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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Magic, 543:of awareness. Blindly men introvert their [543] consciousness and become aware of astral objectsMagic, 546:recognitions which will gradually emerge in his consciousness. First, he must recognize "the fourMagic, 549:and in relation [549] to the seven stages of consciousness as they express themselves in theseMagic, 568:of energy which we call planes, the medium of consciousness... The five differentiations of pranaMagic, 572:things: An ability to withdraw into the head consciousness and from that high place to direct theMagic, 579:life aspect, whilst the quality indicates the consciousness aspect, and that both of them areMagic, 581:be understood by those who have not yet the consciousness of the eternal Now. But this spontaneousMagic, 591:by friction") must be blended with the fire of consciousness. This latter is the energy, present inMagic, 591:fusion. It involves the ability to withdraw the consciousness literally into the etheric body andMagic, 593:attention of the man, seated on the throne of consciousness in the head. The Masonic tradition hasMagic, 594:when the aspirant can at will concentrate his consciousness in the head, when the light in the headMagic, 602:sanely for what they are - states of extended consciousness, and grades of responsibility - thenMagic, 605:leads us to an understanding of the growth of consciousness, and indicates emergence from theMagic, 605:illumination which is the present goal of consciousness. The third thread concerns the Plan itselfMagic, 607:abolished and a trained universal continuity of consciousness be established. That is why theMagic, 607:powers and needed experience. Their center of consciousness is the intuition and not that of theMagic, 608:they express, because of their state of expanded consciousness, the Mind of God; they embody theMagic, 609:but as one who also possesses that continuity of consciousness which will enable him to beMagic, 611:this fire produces, according to the witnessing consciousness (itself at varying stages ofMagic, 612:space and to the understanding of the witnessing consciousness - it is more real than that which itMagic, 612:the clear air and pure light of his spiritual consciousness. In its consciousness, the animalMagic, 612:light of his spiritual consciousness. In its consciousness, the animal kingdom works with theMagic, 613:Yet man in his turn, from the standpoint of consciousness, has contact with both the realities andMagic, 614:be unreal as the dawning light of the spiritual consciousness pierces through the surroundingMagic, 614:interlude between the dominance of the animal consciousness and that of the spiritual, and thisMagic, 614:family. There is no astral plane except in the consciousness of the fourth kingdom in nature, forMagic, 614:all human creatures, conceive of the state of consciousness of those who have freed themselves fromMagic, 614:of life which have not yet developed astral consciousness? It is the dual nature of the mind whichMagic, 614:part of the great developing process. It is the consciousness of duality, and the subjectivelyMagic, 616:growth for him is the steady withdrawal of his consciousness from that plane and his attainment ofMagic, 618:of spiritual undertakings and of recorded soul consciousness. Their recognition of their own latentMagic, 619:be seen as forming part of the coming universal consciousness and equipment of the race as a whole.Magic, 621:growth of human realization and of the spiritual consciousness of non-separateness cannot beMagic, 628:its divine consummation in an awakened group consciousness, which is evidenced today in the generalMagic, 629:At-one-ment Religion. Mysticism. 3. Herd Group consciousness Brotherhood. 4. Self-AssertionMagic, 633:of others. They think they have a universal consciousness, but when it comes to a test, theyMeditation, 2:so I might express it, - to the physical brain consciousness. Heretofore it has only been direct atMeditation, 3:to abstraction and seeks to awaken to abstract consciousness both the emotions and the mentality. Meditation, 6:up, if so I [6] may put it, with the causal consciousness. Temporary moments occur when this is theMeditation, 6:and may reflect with accuracy the higher consciousness. Wherein, therefore, lies the macrocosmicMeditation, 7:[7] attainment by the Logos of the cosmic egoic consciousness, which is His goal of attainment. OfMeditation, 10:pairs of opposites, and to contact within his consciousness possibilities and ideals undreamed ofMeditation, 10:to a higher note than heretofore; to cause the consciousness to vibrate to a newer and higherMeditation, 11:and the man is polarized in the spiritual consciousness from thenceforth. This marks the fourthMeditation, 16:some one Master, until all are included in the consciousness. Carried to the point of achievement,Meditation, 20:He loves much and expands with fair facility his consciousness to include a just part of hisMeditation, 23:with the causal body itself, with the egoic consciousness and its relationship to the lower self.Meditation, 23:the lower self. Later I will deal with the same consciousness on its own plane and its relationshipMeditation, 23:clearly in mind: - the development of the egoic consciousness within the Personality is my mainMeditation, 27:laboriously, painfully and carefully, forces his consciousness higher and to expand at will; at anyMeditation, 28:seeks to reach