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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Rays, 369:constant shifting in the state of the planetary consciousness and this, though implemented fromRays, 369:by humanity itself; this unfolding human consciousness leads mankind eventually out of the fourthRays, 369:and - at the same time - raises the level of consciousness [370] in all the three subhumanRays, 372:now consider the Hierarchy as it exists (in the consciousness of Sanat Kumara, as His Ashram) andRays, 389:stages. This Way leads Them in awareness and consciousness and experience into that "life moreRays, 390:rightness is registered in the initiate's consciousness and He knows that He can go no other way.Rays, 393:- decides what form of crisis, on what level of consciousness, and involving what group of lives,Rays, 398:the Masters submit is the unfoldment of the consciousness of the relationships which lie beyond theRays, 400:do not and cannot yet include or register the consciousness or nature of the subhuman kingdoms. TheRays, 406:are occupied with the subtler expressions of consciousness, with occult impressibility and thatRays, 406:are not occupied with individual states of consciousness within any group. It is the consciousnessRays, 406:of consciousness within any group. It is the consciousness of the whole, and its responsiveness toRays, 408:body of manifestation, via its seven states of consciousness and the seven centers, with His willRays, 409:causes: The tremendous unfoldment of the human consciousness during the last twenty-five yearsRays, 413:success and the incredible progress made in the consciousness of humanity as a consequence; thisRays, 413:too small to enter in the slightest way into the consciousness of that Supreme Illumined Entity WhoRays, 417:wield this law with full understanding, in full consciousness, and yet at the same time to bringRays, 433:capable of retaining or preserving in his brain consciousness the registered facts of severalRays, 433:registered facts of several worlds or planes of consciousness; i.e., the three worlds of humanRays, 433:worlds of human endeavor and the world of soul consciousness, or both of these and the world of theRays, 433:point is reached where a straight continuity of consciousness can be registered and held whichRays, 433:to be passed correctly) must involve the brain consciousness; the facts, registered upon theRays, 434:the divine "state of mind" or with the planetary consciousness, until "the mind that is in Christ"Rays, 434:entail of meaning and esoteric significance. Consciousness, Sensitivity, Awareness, PlanetaryRays, 434:Awareness, Planetary Rapport, Universal Consciousness - these are the words which we must consider,Rays, 434:personality (with an awakening or onlooking consciousness centered or focused in the brain), theRays, 434:that, if he can attain the immediate and fused consciousness [435] of the three, he has attained;Rays, 435:add a growing capacity to work on the levels of consciousness involved, remembering always that aRays, 435:remembering always that a plane and a state of consciousness are synonymous terms, and that he isRays, 435:this attitude; he then works with no true consciousness of time except as it affects other peopleRays, 436:life of the various higher planes and states of consciousness. Forget not that all our planes areRays, 436:interpret and truly register what the perceiving consciousness has contacted. When the time factorRays, 437:by the intensely forward-looking anticipatory consciousness of the average aspirant. When a trueRays, 437:and the future will be lost to sight in the consciousness of the inclusiveness of the moment thatRays, 439:we might call the two poles: that of the monadic consciousness, whatever that may be, and that ofRays, 441:consequently, to see a duality existing in the consciousness of the disciple, and both of itsRays, 441:the soul attitude, soul awareness and soul consciousness, through the medium of the personalityRays, 441:of his ray group, thus developing the ashramic consciousness. Himself and the Hierarchy as a whole,Rays, 443:thus creating; then, when the as if imaginative consciousness is no longer [444] useful, he becomesRays, 447:that the construction of the bridge whereby the consciousness can function with facility, both inRays, 447:as a spiritual being is brought into the consciousness with a definiteness and a determination thatRays, 448:here that the bridging has to be done in the consciousness aspect, and concerns the continuity ofRays, 448:The energy which is used in connecting, in consciousness, the physical man and the astral body isRays, 449:between the life thread and the thread of consciousness. The one thread is the basis of immortalityRays, 449:(the antahkarana) embodies the response of the consciousness within the form to a steadilyRays, 449:Naught is and naught remains but life. The consciousness thread (antahkarana) is the result of theRays, 450:other thread, which embodies the principle of consciousness, is anchored in the head. This youRays, 450:He must himself create, both in the world of consciousness and of life. Like a spider, man spinsRays, 451:centers, thus producing a synthesis between consciousness, the soul and the life principle. TheRays, 451:There is a thread of energy, which we call