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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Rays, 239:has been called "the evocation of the initiate consciousness." It is becoming obvious to theRays, 241:that divinity is slowly dawning upon the human consciousness. It is a sevenfold revelation; each ofRays, 242:expressive and at the special state of consciousness of our entire planetary manifestation. ItRays, 246:the initiate has related these phases of consciousness in his own inner experience, and hasRays, 247:any of its greater forms breaks upon the human consciousness, a dim sense is thereby conveyed ofRays, 247:at the merest hint of the nature of that exalted consciousness which has brought our planet and allRays, 249:is there any suggestion that those with initiate consciousness should endeavor to explain, even ifRays, 249:place. There are no questions of any kind in the consciousness of those who form the Hierarchy. TheRays, 249:need to realize more concretely that group consciousness, universal awareness, and thereforeRays, 251:is the first step towards achieving monadic consciousness, and thus the first step towards the WayRays, 252:in its fullest and deepest sense concerns the consciousness aspect of man and God. Rays, 256:also through the three levels of the triadal consciousness; it means also that these three strandsRays, 256:is not a location or a place, but a state of consciousness within the all-enveloping Life. TheseRays, 256:of anchorage within the sphere of the planetary Consciousness, or (if you like it better, thoughRays, 257:Buddhas of Activity, and within Whose exalted consciousness the three strands of the antahkaranaRays, 257:this concept of the Great Revelation in the consciousness of men, in the expectancy which theRays, 259:the realization, the recognition in the brain consciousness of various spheres and states of divineRays, 259:and does this automatically and without any consciousness that he is so doing; he expresses thisRays, 259:based upon a newly presented phase of dualistic consciousness. The disciple reacts to groupRays, 259:group problems; he tunes in with facility on the consciousness of those in the group; he is awareRays, 261:lessons which - as an initiate and as one whose consciousness is focused in the Spiritual Triad -Rays, 261:significances of these words to the initiate-consciousness: Radiation. The initiate is a radiatingRays, 265:spiritual integration, relating - in full waking consciousness - the three divine aspects in man.Rays, 267:that the experience is no longer a part of Their consciousness; They act as advisors to SanatRays, 268:conditioned Them. However, within the planetary consciousness and among Those Who work out theRays, 269:the first ray and functions as an outpost of the consciousness of the informing life of Aries andRays, 271:activity. It is a working out into the consciousness of the group members of an event which hasRays, 271:of which disciples know nothing in their brain consciousness until such time as the thirdRays, 272:assumes control and supersedes instinct in the consciousness of man. The Buddhas of ActivityRays, 273:two earlier types are well established in the consciousness of humanity. Then the activity of allRays, 276:remind you of two facts: Shamballa is a state of consciousness or a phase of sensitive awarenessRays, 278:our theme from the angle of the initiate-consciousness and not from that of the blendedRays, 278:not from that of the blended soul-personality consciousness. It is the higher approach which isRays, 280:mental plane is a unique location (or state of consciousness) whereon or wherein the lower planesRays, 281:have dropped below the threshold of consciousness, and though the initiate (working with forms inRays, 282:processes of carrying forward Their work, the consciousness of the Master is being steadilyRays, 282:His activities. I have told you elsewhere that consciousness (as we understand it) is beingRays, 282:of Identification. This is a word which involves consciousness, which invokes the will, which isRays, 282:of an entirely new phase of development; consciousness eventually drops below the level ofRays, 282:yet he stands at the center of his consciousness and of its self-imposed ring-pass-not. From thenceRays, 283:such a manner that it dropped below the level of consciousness. There is no glamor upon the cosmicRays, 283:which this rule deals is the transformation of consciousness into identification. More than that IRays, 287:and perceive at your highest possible level of consciousness. The effort to do this will bear muchRays, 288:knowledge of the initiate has naught to do with consciousness as the mind recognizes that factor inRays, 289:the divine purpose to emerge more clearly in the consciousness of the initiated disciple. It is aRays, 289:It was the dawning of this significance upon the consciousness of the Christ - a consciousnessRays, 289:upon the consciousness of the Christ - a consciousness enlightened, purified and divinely focused -Rays, 289:- and the Master of all the Masters, His consciousness was entirely at one with the Plan; itsRays, 289:of the Plan, suddenly a great expansion of consciousness took place. [290] The significance, theRays, 291:and Love produced a definite effect in [291] the consciousness of the Christ and led Him to knowRays, 