up to the Ego and bring the egoic consciousness ever more and more down, so as toMeditation, 28:the concrete to the abstract, that the causal consciousness is entered, and man - during this finalMeditation, 31:Triad) will be reabsorbed into the spiritual consciousness, - will carry with it - using heat asMeditation, 33:- centralization ensuing then in the spiritual consciousness. We dealt with the matter from theMeditation, 33:to the Master, and seeks to transmit that consciousness to the Personality. The Higher Self on itsMeditation, 34:told, there are sixty thousand million units of consciousness or spirits in the evolving humanMeditation, 34:under the control, or rather form part, of the consciousness of one of the Planetary Spirits. OnMeditation, 35:the Masters work the disciples who have the consciousness of the Higher Self, and are thereforeMeditation, 35:in his turn reports to the disciple with causal consciousness, who reports again to the Master. AllMeditation, 35:is done with the cooperation of the indwelling consciousness in the causal body. This, as you see,Meditation, 35:The Master of his group. A disciple with causal consciousness. A disciple on the mental plane. AMeditation, 36:and at the transmission to the physical brain consciousness of the fact of its existence and theMeditation, 36:that impression, and to the making of that inner consciousness a part of the conscious life. TheMeditation, 37:the Ego, whose tendency is to rest content with consciousness and aspiration on its own plane.Meditation, 39:known when those of you now studying expand the consciousness still further, but it is all I can asMeditation, 40:causal body on its own level and its scope of consciousness. All this will have indicated to youMeditation, 40:by a teacher who has not the capacity of causal consciousness and contact. When the teacher knowsMeditation, 47:to be so engrossed straining after intuitional consciousness that you overlook the very necessaryMeditation, 60:principles. Each human being, each unit of consciousness, is so unlike any other that theMeditation, 60:need can only be supplied when full causal consciousness exists on the part of the teacher, andMeditation, 62:later take up this point) let him withdraw his consciousness there and focus himself in one orMeditation, 62:that he is God Himself, seeking to find the God-consciousness which is His; that he is a creator,Meditation, 62:If correctly chanted with the center of consciousness steadily held within whichever center hasMeditation, 64:the emotional vehicle forms a third vehicle for consciousness - counting the dense physical and theMeditation, 67:them. Later, as individuals develop the higher consciousness, wardens of groups must be chosen -Meditation, 79:in three directions. It focuses the light or the consciousness of the Higher Self into the threeMeditation, 81:an illusion of time and is due to the fact that consciousness is at present for the majorityMeditation, 81:vehicles and not in the causal. The states of consciousness succeed each other apparently slowly,Meditation, 82:altered when the Ego - working in the lower consciousness - seeks to effect a change. The shiftingMeditation, 83:the vehicles and the slow development of causal consciousness. Meditation, 84:matter. This entails the withdrawing of the consciousness ever more and more inwards. When theMeditation, 84:petalled head center, the center of causal consciousness. Do all this very slowly and gradually,Meditation, 85:thought. Then comes a time in the development of consciousness when the emotional force whichMeditation, 86:gives spiritual intuition, and the other causal consciousness. The advanced man is the man who isMeditation, 90:plane conditions) and the attainment of causal consciousness - a consciousness that carries with itMeditation, 90:and the attainment of causal consciousness - a consciousness that carries with it the ability toMeditation, 90:correct instruction is the transference of the consciousness of the lower self into the higher.Meditation, 94:lower bodies. The true student seeks to draw his consciousness away from his physical body, andMeditation, 95:three major head centers, becomes the center of consciousness, the ray of a man's ego decidingMeditation, 95:each case, the mental body becomes the center of consciousness and then later - through practice -Meditation, 96:and helpful: The student having withdrawn his consciousness on to the mental plane at some pointMeditation, 96:lower three vehicles. As long as he can keep his consciousness high and as long as he holds aMeditation, 97:will be apparent to you that if the indwelling consciousness comes no lower than the mental planeMeditation, 103:the knowledge through to the physical plane consciousness. Let us take up for a moment the threeMeditation, 106:has to do is twofold: He has to withdraw his consciousness from those centers; this is no easy taskMeditation, 111:the higher and the lower and, by centering the consciousness in the lower mind and later in theMeditation, 113:progresses by the withdrawing of the center of consciousness to the head through strenuousMeditation, 113:The occidental has in view the withdrawal of his consciousness to the heart at first, for alreadyMeditation, 113:oriental brother, but has to find his center of consciousness even in the noise and whirl ofMeditation, 122:brain should be receptive, all the rest of the consciousness should be so polarized that outer
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