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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Rays, 694:consciousness which passes finally into cosmic consciousness - a state of being unknown to you,Rays, 694:The first hint of the growth of cosmic consciousness comes when the disciple passes through theRays, 694:He will decide to follow. From that time on, the consciousness of the greater Life which enfoldsRays, 694:Logos, as He enfolds humanity within His consciousness, increasingly controls the attitude, theRays, 695:and brain. This brings to the forefront of his consciousness the sudden and appalling recognitionRays, 697:of the brain to a succession of states of consciousness or of events, and if it is equally trueRays, 697:that (to the soul) there is no such factor in consciousness as time but only the Eternal Now isRays, 699:the Master needs no energy centers, and His consciousness is transcended and transformed into aRays, 702:Path, selfish aspiration is foremost in the consciousness [703] of the aspirant; however, as heRays, 703:three factors will emerge in a new light in your consciousness. That they are factors related toRays, 703:the evolutionary process is, in relation to consciousness, a process of leading the blind out ofRays, 703:of leading the blind out of darkened areas of consciousness into greater light, and therefore intoRays, 704:sequence can be seen in the unfoldment of the consciousness of the human being from infancy to fullRays, 704:as the result of past effort, his point in consciousness and the quality of the vehicles throughRays, 704:the quality of the vehicles through which that consciousness is developing. With theRays, 705:no longer needs a physical body or an astral consciousness, and that the mind is only a serviceRays, 707:intent of bringing to the surface of their brain consciousness who and what they are in truth. ThisRays, 710:he has worked primarily with the thread of consciousness; this is anchored in the head, and throughRays, 710:this is anchored in the head, and through that consciousness his personality and his soul areRays, 710:body (so called) disappears, and the thread of consciousness is occultly snapped; neither the soulRays, 710:The soul is no longer the repository of the consciousness aspect as hitherto. All that the soul hasRays, 712:is responsible for the inflow of ideas into the consciousness of the disciple, the aspirant and theRays, 716:Each time this energy strikes into the human consciousness some fuller aspect of the divine planRays, 717:Hierarchy can begin to precipitate into their consciousness some of this "divine intention." It isRays, 720:(we seem to have no word to express the type of consciousness of the initiate who has taken theRays, 720:is or knows has dropped below the threshold of consciousness, in the same way that the instinctualRays, 722:decision - the outcome of which is hidden in the consciousness of Those Who will at that time, makeRays, 723:suffering. Suffering and pain enter not into the consciousness of the Master. Where it says in TheRays, 723:things, to make clear certain unknown types of consciousness or to indicate areas of perceptionRays, 726:of being, which makes possible all states of consciousness and leads to endless activity.Rays, 730:to which we have given the name Shamballa. The consciousness of the Universal Life is His; thisRays, 731:is His; this [731] is far more than simply the consciousness of immortality, because the idea orRays, 733:we call the "logoic plane," or on the level of consciousness of the Lord of the World. At thisRays, 737:with the problem. The theme of the living consciousness of the planetary Logos is forever andRays, 745:ideologies are presenting clearly to the human consciousness certain great distinctions; theseRays, 746:was in the nature of a spiritual expansion of consciousness to the British people and a spiritualRays, 750:of goodwill is that, as it develops in the human consciousness, it first of all brings a revelationRays, 757:Christ emphasized the relation of the Christ consciousness to the consciousness of Deity itself. HeRays, 757:the relation of the Christ consciousness to the consciousness of Deity itself. He linked theRays, 758:is no idle dream. From the angle of the human consciousness, the vehicle of Light is, first of all,Reappearance, 12:heart of individual man became a factor in human consciousness. It was a relatively new truth toReappearance, 17:He will use all possible channels whereby the consciousness of man may be enlarged and rightReappearance, 18:wisdom and understanding, all that expands the consciousness of humanity and of all subhuman statesReappearance, 21:He stimulates the group spirit and the group consciousness, and His spiritual energy is theReappearance, 23:Hierarchy and the unique development of group consciousness, showing itself on every hand in theReappearance, 25:of this significance of the will of God upon the consciousness of the Christ which led Him toReappearance, 25:and the Teacher of angels and of men, His consciousness was absolutely at one with the divine Plan;Reappearance, 25:of this Plan, suddenly a great expansion of consciousness took place. The significance, theReappearance, 27:The word to "know" (in relation to the initiate-consciousness of the Christ and of still lesserReappearance, 27:a Son of God can exert makes itself felt in the consciousness of the Christ - as it will in theReappearance, 27:consciousness of the Christ - as it will in the consciousness