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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Rays, 475:disciple, a fusion of [475] past knowledge (the consciousness thread) and the present (the creativeRays, 476:The unity of all things is known to be a fact in consciousness, and a human spirit can say withRays, 476:the Antahkarana: Sutratma, the life thread. The consciousness thread. The creative thread, itselfRays, 476:modes of life, until the fourth initiation. Then consciousness itself gives place to life, and yetRays, 477:productive and vital. 2. In old Atlantis, the consciousness thread began to function in a wayRays, 477:Active sensitivity as a prelude to full consciousness distinguished the human being. The astralRays, 478:indissolubly present from the beginning of human consciousness. But for the greater part of humanRays, 478:the outstanding quality of the later Atlantean consciousness and of the early Aryan period. It isRays, 479:few, people are today at the Lemurian stage of consciousness wherein the life thread, [480] withRays, 481:be non-existent by the man who has achieved the consciousness of the initiate. When buddhi reigns,Rays, 481:There are then - as far as his individual consciousness is concerned - only three focal points orRays, 483:of the evolutionary development of the human consciousness. The kingdom of souls must eventuallyRays, 483:and form (matter) - in direct rapport with the consciousness aspect, the mediating soul beingRays, 485:life," and not "downwards toward the center of consciousness or toward light appearance." HereinRays, 486:goal. Disciples must always remember that soul consciousness is an intermediate stage. It is also aRays, 486:spiritual energy to those lives whose stages of consciousness are below that of self-consciousness.Rays, 486:stages of consciousness are below that of self-consciousness. Humanity becomes to these lives - inRays, 486:bringing about of a condition in the disciple's consciousness which is analogous to that of theRays, 487:expression) into the highest point of his mental consciousness and holding them there in a state ofRays, 487:used in the meditation outlines: "raise the consciousness to the head center"; "hold theRays, 487:the consciousness to the head center"; "hold the consciousness at the highest possible point";Rays, 493:effect is registered upon the higher levels of consciousness and he is recognized as "a point ofRays, 494:Monad. There remains only the great pull of the consciousness of humanity as a whole and to this,Rays, 495:he now knows to be himself. He ascends in full consciousness into the sphere of monadic life; he isRays, 497:or rather, through the medium of using the soul consciousness to achieve this awareness. This isRays, 497:is essentially complete, from the standpoint of consciousness, but not from the standpoint of form.Rays, 499:and the form, so that there can be a blending in consciousness, following on a mental appreciationRays, 500:with a definite process of focusing their consciousness in the soul. This process falls into twoRays, 502:The disciple has to preserve steadily the triple consciousness, not simply theoretically but alsoRays, 502:of the lower mind. He is aware of as much of the consciousness of his ray energy as can enter intoRays, 503:upon subjective levels and in the realm of consciousness, thus requiring a consciousness and aRays, 503:in the realm of consciousness, thus requiring a consciousness and a concentration not needed whenRays, 504:unfoldment and building activity. Register consciousness of soul contact, thus bringing about anRays, 505:(form or matter), with a tiny point of consciousness eternally present which is aware of both theseRays, 505:solar system there is naught else but only this consciousness of being. One point I would touchRays, 507:of the cosmic physical plane. The center of consciousness is now in the Will nature, when thisRays, 507:men and sway them all upon the lower point of consciousness. The ray of vision and of applicationRays, 508:The moment the disciple approaches that point in consciousness and the antahkarana is firmlyRays, 509:four stages: The preparatory stage in which the consciousness becomes focused in the soul ray. AnRays, 510:truth has to be thus presented owing to the mind consciousness of the disciple. I have also beenRays, 510:falls really into three major expansions of consciousness. The expansion of consciousness of theRays, 510:expansions of consciousness. The expansion of consciousness of the dedicated personality into thatRays, 510:The expansion of this fused and blended consciousness [511] into that of the Spiritual Triad,Rays, 511:at the fifth initiation. The expansion of consciousness toward which the Masters are working, whichRays, 511:emphasis is today upon the states of consciousness which follow the third initiation. Hence theRays, 511:and upon your capacity to focus in your blended consciousness, and from that point - holding theRays, 513:and Ascension. This is the rising up of the consciousness out of soul and personality limitationsRays, 514:are not holding its significance firmly in their consciousness. So it is with a Word of Power. OfRays, 516:across all barriers and separative states of consciousness, thus establishing complete unity. IRays, 517:with the idea of physical plane results in his consciousness. Always