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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Psychology2, 253:new forms. This will no longer occur. The consciousness of God working in and upon substance in thePsychology2, 253:totally different forms to those which the same consciousness, working upon higher substance,Psychology2, 253:for this world cycle. Now, in the future, the consciousness aspect of Deity will continue toPsychology2, 254:through the [254] instrumentality of those whose consciousness is that of the fifth kingdom. ThisPsychology2, 255:formulated which is the history of the seed of consciousness in nature and the growth of the powerPsychology2, 259:number of people who are awakening to mental consciousness. The great mass of humanity, who are thePsychology2, 261:the great movements which awakened the human consciousness to a recognition of its essentialPsychology2, 262:Plan and evoke a response to it in the human consciousness. They are thus in a position to "preparePsychology2, 262:once the garment of flesh has been assumed, that consciousness too dies out and in the physicalPsychology2, 264:or medium. They are influenced by the mass consciousness, mass ideas, and mass reactions, andPsychology2, 267:plane of the life of God Himself. Essence, consciousness and appearance are the three aspects ofPsychology2, 270:and during the next few years will come to soul consciousness, for the soul of each individual isPsychology2, 270:this today lies almost entirely in the realm of consciousness. The great appropriation was madePsychology2, 270:was made millions of years ago. Today, in consciousness, there will come a great awakening to thePsychology2, 270:masses of men will become aware - in their brain consciousness - of that early appropriation. ThisPsychology2, 271:ponder upon the following triplicities: Mass Consciousness - Self-consciousness -Psychology2, 271:triplicities: Mass Consciousness - Self-consciousness - Group-consciousness These lead, in duePsychology2, 271:Mass Consciousness - Self-consciousness - Group-consciousness These lead, in due time, toPsychology2, 272:the life aspect. In the personality the focus of consciousness is Form. In the individuality, thatPsychology2, 275:himself in a spiritual form, and the shift of consciousness from a body nature into a body "notPsychology2, 279:it were, a preparatory period of expansions of consciousness. There were, if I might so express it,Psychology2, 285:is found in the astral, emotional, sentient consciousness of the personality. The energy of atma.Psychology2, 285:become aware in his own personal and separated consciousness (as registered in the waking brain) ofPsychology2, 287:Father. [287] The energy of intelligent soul or consciousness, coming from God the Son. The energyPsychology2, 287:to understand the significance of Spirit and his consciousness shifts gradually out of the SoulPsychology2, 287:into that of the Monad in the same way as the consciousness of the personality shifted out of thePsychology2, 287:of the divine life as it manifests through the consciousness of humanity. I am seeking to give itPsychology2, 295:an understanding and a [295] development of the consciousness aspect of divinity, its quality andPsychology2, 295:Ray of Love-Wisdom. The Ray of The Soul (the consciousness aspect) - First Ray of Will or Power.Psychology2, 297:body) with the monad. His problem of soul consciousness will not, however, be so easily solved. Psychology2, 301:the average man's equipment, and condition his consciousness. Astrology, with its indicationsPsychology2, 302:Life. First aspect. The heart center - Soul. Consciousness. Second aspect. The ajna center -Psychology2, 303:lives if they took them into their "brooding consciousness" for the space even of a month. ThisPsychology2, 303:for the space even of a month. This aspect of consciousness is the correspondence in the soul bodyPsychology2, 304:higher centers. The head center - the mental consciousness. The throat center - the creativePsychology2, 304:consciousness. The throat center - the creative consciousness. The heart center - the feelingPsychology2, 304:consciousness. The heart center - the feeling consciousness. Two important stages in the life ofPsychology2, 3o8:lower nature become increasingly powerful. Self-consciousness is developed, and then thePsychology2, 314:of expression in the life of the soul. As the consciousness of the man shifts continuously into thePsychology2, 314:becomes the paramount center of experience in consciousness and the lesser centers of experiencePsychology2, 314:into our concept of the soul as a center of consciousness. The soul uses the bodies in the earlierPsychology2, 314:the man becomes more soul-conscious and the consciousness which he experiences (as a soul in thePsychology2, 315:that we shall be talking always in terms of consciousness and of soul energy, and are only dealingPsychology2, 316:in mind that it is the soul as a center of consciousness and the vehicles as centers of experiencePsychology2, 316:have emphasized. Annie Besant in her Study in Consciousness sought to avoid the error ofPsychology2, 316:is of definite value. Remember also that a man's consciousness is first of all, and usually,Psychology2, 316:for him are primarily the field of his consciousness. He is identified for long with the field ofPsychology2, 317:man, will be considered from the angle of consciousness at all. The Life aspect will supersede allPsychology2, 318:Therefore, the emerging into the public consciousness (through the teaching of certain schools ofPsychology2, 318:personality". This division in the continuity of consciousness (for that