of all those who obey His injunctionReappearance, 29:the world of men with His over-shadowing consciousness. It was a tremendous affirmation, sent forthReappearance, 36:Slowly, there is dawning upon the awakening consciousness of humanity, the great paralleling truthReappearance, 40:is about to be written; a new expansion of consciousness is an imminent happening; a freshReappearance, 41:the deep seated conviction, innate in the human consciousness, that some great Teacher, someReappearance, 42:have its impulse in the deepest depths of man's consciousness and such is the case today as aReappearance, 47:of the people from the depths of their own consciousness. Reappearance, 47:make would be the stimulation of the spiritual consciousness in man, the evocation of humanity'sReappearance, 47:nurturing - on a worldwide scale - of the Christ consciousness in the human heart. This has alreadyReappearance, 48:of appearances, this uprising of the Christ consciousness has been successful and what may appearReappearance, 49:Belief in His coming is basic in the human consciousness. How He will come and in what manner isReappearance, 52:relationships are already a fact in the human consciousness. Accompanying those characteristicsReappearance, 52:the human heart. Why this triumph of the Christ consciousness must always be spoken of in terms ofReappearance, 54:present who could go further with Him. Their consciousness could not penetrate to the place whereReappearance, 57:guide mankind into a civilization and a state of consciousness in which right human relations andReappearance, 59:plane responses to the newer expansions of consciousness. The Christ Who will return will not beReappearance, 60:The Christ has no religious barriers in His consciousness. It matters not to Him of what faith aReappearance, 65:those in whom the life of Christ or the Christ-consciousness is to be found or is in process ofReappearance, 68:of those who face certain great expansions of consciousness, a point of crisis will come about. InReappearance, 68:the spiritual Hierarchy; to this state of consciousness we can give the name of "spiritualReappearance, 68:His workers know only the experience of group consciousness. A separative participation andReappearance, 71:and will lead eventually to a change in consciousness. Reappearance, 71:these expressions of it which exist in the human consciousness as men attempt to interpret theReappearance, 72:When these then assume their rightful place in consciousness, then the dynamic pull of the WillReappearance, 75:force to which we give the name "the Christ consciousness" (a term largely used by the metaphysicalReappearance, 77:can only channel His energies through the mass consciousness or through a group conscious entity,Reappearance, 82:of separation, and which will blend and fuse the consciousness of all men into that unity which isReappearance, 82:that unity which is distinctive of the Christ consciousness. Reappearance, 83:being poured forth and the growth of the Christ-consciousness is, therefore, being constantlyReappearance, 84:its expression) will be distinctive of the mass consciousness. It may be difficult to realize andReappearance, 86:work which involves the stimulation of the consciousness of His disciples as they prepare toReappearance, 86:humanity, is so to "nourish" their spiritual consciousness and life that they will be enabled toReappearance, 91:earlier considered when dealing with the Christ consciousness in man. This is the energy whichReappearance, 102:of humanity's need, in order to present to the consciousness of the men of Their time certainReappearance, 102:- have achieved control of the physical level of consciousness, of Their emotional-feeling nature,Reappearance, 104:thousands of years ago, implanted in the human consciousness. The effort of the intellectuals [105]Reappearance, 108:and in ability to penetrate into that area of consciousness and that field of activity which weReappearance, 112:from hate or from its product, the anti-social consciousness. Hate and its dependent consequencesReappearance, 117:forgetting that time is a faculty of the brain-consciousness and that divorced from the brain, timeReappearance, 126:five important stages in the progress of human consciousness. This advance will become definite andReappearance, 126:new realms or spheres of mental and spiritual consciousness, during the next two thousand years.Reappearance, 127:for us by the Christ, because the public consciousness today demands something more definite andReappearance, 127:some one or other of the great expansions of consciousness, but the mass reflection will be that ofReappearance, 128:of areas of divine existence and of states of consciousness which are always eternally present butReappearance, 129:of the creative ability and the precise consciousness of the initiates of the time - those who knewReappearance, 129:who specifically, precisely and in full waking consciousness, through self-initiated effort,Reappearance, 130:this emotional nature and this sentient area of consciousness (the astral plane, if you prefer theReappearance, 134:the recognition of the truth as it exists in the consciousness of those who are polarized in theReappearance, 143:demand have assumed a paramount place in the consciousness of the Christ. When He reappears andReappearance, 145:relationship to God. Inherent in the human consciousness - inchoate often and undefined - is a
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