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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Reappearance, 149:when first sequentially presented to the mind or consciousness of man. For some years now theReappearance, 153:new world religion. The expansion of the human consciousness which will take place as a result ofReappearance, 156:and will represent the effect in the human consciousness of the work of the Buddha and of theReappearance, 156:They will establish the divine attributes in the consciousness of man, just as the major festivalsReappearance, 158:The achieving of the perfection of the Christ-consciousness became the emphasized goal of humanity.Reappearance, 166:ends are ceaselessly gnawing away within his consciousness. No one who loves his fellowmen, who hasReappearance, 168:with fancied heart difficulties that his "body consciousness" steadily develops until it eventuallyReappearance, 181:must become important motivating factors in his consciousness. He looks around for those with whomReappearance, 184:new concepts and hopes which are emerging in the consciousness of mankind, as men beginSoul, 22:Glands, p. 54. Some schools go so far to deny consciousness altogether and regard it (the EastSoul, 22:it) as inherent in matter. Dr. Leary says: "Consciousness characterizes nerves as vibrationSoul, 22:readers that they "will find no discussion of consciousness and no reference to such terms asSoul, 22:beings we shall be able to throw the word 'consciousness' into the discard - along [23] with 'mind'Soul, 23:'Mind' will give way to personality, 'consciousness' in general to specific exhibitions of learnedSoul, 23:and also the mentalist. They admit the fact of consciousness and assume a conscious entity. Dr.,Soul, 23:follows: "The introspectionist is interested in consciousness, awareness, awareness of awareness,Soul, 24:on a different level, call it mind, spirit, consciousness, what you will. Thought is not theSoul, 25:includes a self - an awareness of self, a self-consciousness. Hence that all consciousness is aSoul, 25:of self, a self-consciousness. Hence that all consciousness is a consciousness or awareness ofSoul, 25:Hence that all consciousness is a consciousness or awareness of something by a self. "The secondSoul, 25:ones, claim to be unable to find any self, or consciousness of self by introspection; deny itsSoul, 26:structure that He used, and the quality of the "consciousness characterizing His nervous system"Soul, 57:and the resultant interaction which we call consciousness or soul. The entire manifested worldSoul, 57:from energy (and the co-factors substance and consciousness). All that is seen, from the tiniestSoul, 67:struggling to achieve an ever higher degree of consciousness. We may conceive the ultimate purposeSoul, 67:to be the achievement of complete and universal consciousness, a result which can only be securedSoul, 69:the developments taking place within the human consciousness itself. Man, being now a fullySoul, 70:represents a Sense connection within which his consciousness moves freely. He is free to lay theSoul, 70:shows that it depends upon the centering of consciousness, whether the center of a man lies in hisSoul, 71:as to the probable location of the soul consciousness. [72] Soul, 77:Soul, Christ, connote the same state of being or consciousness, and indicate the subjective realitySoul, 80:this conception. Not in order to explain the 'consciousness' (for the 'soul' can exist withoutSoul, 80:(for the 'soul' can exist without consciousness), but in order to make comprehensible that complexSoul, 80:the 'soul' is by no means identical with the consciousness, and that this equivalence is a lateSoul, 80:word psyche does not by any means signify merely consciousness, but can usually be translatedSoul, 80:building up of the body, and on the other in the consciousness. [81] Nevertheless, this doctrine ofSoul, 81:does not divide the universe into substance and consciousness, but places a connecting-link betweenSoul, 81:materially, but is also the hypothesis of the consciousness, differs from both materialism andSoul, 81:soul as existing in substance alone nor yet in consciousness alone. On the contrary, bothSoul, 81:in consciousness alone. On the contrary, both consciousness and body appear to us only as effect ofSoul, 81:thing which comprehends them both, producing the consciousness and also giving form to the rawSoul, 81:the raw material. We have already seen that the consciousness must necessarily demand such aSoul, 81:which gives the body form and engenders the consciousness, proves to be identical with life." -Soul, 84:come those diversities of the manifested life-consciousness which engross the interest of theSoul, 84:this Reality grows as we become inclusive in our consciousness and participate in a veritableSoul, 85:between the eyebrows. Hippocrates placed the consciousness or soul in the brain and Herophilus madeSoul, 87:the same time, their effects somehow cohere in consciousness, and the knowledge of this factSoul, 99:the sum total of all forms, and of all states of consciousness; it is divine Purpose, activelySoul, 99:Prana, is analogous to the activity of the consciousness principle, the Soul of the Christian. ThisSoul, 101:in the head where the mind and the spiritual consciousness find expression. Dr. Rele says thatSoul, 102:bliss, according to Kath. 5. 