he works from the angle ofRays, 518:fusion of the three Aspects, and secondly, that consciousness of this comes through the buildingRays, 518:to a new realization which is coming into the consciousness of humanity, via its disciples andRays, 519:pushing forward along the path of an expanding consciousness and a penetration into the light. ThisRays, 520:the most exalted Being within the sphere of His consciousness and the scope of His livingness; itRays, 520:integration is reached, reacts with increasing consciousness of the divine purpose. Once theRays, 520:ever to invoke the higher aspect of life and of consciousness which he senses on ahead. He nowRays, 520:nature which is distinctive of, those liberated Consciousness which have freed Themselves from theRays, 521:The achieving of the perfection of the Christ-consciousness became the emphasized goal ofRays, 522:unknown until relatively very late, in the human consciousness. Orthodox religion has beenRays, 522:the early stages of the unfoldment of the Christ consciousness and in the attainment of the thirdRays, 522:for them, and the consequent expansions of consciousness, reveal to the initiate the nature of theRays, 522:scope (widespread and universal) of the divine consciousness, and his relation to the Father, theRays, 523:and their goal - some way ahead - is soul consciousness and soul control. It is the mystical wayRays, 524:speak, it is wise to establish the fact in your consciousness that at the Crucifixion initiation,Rays, 524:of God on Earth, particularly in relation to the consciousness of men. He lifted the entire ScienceRays, 526:hidden in mankind - all related hitherto to consciousness and to responsiveness of the part to theRays, 527:Lighted Way, its revelations and its effects in consciousness. He enacted for us the supremeRays, 528:kingdoms or states of divine Being in Their consciousness. Here is the key as to why the invocationRays, 529:that the soul per se has been lost to consciousness in the sea of universal realization has alsoRays, 529:what has transpired lies beyond what we call consciousness, and is consequently undefinable by theRays, 530:next point concerning the fusion of the Master's consciousness with that of His disciple, I wouldRays, 530:the initiatory process in which the disciple's consciousness becomes dramatically aware of theRays, 531:initiation, the ceremonial angle lessens in his consciousness because the higher initiations areRays, 531:they are formless and remain in the higher consciousness. I am not here saying that the teachingsRays, 532:is first, its form aspect; then its soul or consciousness aspect; and finally, its life aspect. TheRays, 532:comprehension of the initiatory process; the consciousness aspect indicates in a mysterious mannerRays, 533:the Masons of the world those expansions of consciousness and of growth into the Light which areRays, 535:and constructively en rapport with the consciousness of the One in Whom we live and move and haveRays, 535:attainment. It is demonstrated as effects in his consciousness in the form of an increasing fusionRays, 536:As this revelation takes hold of the disciple's consciousness and conditions his expressive form ofRays, 536:him into that mysterious area of the divine consciousness which we call the "Heart of God"; this isRays, 537:has to become the one toward which his mental consciousness looks and upon which it focuses itsRays, 537:it must be polarized, in the same sense as the consciousness of average humanity is today polarizedRays, 537:is the supreme key to the understanding of consciousness. At the same time, the higher mind isRays, 539:the disciple to perceive an area of divine consciousness hitherto unknown but which, when theRays, 541:and the positive poles present within the consciousness of every form. The achieved point of fusionRays, 542:Mysteries of Initiation Fusion of the Master's Consciousness with that of the Disciple Earlier IRays, 543:the bringing [543] together of the Master's consciousness and his own. This has to be slowlyRays, 543:Later comes the stage when the disciple's consciousness can be gradually brought into a rapportRays, 543:whereby energy reaches him. They contact his consciousness upon the mental plane; later, heRays, 544:myself here to the fusion of the Master's consciousness (as it is conditioned to the human kingdom)Rays, 544:between the Master's higher or Shamballic consciousness and that of any disciple who has not takenRays, 545:of the Ashram with this later [545] fusion of consciousness. In group formation, disciples areRays, 551:these energies only in relation to the human consciousness. There are other factors present in ourRays, 553:as desirable and as already existing within the consciousness of the One Initiator, the planetaryRays, 557:world, an initiation is a condition of consciousness wherein the fully prepared disciple utilizesRays, 557:of initiation) to bring about changes within consciousness of a momentous and revelatory nature.Rays, 558:of divine mental perception" which admits the consciousness of the initiate into the "secrets ofRays, 558:the Rays of Attribute are related to the consciousness aspect. Every human being, in the earlierRays, 559:[559] today the Lemurian or Atlantean state of consciousness - and there are many such), comes into
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