291:its major aspect of Love, was a familiar area of consciousness and well-known to the Masters and toRays, 293:has it, "only God is left"; only that remains in consciousness which is That, which is beauty,Rays, 293:When, however, the initiate takes into his consciousness this injunction to express, it signifiesRays, 297:individual self-interest to a universal state of consciousness; this in time becomes the directingRays, 298:correct. The goal ahead of the aspirant is the consciousness of non-separateness and theRays, 298:light; only when this has become a fact in his consciousness can he begin to grasp the hiddenRays, 299:which - when attained - indicates a registered consciousness of unity; this is something which,Rays, 299:it becomes as much a fact in its possessor's consciousness as the recognition and utilization ofRays, 300:an occult platitude. But life is not yet one in consciousness, however true it may be in fact. TheRays, 301:all spiritual workers, the nature of the Christ consciousness which knows no separation, whichRays, 303:arrives at and interprets as he develops soul consciousness. His is the task to reveal the world ofRays, 304:to you from the angle of the initiate-consciousness. Identified as you are with the form aspect andRays, 304:on the physical plane - or even in terms of consciousness, as you understand it. Forget not that IRays, 304:Forget not that I have elsewhere told you that consciousness (as grasped by the personality and theRays, 306:related to the destruction of certain forms of consciousness which express themselves in greatRays, 308:death supervenes when the soul withdraws its consciousness thread and its life thread; this processRays, 311:of buddhi, or of the intuition, in the consciousness of the spiritual man will lead to the use ofRays, 312:his lower nature so that the unfolding initiate-consciousness may find no hindrances and obstacles.Rays, 312:The word Know, in relation to the initiate-consciousness, concerns the certainty of the initiate,Rays, 313:soul of the initiate and on the level of soul consciousness; it is never registered by the man onRays, 313:Christ, and the attainment of the Christ consciousness has been and will be his goal; the knowledgeRays, 313:on its own plane (not in the reflection of its consciousness on Earth) becomes determined to "go toRays, 313:wherein this process of development within His consciousness, this monadic centralization (I knowRays, 315:and endlessly with His over-shadowing consciousness; He expressed universality and the ceaselessRays, 323:but also a more vital factor in the human consciousness, because the fact of initiation will beRays, 326:that there were three groupings or levels of consciousness which had to be recognized: The threeRays, 329:down the teaching to the level of his physical consciousness. In these words I have conveyed aRays, 333:be born and the nature of the Christ and His consciousness will permeate and color all humanRays, 333:and destiny and the unfoldment of the human consciousness as the factor of only and paramountRays, 335:What looms with such importance in the consciousness of men is, in reality, quite secondary inRays, 340:Hierarchy Four minor rays Planetary Choice Consciousness Sensitivity Initiation 9. RefusalRays, 341:it would throw the man back into the separate consciousness, out of which he is endeavoring toRays, 342:who have arrived at their point of ashramic consciousness together, and who will proceed togetherRays, 342:physical plane drops below the threshold of consciousness or of sensitive awareness and no longerRays, 345:contacted their fellow group members in physical consciousness; the emphasis was still (during theRays, 349:into action and which we call true group consciousness and group cohesion. It is at this point thatRays, 356:the universal dissemination of the Christ consciousness throughout all time in the heart of everyRays, 356:and their major significance, referring to the consciousness of the Christ, that nothing much isRays, 358:Who has no longer the power to identify His consciousness with anything in the three worlds; HeRays, 361:sensitivity to that level of awareness, but consciousness of that within the planetary life - as HeRays, 363:idea of the higher reaches of the initiate consciousness will be through reference to lower graspedRays, 363:Initiation Some small grasp of the nature of the consciousness of Shamballa will emerge as we studyRays, 363:processes on lower levels. Yet, the life and consciousness of the Hierarchy are very different toRays, 363:the Hierarchy are very different to the life and consciousness of Those Who constitute the greatRays, 363:Oneness which he associates with monadic consciousness, is only the registration of impressionsRays, 364:to the moving forward from one level of consciousness (no matter how low or gross, from the pointRays, 364:to another; it relates to the expansion of consciousness, so that the unfoldment of the organs ofRays, 365:initiate, as to what is happening within the consciousness aspect of humanity. [366] The door intoRays, 366:the Monad when a disciple has attained initiate-consciousness. [367] All the qualities, the loveRays, 367:can lie ahead of humanity will enter the human consciousness when: The fact of the Hierarchy, The
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