14, consists in the consciousness of this thought. We quote in thisSoul, 104:crude Nihilism accept them. Man is a complex of consciousness, mind and body. The Atma (self) is ofSoul, 104:body. The Atma (self) is of the nature of the consciousness and is immutable. Mind, though an innerSoul, 104:in the universe is personal, i.e., bound up with consciousness. This energy is prana, which isSoul, 105:motion from Prana, of energy accompanied by consciousness. Prana corresponds to the PsychikonSoul, 105:system posits the heart as the chief center of Consciousness - a relic of which notion we alsoSoul, 105:to the Tantras, however, the chief centers of consciousness are to be found in the Chakras of theSoul, 107:the soul or self, seated in the mind and brain consciousness, and from there assuming control ofSoul, 109:the soul. The main characteristic of the soul is consciousness. The soul as life is "seated in theSoul, 109:"seated in the heart," and as rational spiritual consciousness is "seated on the throne between theSoul, 110:life a tanmatra, or a modification of the Divine consciousness. In each tattva, therefore, we haveSoul, 110:In each tattva, therefore, we have the Divine consciousness as the central life, while the idea ofSoul, 116:of voluntary movements. The notion of Consciousness, which is the introspective subject matter ofSoul, 116:function. There is therefore no organ of consciousness, simply because 'Consciousness' is not anSoul, 116:no organ of consciousness, simply because 'Consciousness' is not an organic conception, and hasSoul, 116:whose inner introspective side it presents. Consciousness in itself is the Atma. Both mind andSoul, 116:a part, are imperfect or veiled expressions of Consciousness, which in the case of body is soSoul, 117:a suitable vehicle for the expression of consciousness in the form of mind (Antahkarana). AsSoul, 117:in the form of mind (Antahkarana). As consciousness is not a property of the body, neither is it aSoul, 117:mere function of the brain. The fact that mental consciousness is affected or disappears withSoul, 117:of the latter for the expression of such consciousness, and not that consciousness is inherentSoul, 117:expression of such consciousness, and not that consciousness is inherent alone in brain or that itSoul, 118:subtle aspect of such centers as expressions of consciousness (Chaitanya) embodied in various formsSoul, 119:and the quality of the emotional and mental consciousness. According, then, to the development ofSoul, 122:into activity. Later, as man develops, the consciousness, soul-aspect, gradually makes its presenceSoul, 124:and another range of perceptions enters into his consciousness. He becomes aware of himself as aSoul, 129:for man as an organism, demonstrating life, self-consciousness and intelligent purpose. The firstSoul, 132:they, too, found reality and came into a wide consciousness of the eternal plan, arriving at unionSoul, 133:emotional nature, so these emotional states of consciousness (extending all the way from love ofSoul, 135:A term which covers the power to center one's consciousness in the head and there [136] to functionSoul, 136:function as a soul, or to withdraw the outgoing consciousness from things objective and tangible,Soul, 140:The psychological effects of this transfer of consciousness are interesting. When the soul isSoul, 140:be transferred and carried to the heart, and the consciousness then is no longer self-centered andSoul, 142:and the soul is brought to the birth in the consciousness of man. This is the birth of the ChristSoul, 144:impossibility of knowing, we may keep alive the consciousness [145] that it is alike our highestSoul, 149:the human soul has created a new world in human consciousness; it is the spiritual world." - Pupin,Soul, 154:psychological fact, one of the immediate data of consciousness, a perception so primordial that,Telepathy, 5:make a sufficiently strong impact upon the human consciousness. In union is strength. This is theTelepathy, 6:member of the group can function in his mind-consciousness, untrammelled by the brain or theTelepathy, 6:is the first exoteric expression of the soul consciousness. He will then enter into the world ofTelepathy, 7:Their individual mind illumined by the soul consciousness. The brain, reacting to the individualTelepathy, 12:time, the power to focus oneself in the soul consciousness. The mind and the brain have, at theTelepathy, 19:which is going on in connection with the human consciousness is ever externalized or finds itsTelepathy, 20:of response between broadcasting areas of [20] consciousness and the receiving areas ofTelepathy, 20:of [20] consciousness and the receiving areas of consciousness. We might list the divisions of thisTelepathy, 20:sorrow or grief is involved. It is simply the consciousness of the sorrow of the world and theTelepathy, 21:then becomes aware of the content of the soul's consciousness, an innate content, or that which isTelepathy, 27:from brain to brain. It is literally a state of consciousness which is sufficiently conditioned byTelepathy, 27:impression which must be recorded in the brain consciousness of the recipient opens a way in theTelepathy, 28:to polarize yourself upon the mental levels of consciousness. By a definite act of the will you
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