the consciousness aspect or the faculty of soulRays, 452:nature to penetrate to the surface of consciousness as a reflex activity in the establishing ofRays, 452:activity in the establishing of continuity of consciousness. This reflex activity of the lowerRays, 452:of continuity between the superconscious and the consciousness which develops upon the Path ofRays, 452:to the disciple that all of life is (in terms of consciousness) one of revelation. Ponder on this.Rays, 453:wisdom-energy expresses itself through the consciousness thread and the creative thread, as theyRays, 453:are (for the disciple) a fusion of the past (consciousness thread) and the present (the creativeRays, 453:thread, for the sutratma (when blended with the consciousness thread) is again also called theRays, 453:There is the life thread or sutratma and the consciousness thread - the one anchored in the heartRays, 454:the sutratma, and another stream of energy the consciousness thread and a third stream of energyRays, 454:through life experimentation and the response of consciousness to environment) through the processRays, 454:they are impulsed by the soul, across a gap in consciousness which has hitherto existed. Two eventsRays, 455:Nothing is left but the sutratma, qualified by consciousness - a consciousness which stillRays, 455:but the sutratma, qualified by consciousness - a consciousness which still preserves identityRays, 455:whole. Another qualification is creativity; thus consciousness can be focused at will on theRays, 455:or energies. Fusion or integration of the consciousness thread with the creative thread and withRays, 457:with his steadily awakening and focusing consciousness - to take the next step, which is that ofRays, 458:the point where the three threads - of life, of consciousness and of creativity - are beingRays, 458:and future vision." But there exists a gap in consciousness, though not in fact. The sutratmicRays, 458:relates monad, soul and personality. But the consciousness thread extends only from soul toRays, 458:to become aware of the soul and to transmute his consciousness into that of the soul, whilst stillRays, 458:that of the soul, whilst still preserving the consciousness of the personality. As the fusion ofRays, 462:mental plane and produce the varying states of consciousness upon that plane. It is interestingRays, 462:of that plane with their corresponding states of consciousness. He is therefore entering upon a newRays, 462:cycle where - this time equipped with full self-consciousness - he has seven states of mentalRays, 463:seven major initiations. These seven states of consciousness are - beginning from the first orRays, 463:conscious, spiritual awareness. This is the full consciousness of the buddhic or intuitional level.Rays, 463:or intuitional level. This is the perceptive consciousness which is the outstanding characteristicRays, 463:plane. This is the fourth or middle state of consciousness. Atmic Plane The consciousness of theRays, 463:middle state of consciousness. Atmic Plane The consciousness of the spiritual will as it isRays, 463:planetary and solar life. Logoic Plane Divine consciousness. This is the awareness of the whole onRays, 464:The note of synthetic sound Utilizes the consciousness thread: 2. The Son Aspect The quality ofRays, 464:Wisdom. Understanding The method of evolution Consciousness. Soul The note of attractive soundRays, 464:which must be bridged is like a great stream of consciousness or of conscious substance, and acrossRays, 466:(in full waking awareness) three major states of consciousness: The Shamballa Consciousness.Rays, 466:major states of consciousness: The Shamballa Consciousness. Awareness of the unity and purpose ofRays, 466:The influence of the Triad. The Hierarchical Consciousness. Awareness of the Self, the Soul.Rays, 466:Relation. The influence of the Soul. The Human Consciousness. Awareness of the soul within theRays, 467:through the medium of a conscious effort within consciousness itself, and not just by attempting toRays, 469:sum total in increasingly vivid expansions of consciousness, leading to initiation, realization andRays, 469:These are the three stages of initiation. The consciousness thread, in cooperation with theRays, 470:of realization; he is establishing in his own consciousness the fact of his essential dualism. IRays, 471:speaking, and speaking in terms of the mental consciousness, the realization of duality is only toRays, 471:no longer felt and exists no more. A liberated consciousness and an unrestricted awareness -Rays, 471:moves with freedom and knows no limitation in consciousness. That is why the higher levels of ourRays, 471:building of the antahkarana as an extension in consciousness. This extension is the first definiteRays, 472:For this the triple experience of the unfolding consciousness is only preparatory. Through theRays, 472:is only preparatory. Through the unfolding consciousness, the initiate knows the significance ofRays, 473:can work, or the realization of that true Self-consciousness which would produce in you anRays, 473:a goal and indicated a Way. I have related (in consciousness) the Hierarchy and Shamballa. ThisRays, 474:Knowledge-force expresses itself through the consciousness thread and the creative thread. These
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