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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Psychology1, 59:The seven rays are the sum total of the divine Consciousness, of the universal Mind; They might bePsychology1, 60:is a sevenfold being, capable of seven states of consciousness, expressive of the seven principlesPsychology1, 60:the nature of the form so will be the grade of consciousness. Through the seven rays, the life orPsychology1, 60:in nature and producing thus all states of consciousness in all fields of awareness. For thePsychology1, 61:of material energy, qualified by intelligent consciousness, plus the spiritual energy which is, inPsychology1, 72:the grounding of a few basic concepts in the consciousness of the reader, and with an attempt toPsychology1, 73:expression. The rays concern energy and consciousness, and determine expression, but where thePsychology1, 76:fifth root-race and with the transference of the consciousness of humanity into the fifth orPsychology1, 81:are largely responsible for the type of man's consciousness today. Man is essentially devoted (toPsychology1, 87:initiation have the guidance of those units of consciousness in whom their particular ray vibrationPsychology1, 90:to account for the phenomena of the human consciousness. Man is a machine, a part of a stillPsychology1, 91:functioning body - likewise ceases to function. Consciousness and choice, awareness and affection,Psychology1, 93:on lines which were the projection of their own consciousness, and who could be propitiated orPsychology1, 94:satisfactorily disproved its existence? Is consciousness a function of the brain and of the alliedPsychology1, 95:a general soul awareness, and a consequent group consciousness will permit them to see the purposePsychology1, 95:we are aiming at the development of the Christ consciousness and at the bringing in of the rule orPsychology1, 96:they [96] will find themselves initiated into a consciousness of true being and into a state ofPsychology1, 97:are generally becoming aware of an expansion of consciousness. They are registering a world ofPsychology1, 97:which does initiate them into a new dimension of consciousness and into a different state of being.Psychology1, 97:a different state of being. This expansion of consciousness serves both to encourage them in theirPsychology1, 99:to credit than the alternative of an expanded consciousness. This development along psychic linesPsychology1, 99:to the divinely abnormal, and to those types of consciousness which transcend the ordinary humanPsychology1, 103:fact of the soul. There is an aspect of human consciousness which has for [104] long baffled thePsychology1, 104:but which transcends the normal human consciousness. The present attempted investigation andPsychology1, 104:present and future (for they are lost in the consciousness of the Eternal Now), we shall begin toPsychology1, 109:outstanding soul qualities such as sentiency, consciousness, awareness, and light? [110] QuestionPsychology1, 110:be practical. The days of a mystical and dreamy consciousness are rapidly passing away, and as man,Psychology1, 116:man is beginning to live as a soul, and when his consciousness has shifted away from the world ofPsychology1, 116:tender touch and contact with those greater in consciousness than ourselves. If this lies stillPsychology1, 116:walk on that plane and function on that level of consciousness, it is not possible to draw youPsychology1, 119:dual. Psychology has shown that in the consciousness of every human being is a sense of duality,Psychology1, 124:transcend time. Until this prophecy is a fact in consciousness, its meaning is obscure. They willPsychology1, 125:and not as individuals, [125] to expand their consciousness so that it will embrace thePsychology1, 129:the Meaning of the following words: Sentiency; Consciousness or Awareness; The Energy of Light? WePsychology1, 130:that means the subsequent growth in knowledge. Consciousness, awareness of environment, and thePsychology1, 130:and the development of instruments whereby consciousness may be increasingly developed. Light, orPsychology1, 130:produces sentient response and what we call consciousness in its varying forms; it is also thatPsychology1, 131:human evolution, [131] man is, from the angle of consciousness, relatively unresponsive andPsychology1, 134:sense of awareness in humanity and nurtures the consciousness aspect in the subhuman kingdoms,Psychology1, 135:of the three qualities of the soul, sentiency, consciousness and awareness, and will demonstratePsychology1, 135:interpret and comprehend these three qualities. Consciousness, in the esoteric teaching, concernsPsychology1, 135:of human evolution itself, and the vague word "consciousness" could well be superseded by the wordPsychology1, 136:embodiment of a life, which expresses itself as consciousness, awareness, and responsive sentiencyPsychology1, 141:to the Plan. This Plan is rooted in the consciousness of the seven ray Lives. Four: These sevenPsychology1, 141:Lives. Four: These seven Lives, Whose nature is consciousness and Whose expression is sentiency andPsychology1, 153:them into a measured sequence of expansions of consciousness which eventually land them at last onPsychology1, 155:as it in its turn relates itself to human consciousness. It does not mean that the adept hasPsychology1, 155:direction he has submitted to two expansions of consciousness and [156] has prepared himself for aPsychology1, 156:of the Plan and the amazing scope of the human consciousness. What that contact with the highestPsychology1, 156:themselves walk in the light of that sublime Consciousness, and towards