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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Magic, 195:when awakened, leads to that expansion of consciousness which initiates a man into his group life.Magic, 204:parallels in its objective form, the motivating consciousness. From service to an individual as anMagic, 204:to humanity. Eventually there is developed a consciousness of and service of the Plan, and aMagic, 206:interests of the soul and as alert as is the 'I' consciousness of the average self-centered man. ByMagic, 212:the work of treading the Path, back to full soul consciousness. The development of the buddhic orMagic, 226:whereon the man passes through three stages of consciousness: He gains, through his sensoryMagic, 226:He gains, through his sensory apparatus, consciousness in the world of forms, and develops abilityMagic, 226:those forms with wisdom and intelligence. This consciousness he shares with the animal world,Magic, 226:their roots within him in the principle of self-consciousness, or in the ahamkara principle, as theMagic, 226:world, and the feeling aspect of the higher consciousness. This has its roots in the soul,Magic, 228:of synthesis but it is that in his soul, whose consciousness is that of unity. But in between isMagic, 231:fought battle of the astral [231] plane, the consciousness in the man shifts stage by stage. First,Magic, 243:to forge their way inward into the soul consciousness, and so become "dwellers in the lightMagic, 245:The aspirant must center himself in the soul consciousness, refuse to be influenced by theMagic, 246:that at will a man may be focused in his soul consciousness or focused in his form aspect, - eachMagic, 246:self, whether freed temporarily from the form consciousness or immersed in the form in order toMagic, 247:as its concrete aspect. The pure mystic has his consciousness centered in the top of the head,Magic, 248:meet, it is indicative of a focusing in the soul consciousness and a centralization of the man inMagic, 248:and from the focused point within that circle of consciousness, the spiritual man projects hisMagic, 248:of consciousness, the spiritual man projects his consciousness into the midway spot within theMagic, 248:be carried out. This ability to project the consciousness from the plane of soul realization intoMagic, 248:and that fluidity of the self-directed consciousness which will enable him to play on the centers,Magic, 248:extended focusing and must learn to withdraw his consciousness, not only to the brain, but to theMagic, 249:It demonstrates as the pouring into the brain consciousness (the land aspect) of the knowledges ofMagic, 251:the soul or spiritual man, centered in the soul consciousness and functioning in "the secret placeMagic, 257:to the extreme simplicity of this rule in the consciousness of the man who knows, and its extremeMagic, 258:initiation, wherein the meaning will enter the consciousness in a blaze of intensest realization.Magic, 258:tendency towards the "left-hand path" until soul consciousness is permanently established, andMagic, 261:stabilize the individual, to increase his group consciousness, and to teach him the process ofMagic, 264:Causal Body. This is the vehicle of the higher consciousness, the temple of the indwelling God,Magic, 264:drink, and unutterably bereft seems the unit of consciousness. Conscious then only of the innateMagic, 269:out of form into life, and away from matter into consciousness. In an ashram of one of the GreatMagic, 275:seven planetary schemes we will have touched the consciousness of the planetary Logos of ourMagic, 275:human kingdom itself is an analogous state of consciousness to the human unit through itsMagic, 275:force existence, and from the standpoint of consciousness provides "the waters of space" in which aMagic, 285:Second, to bring about the development of self-consciousness in man. Third, to transmit spiritualMagic, 285:outstanding achievement of that aspect. The self-consciousness aspect is the prerogative of theMagic, 285:felt. The spiritual energy and not just the consciousness or sentient energy pours through Man, theMagic, 285:is simply expressive of the stage when the "I" consciousness is dominant and has reached itsMagic, 288:point of sentient Life, let the soul realize the consciousness of God. Let the word go forth,Magic, 293:etheric body is really below the threshold of consciousness. Human beings remain unaware of theMagic, 294:possibilities growing out of those expansions of consciousness which we call initiation. EveryMagic, 299:between Lives so impersonal and exalted in consciousness that the words his, or he or tests proveMagic, 299:- can therefore enter somewhat into the state of consciousness of our planetary Logos, sense HisMagic, 300:life, because primarily identified with it in consciousness. Old erroneous teaching as to HeavenMagic, 300:is a continuance of the living process in his consciousness and a carrying forward of the interestsMagic, 300:of the interests and tendencies of the life. His consciousness and his sense of awareness are theMagic, 301:in which it is now understood. Continuity of consciousness will be so widely developed and so manyMagic, 303:emanating from the soul who is dwelling in the consciousness of the Eternal Now. When contact withMagic, 303:with the soul is firmly established and the