is what it basically is)Psychology2, 318:as it takes place within the periphery of consciousness of a human being. From certain angles thisPsychology2, 319:also the advanced point of attainment in consciousness upon the path of evolution. When the battlePsychology2, 319:fought, and there is a realization in consciousness of the nature of the issue involved (and suchPsychology2, 320:and also the secret of the many states of consciousness which the sentient or feeling factor, thePsychology2, 321:which leads to the definite expansion of consciousness. These higher impulses are progressive inPsychology2, 323:possible, leading to successive expansions of consciousness which are called initiations in thePsychology2, 323:and the centers for experience improve as the consciousness widens and deepens. Psychology2, 325:and then the establishing of continuity of consciousness. It is not my intention to deal with thePsychology2, 326:must be that of the soul as a center of consciousness and of the bodies as a center of experience,Psychology2, 327:marking the involution and the evolution of consciousness. Hitherto in the occult books (as IPsychology2, 327:in the bodies, and the process whereby the consciousness aspect of divinity is expanded,Psychology2, 328:could be divided into six definite expansions of consciousness. Those upon the upward arc differPsychology2, 328:of the lower aspects of the unfoldment of consciousness. These six stages might be called: ThePsychology2, 329:are to be considered here only from the angle of consciousness and of a defined involutionaryPsychology2, 329:the desire of the soul to appear, and brings the consciousness down on to what we call the astralPsychology2, 329:aspiration which has a natural object in the consciousness of man, confining the word "aspiration"Psychology2, 329:as the desire of the soul to experience in consciousness those processes which will make itPsychology2, 329:of approach takes place upon etheric levels. The consciousness becomes focused there, preparatoryPsychology2, 329:ranging or a gathering of all the forces of the consciousness in order to force the issue and thusPsychology2, 329:into manifestation. This is a vital moment in consciousness; it is a period of vital preparationPsychology2, 330:plane, developing increased sensitivity in consciousness, through the medium of experience gainedPsychology2, 330:stage of activity grows in intensity until the consciousness of the man is swept by ambition. ThePsychology2, 331:upon the mental plane until the man, in consciousness, has worked his way down through the planesPsychology2, 331:Again and again, the soul incarnates and, in consciousness, passes through the stages outlinedPsychology2, 331:- The Appropriation of the Bodies The consciousness aspect then passes through all the stages uponPsychology2, 331:with the form life. It expands slowly from the consciousness of ambition through activity and thePsychology2, 332:of the final appropriation, wherein [332] the consciousness of man, becomes merged in that of thePsychology2, 332:use so paradoxical a phrase) the One. When the consciousness of the soul, incarnate in a humanPsychology2, 332:stage upon the Path of Return, the shift of the consciousness is away from the physical bodyPsychology2, 333:that we begin and we end with an expansion of consciousness. The first one led to the inclusion ofPsychology2, 333:the spiritual world. We see the desire consciousness transmuted into aspiration for the spiritualPsychology2, 333:on the physical plane of the imprisoned consciousness, limited and confined for purposes ofPsychology2, 333:upon the mental plane of the enriched, released consciousness into the full freedom of the Mind ofPsychology2, 333:of the illumined mind, reflecting the divine consciousness of the soul. We see the ambition of thePsychology2, 333:the medium of an incarnated and fully developed consciousness, that of a Son of God. From thePsychology2, 335:of the personality, or the means whereby the consciousness of the person Shifts out of one bodyPsychology2, 335:into another, so that a definite expansion of consciousness takes place. Begins to be active in allPsychology2, 336:lines of energy. Step by step, the consciousness of man has shifted from: That of the purelyPsychology2, 336:is the primitive and so-called savage state of consciousness and lies far behind us today, in aPsychology2, 336:of a vital, primitive being into that state of consciousness which is colored almost entirely byPsychology2, 337:and state of longing into that of a mental consciousness, - intelligent, enquiring, intellectuallyPsychology2, 337:ideas. That of one or another of these states of consciousness, alternating in their emphasis, orPsychology2, 337:begins to prove unsatisfactory. Another shift in consciousness takes place, and he reaches out - atPsychology2, 337:and men will be found on earth at every stage of consciousness. One will be equipped with vehiclesPsychology2, 337:life. In some cases there will be found a consciousness which is shifting its emphasis out of onePsychology2, 338:awareness. Others again will be possessed of a consciousness which is organizing itself for fullPsychology2, 338:functioning person. There will be those whose consciousness is gradually awakening to a new andPsychology2, 338:true spiritual realities. Little by little, the consciousness of the third aspect of divinity isPsychology2, 338:with that of the second, and the Christ consciousness is aroused into activity through the mediumPsychology2, 338:of God. Paralleling this development of the consciousness in man is the evolution of the
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