consciousness as long as possible or else the ecstaticIntellect, 169:brain. When we arrive at the physical level of consciousness and of the reaction to theIntellect, 170:seems to have to do with an acute condition of consciousness as intensive as it is abstract, aIntellect, 170:as intensive as it is abstract, a 'detached' consciousness... which, as Hildegarde pertinentlyIntellect, 170:as Hildegarde pertinently remarks, brings up to consciousness regions of psychic events ordinarilyIntellect, 170:gone toward heightening the clearness of consciousness. As a rule, [171] the phenomenon isIntellect, 180:progression down the ages of the evolving human consciousness, and a steady growth of awareness ofIntellect, 181:forms which express the Life, of all states of consciousness, and as the Life itself; let us regardIntellect, 182:state wherein the man slips out of the form consciousness into that of the spiritual reality, theIntellect, 187:In fact our logical as well as practical consciousness is too given up to analysis and ideation;Intellect, 187:to be made to go beyond our relative empirical consciousness... The most important fact that liesIntellect, 191:any hold over the Self. The pure spiritual consciousness withdraws into the One." "When theIntellect, 191:use of the mind, final withdrawal from the mind consciousness, and the realization of unity. ThisIntellect, 194:of the Self and assimilation in full waking consciousness with both interior and exterior Nature -Intellect, 195:with the All. Individuality, however, remains in consciousness, but it is so identified with theIntellect, 201:apparatus making its familiar impacts upon the consciousness. It is a period of transition, andIntellect, 204:work has been done. It is all a question of consciousness. Professor Max Müller in his bookIntellect, 212:activity through learning to focus the attentive consciousness [213] in the head. In the OrientalIntellect, 213:the right withdrawal or abstraction of the consciousness which is outgoing towards the world ofIntellect, 213:world of phenomena, and must learn to center his consciousness in the great central station in theIntellect, 213:are brought into a quiescent condition. The consciousness of the real man no longer surges outwardsIntellect, 213:by the sixth sense, the mind, and all the consciousness and the perceptive faculty of the aspirantIntellect, 213:in stages: The withdrawal of the physical consciousness, or perception through hearing, touch,Intellect, 214:becomes [214] simply mental and the brain consciousness is all that is active on the physicalIntellect, 214:on the physical plane. The withdrawal of the consciousness into the region of the pineal gland, soIntellect, 214:impressed by the soul, via the mind. The brain consciousness is held in a positive waitingIntellect, 215:of a disciplined life, and the focusing of the consciousness in the head. This is, in its turn,Intellect, 217:be more rapidly attuned to the higher states of consciousness. Again, if we start the day with theIntellect, 218:the way we are seeking to unfold the spiritual consciousness; that is entirely our own affair. LetIntellect, 220:fatigue and headaches. The withdrawal of the consciousness from the channels of the senses does notIntellect, 220:and having withdrawn ourselves from the body consciousness, we next note our breathing andIntellect, 225:nature, in their turn, sink below the level of consciousness, we become centered in the mind andIntellect, 228:of words, so that their meaning is clear in our consciousness, and not the words themselves, or theIntellect, 229:induced in himself a heightened state of consciousness by the repetition of his own name. This isIntellect, 242:brain. Thus the man, in physical waking consciousness becomes aware of the things of the Kingdom ofIntellect, 243:in bringing through into a physical brain-consciousness, with accuracy, the phenomena of theIntellect, 247:"Eldest in a great family of brothers." He has a consciousness which is universal in its scope, andIntellect, 250:has dropped below the threshold of his ordinary consciousness. He begins to write assiduously. WhyIntellect, 255:who have already some facility in "centering the consciousness" in the head, it is the brain cellsIntellect, 259:God immanent in form, then no level of consciousness is more intrinsically divine than another, andIntellect, 261:or a cessation of functioning on any level of consciousness for the sake of a higher. It is theMagicimmediate problem and environment, and that the consciousness expands through use of the truthMagic, 4:student and of an aspirant to that expansion of consciousness which is for me the next stepMagic, 8:through matter, produces a third factor which is consciousness. This consciousness, which is theMagic, 8:a third factor which is consciousness. This consciousness, which is the result of the union of the
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