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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Rays, 17:of great changes in the field of the higher consciousness and are conditioned by the soul of allRays, 17:in the "moving, shifting realities" of the soul consciousness and spiritual awareness of theRays, 18:decentralization of the selfish human consciousness and a rapidly awakening group consciousness. InRays, 18:consciousness and a rapidly awakening group consciousness. In reality, this means that theRays, 25:study. I would remind you that only the initiate consciousness will truly comprehend theirRays, 26:develop in you the beginning of that initiate consciousness, provided you seek to make practicalRays, 30:group-will will disappear in the full consciousness of the monadic purpose or clear directed will.Rays, 31:the astral life and from the emotional level of consciousness into the mental, and consequentlyRays, 34:or evolution of the personality towards soul consciousness and the nature of the progress whichRays, 34:essentially different to the unfoldment of pure consciousness. Had you grasped the fact that afterRays, 34:initiation, the initiate is not concerned with consciousness at all, but with the fusion of hisRays, 35:and who will be in the full flower of their [35] consciousness and service at the latter end ofRays, 35:or Rules deal with the unfoldment of group consciousness, because it is only in group formationRays, 36:prepare them for the next great expansion of consciousness, and that none of them can possibly beRays, 37:to decentralize him and to convey into his consciousness some aspect of that larger whole, and thisRays, 37:in its turn contributes to the expansion of the consciousness of humanity as a whole. [38] TheRays, 38:might bring about a definite expansion of consciousness. This expansion normally follows certainRays, 39:and outward into the wider reaches of the divine consciousness. These tests are applied when theRays, 40:of divinity within all forms pours in upon the consciousness of the initiate, and the mystery ofRays, 40:can mean in so far as possible to your present consciousness. Up till the present, theRays, 40:the third aspect, form, and the second aspect, consciousness. A sense of being bereft, deserted andRays, 41:is not related to form, nor is it connected with consciousness or with even the higher psychicRays, 41:door into a wider experience and expansion of consciousness. But in the initiate consciousness,Rays, 41:expansion of consciousness. But in the initiate consciousness, after the first two initiations,Rays, 42:been totally unrealized and unknown, even to his consciousness at his highest moments. The door ofRays, 42:The door of initiation looms large in the consciousness of the neophyte; the higher Way is theRays, 42:body can emerge and pass into higher states of consciousness, untrammeled by form limitations; itRays, 43:I cannot do other than speak in terms of consciousness, even though the life of the Triad - leadingRays, 43:control and expression - has naught to do with consciousness or sensitivity as those terms are [44]Rays, 45:life or state of being. Note, I do not say "of consciousness." This is formless, but preserves theRays, 47:Will aspect of divinity. We learn also to use consciousness as a jumping off place for theRays, 47:of a new state of realization, which is not consciousness at all, as we understand that term. WeRays, 53:the relation of spirit and soul, and of life and consciousness. This lost Word, symbolic of theRays, 53:and prepare himself to manifest in full consciousness the divine omnipotence. I am using wordsRays, 54:is to give an expanding impulse to the consciousness of the disciple and to stir his imaginationRays, 55:world, the impulse towards the unfoldment of consciousness, and the influence of life itself. ThisRays, 55:produce the seven planets, the seven states of consciousness, and the expression of the seven rayRays, 56:lower grades of initiates; from one expansion of consciousness to another they go until the thirdRays, 58:kingdoms of nature appear; then the synthesis in consciousness, enabling the human being to enterRays, 59:of this must slowly seep into the mind and consciousness of each disciple as that mind becomesRays, 60:make them? Hitherto the note of his expanding consciousness has been vision, effort, attainment andRays, 61:until he becomes initiate in the three worlds of consciousness and the three worlds ofRays, 62:Matter. Their complete identification within his consciousness becomes his major goal, but only inRays, 62:of wholeness gradually creeping into the world consciousness [63] which is indicating that humanityRays, 63:in sight could satisfy." Yet to the initiate consciousness it remains clear that the desert landRays, 66:of the working of the intelligent will in the consciousness of humanity. More anent these threeRays, 66:of humanity, but to all forms of life within the consciousness of the planetary Logos. TheRays, 70:of Invocation and Evocation in the waking consciousness of humanity. Prayer is the dim, faint andRays, 71:of activity from another, and one state of consciousness from another. It fosters in the aspirant aRays, 73:silence. He learns to penetrate into the consciousness of his new group by