consciousness of the Knower is stabilized in the brainMagic, 306:that soul. His thought is focused in the soul consciousness and he becomes that soul inMagic, 310:the orientation which will eventually raise the consciousness into those centers which lie aboveMagic, 311:sensory life will drop below the threshold of consciousness. Magic, 311:in time and in space are there varying states of consciousness, producing differing outer effects.Magic, 313:were endeavoring to lead animal man into human consciousness - not into soul consciousness or evenMagic, 313:man into human consciousness - not into soul consciousness or even into self-consciousness in thoseMagic, 313:- not into soul consciousness or even into self-consciousness in those very early times. Close toMagic, 317:personality life or is it a response to the soul consciousness? Does this impulse which seeks toMagic, 318:It emanates from a capacity to enter into the consciousness and to penetrate into the realizationMagic, 324:any other kind of service. Full expression and consciousness on each and every plane is theMagic, 324:that each plane with its varying states of consciousness is equally a part of the divine Life. WhatMagic, 324:with the majority of aspirants is a synthetic consciousness and the capacity to hold and registerMagic, 331:lower man, he automatically passes into the consciousness of the subjective life, begins to workMagic, 332:it is the light which causes the emergence into consciousness of the race of heterogeneous shapesMagic, 334:powers and the development of the superhuman consciousness will engross the attention of educatorsMagic, 338:is the increasing emphasis laid upon group consciousness, or environal awareness. This has beenMagic, 339:instead of getting is growing in the racial consciousness and the recognition of certain of theMagic, 339:as an ideal is now fashioned in the racial consciousness. Magic, 343:the soul is he who more and more enters into the consciousness of his Master. Then having withMagic, 344:realization of the issues at stake and the consciousness that, for a pupil of the Master, nothingMagic, 348:and are no longer theoretical. Expansion of consciousness should be an ever increasing practicalMagic, 349:that touches the personality. It is only as the consciousness expands, and one finds one's trueMagic, 351:grows in three ways: By definite expansions of consciousness, which open up to the disciple aMagic, 351:teaching he brings over into his physical brain consciousness in the form of a deep interest inMagic, 353:therefore, a path on which steady expansion of consciousness is undergone with increasingMagic, 354:a pure channel, will become an outpost for the consciousness of the Master and provide a center ofMagic, 355:with grief and yet rejoice forever in the divine consciousness? Has he the ability to face what theMagic, 359:public opinion has to give place to individual consciousness of right, and that then thatMagic, 359:of right, and that then that individual consciousness has to be so employed and concentrated thatMagic, 359:of the Universal Mind. This thread and this consciousness, when followed, will lead the individualMagic, 359:a comprehension of the nature of the sentient consciousness, man can penetrate into the very heartMagic, 359:Atlantean Adepts was to impress upon the world consciousness the fact that God is Love. This is aMagic, 359:of the Aryan Adepts is to impress upon the world consciousness that God is Will. To do [360] thisMagic, 360:until man has become more inclusive in his consciousness. Through color in the vegetable KingdomMagic, 360:idea may seem to those of you who have not the consciousness of the life-aspect - corresponding toMagic, 361:second or monadic plane, though as far as man's consciousness is concerned they only lead back toMagic, 364:cosmic planes beyond the cosmic physical. Our consciousness is only beginning to be solar, and weMagic, 364:who have not even a knowledge of what planetary consciousness signifies, the above information hasMagic, 366:mind, wrest God's thought out of the divine consciousness and to know. This is the work before eachMagic, 367:of the causal body and few can hold that high consciousness for a long time. But the struggle toMagic, 368:vision as you can bring through into [368] your consciousness. Slowly must this be done, for aMagic, 369:the world's distress, will be yours, and in the consciousness of days well spent, and in theMagic, 369:the latter it must come as the effect of group consciousness, of group solidarity, of oneness withMagic, 372:[372] rapidity will increase not decrease as the consciousness or inner expansion of the life ofMagic, 372:of physical plane matter, literally, etheric consciousness is the next step ahead for the race.Magic, 373:internal structure of the atom, the coming into consciousness of another of the spirillae and aMagic, 374:the ethers, is to be the next physical plane of consciousness. Etheric matter is even now becomingMagic, 374:in the form world, a paralleling unfoldment of consciousness is carried forward. As that unfoldmentMagic, 374:in their turn, to new. This goes on until the consciousness is stabilized in the Self, in the One.Magic, 375:he is a spiritual entity confined in a form. His consciousness for a long period of time remains
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