that privilege the ChristPsychology1, 158:divine purpose, inevitably produce that type of consciousness which will enable the phenomenal unitPsychology1, 159:unfoldment, [159] stands forth to our awakening consciousness, and we are left awestruck andPsychology1, 162:I Power Life Ideas The Monad. Ray II Love-Wisdom Consciousness Ideals The Soul. Ray III ActivePsychology1, 163:form, and in this connection, with all states of consciousness and throughout the created universe.Psychology1, 168:know that the divine spark, the divine center of consciousness in each one of us, comes from thePsychology1, 168:within Himself the countless centers of divine consciousness, each one of these centers was coloredPsychology1, 168:became limited (i.e. separated from the absolute consciousness of the Logos by even the finest veilPsychology1, 168:outpouring that each of the divine centers of consciousness put forth a thread of being into anPsychology1, 168:as that to which the over-shadowing center of consciousness belongs. In fact in the majority ofPsychology1, 169:of cases, the ray of the [169] center of consciousness and the ray of the triad are different; thePsychology1, 169:evolution, the over-shadowing divine center of consciousness, which has through the ages alsoPsychology1, 169:must be that which affects the divine center of consciousness; therefore when the union abovePsychology1, 171:turned towards a definite attempt to expand the consciousness of humanity and to institute a sortPsychology1, 172:and the establishment of an international consciousness. This was an effort along the line of powerPsychology1, 174:to make the needed impact upon the public consciousness. There has been, and there still is, muchPsychology1, 176:and to foster the growth of the spiritual consciousness. Though in some ways religious differencesPsychology1, 177:set themselves the goal of expanding man's consciousness and so widening his horizon that aPsychology1, 178:are turned to the work of expanding the human consciousness, of bringing to light the hiddenPsychology1, 180:ideas, and in the constant impact upon the human consciousness of the great concepts which lie backPsychology1, 182:the second problem, and the ridding of the human consciousness of another area of doubt. The factPsychology1, 182:creative imagination or an extension of his own consciousness, but a Deity of essential life, whoPsychology1, 193:the Christ or Vishnu aspect; it is the sentient consciousness aspect of deity in form. I statedPsychology1, 193:the aim of producing an ultimate synthesis in consciousness. Let us not forget that the objectivePsychology1, 194:understanding of the response of the individual consciousness to the consciousness contacted. ThisPsychology1, 194:response of the individual consciousness to the consciousness contacted. This is brought aboutPsychology1, 194:the contacting. It is this interplay between the consciousness using the mechanisms that confers anPsychology1, 199:the life of that kingdom into new states of consciousness and of awareness. The whole problem ofPsychology1, 199:planetary system came into being. Until a man's consciousness is such that he can, through an innerPsychology1, 199:in the majority, respond to the planetary consciousness and "enter into the secrets of the AncientPsychology1, 200:results upon and in the gradually awakening consciousness of man. Psychology1, 204:they become [204] so much a part of the man's consciousness as no longer to be merely intellectualPsychology1, 216:or the externalization of the solar Logos. Consciousness or sensitivity to the expression ofPsychology1, 217:language there is for mankind no equivalent in consciousness. The Earth, then, contributes thePsychology1, 221:They differ at the later expansions of consciousness. The influence of the organizing seventh rayPsychology1, 224:usually understood, but a study in quality and consciousness as they affect the form aspect. Much,Psychology1, 224:points should be considered, and they are: The consciousness aspect of the mineral world. ThePsychology1, 224:in the mineral kingdom to the stages of animal consciousness, of self-consciousness, and of thePsychology1, 224:to the stages of animal consciousness, of self-consciousness, and of the radiant groupPsychology1, 224:of self-consciousness, and of the radiant group consciousness of the soul. There is a fourth stagePsychology1, 224:the life of the Monad, as expresses in the solar consciousness of the initiates of high degree.Psychology1, 227:enter into the attractive and the repulsive consciousness of a piece of iron or lead, you would seePsychology1, 227:governed by the same laws and unfolding the same consciousness. The seventh ray, when manifestingPsychology1, 229:the tendencies and qualities wrought into the consciousness of its atoms and elements through thePsychology1, 230:noted: The base metals - physical plane. Dense consciousness. The first initiation. The standardPsychology1, 230:The standard metals - astral plane. Self-consciousness. The second initiation. The semi-preciousPsychology1, 230:The semi-precious stones - mental plane. Radiant consciousness. The third initiation. The preciousPsychology1, 230:third initiation. The precious jewels - Egoic consciousness and achievement. The fourth initiation.Psychology1, 230:eye, the light in the head, and the diamond. The consciousness of the Buddha has been called thePsychology1, 230:unfoldment lies in his ability to include in his consciousness not only the so-called spiritualPsychology1, 232:for us to grasp the significance of the consciousness and the activity of the mineral kingdom, for
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