strenuously endeavoringRays, 74:which, when forming a recognized group in the consciousness of the illumined initiate, is called anRays, 75:is concerned with the impartation to the human consciousness of the meaning and purpose of life;Rays, 75:whole body of humanity is in no way related to consciousness, to revelation or to light. There willRays, 75:will summarize, in effective conditioning consciousness, all that the quality of sensitivity hasRays, 75:the consummation of the activity of the Christ-consciousness, and is the state referred to when itRays, 75:to an unfoldment in the general massed human consciousness (from that point in time slowly broughtRays, 77:and hinders, and this state of personality consciousness has to be realized at the very center ofRays, 77:the truths which are slowly taking form in the consciousness of humanity. New truths (and by that IRays, 79:previous phases of existence and perfected the consciousness aspect in Themselves through humanRays, 79:all that man can know and all states of consciousness with which he is or may be in the futureRays, 79:which this realization comes and by which the consciousness is unfolded so that it can become theRays, 80:perfection. It is the number of the Christ-consciousness; just as 7 is the number of man, 8 is theRays, 82:because, as I have pointed out, the state of consciousness or awareness is superseded when theRays, 82:state of being is something very different to consciousness as you understand it. The phraseRays, 82:be justifiably used) that the initiate leaves consciousness itself behind and the five worlds ofRays, 82:understanding by all except those with initiate consciousness. Fire is the sumtotal of that whichRays, 94:energy upon the Earth and peculiarly into the consciousness of men. I am not able to express theRays, 95:of humanity will tend also to develop group consciousness and the formation of many groups whichRays, 96:nature of the fourth plane or fourth state of consciousness, that of buddhi or the plane of pureRays, 96:with in this rule will emerge dimly in your consciousness (more is not yet possible) if you willRays, 96:relates the initiate to the Love of God, to the consciousness aspect of Deity, to the Hierarchy asRays, 98:or demanded hypotheses which must govern the consciousness of the disciple in the future. In thisRays, 99:space, of events and extension, of matter and consciousness have been achieved and are eventuallyRays, 99:that they have dropped below the threshold of consciousness and have entered the world of instinct;Rays, 101:which it has spun out of its own life and consciousness down the ages and which it can focus atRays, 103:this shift in realization away from form and consciousness to the will and life aspect orRays, 103:of the initiate-disciple is that form, and his consciousness of form and its contacts (which weRays, 103:whole matter looms, therefore, over-large in his consciousness. The detaching of himself from thisRays, 103:but have dropped below the threshold of consciousness (a higher correspondence of the automaticRays, 104:proceed upon their work without any realized consciousness on the part of the man). His effort isRays, 105:(when evoked) is to penetrate into the knowing consciousness of the thinker. Space and substanceRays, 106:by the will-to-good and developed (from the consciousness angle) by the will-to-know. These are inRays, 108:groping towards an expression of the initiate consciousness. Rays, 108:only be grasped by one who is developing monadic consciousness. Monadic consciousness is notRays, 108:who is developing monadic consciousness. Monadic consciousness is not consciousness as human beingsRays, 108:consciousness. Monadic consciousness is not consciousness as human beings understand it, but isRays, 108:but is that state of apprehension which is not consciousness or realization, as the mystic feelsRays, 109:for precipitating the ideas deep into the human consciousness. Secondly, I write for the generationRays, 109:age of group interplay, group idealism and group consciousness as the Piscean Age has been one ofRays, 109:and emphasis, personality focus and personality consciousness. Selfishness, as we now understandRays, 110:be founded. I would commend this thought to your consciousness, for it means that two aspects ofRays, 112:secondly, with the rapid advance of the human consciousness into the realm of group relationship,Rays, 113:terms, to emerge out of the normal separate consciousness into the broad state of awareness thatRays, 115:gives us a hint as to the nature of the exalted consciousness which He expressed. Faced by the richRays, 116:now prepare for the unfoldment of the monadic consciousness and for the fourth initiation. In thatRays, 117:The two-leaved consciousness. Leading to soul expression. Climaxing inRays, 117:eye of the needle...higher evolution...monadic consciousness. Leading to life expression. ClimaxingRays, 118:no words as they lie beyond the scope of human consciousness, being utterly unknown even toRays, 119:is an instance of the ability of the initiate consciousness to function on initiate levels and alsoRays, 120:energy is directly impinging upon the human consciousness and directly producing results. The
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