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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Telepathy, 28:By a definite act of the will you lift your consciousness onto the mental plane and hold it there.Telepathy, 28:reflection upon a lower plane, and in the brain consciousness, of the mind's ability to hold itselfTelepathy, 31:you have reached this final stage, hold your consciousness steady at that high point as you (if youTelepathy, 31:then sends out the purpose aspect; his astral consciousness is responsible for sending out theTelepathy, 32:is the first exoteric expression of the soul consciousness, as far as the true aspirant isTelepathy, 35:receiving apparatus. When, however, soul consciousness is achieved or developing, then this tripleTelepathy, 40:impression which you may imprint in the mind and consciousness of the subject should incite you toTelepathy, 41:that thought-form makes its impact upon the consciousness of the brain in the location lying justTelepathy, 41:impression is the factor of importance; Their consciousness is impressed, and so sensitive is TheirTelepathy, 46:divine impression down to the level of the human consciousness. Telepathy, 47:levels; they finally condition the human consciousness, evoking man's aspiration to penetrateTelepathy, 47:impact and wise enough to record carefully in consciousness their emanating source. After dueTelepathy, 49:It will lead to a great shift of the human consciousness off the levels of emotional and physicalTelepathy, 51:is to be applied in the expansion of the human consciousness on a large scale. This is one of theTelepathy, 54:Supreme Science of Contact It might be said that consciousness itself, which is the goal - on thisTelepathy, 59:and as the indication of a wider field wherein consciousness may expand more and more and registerTelepathy, 59:of invocation and evocation, to a state of consciousness distinguished by a trained sensitivity,Telepathy, 60:life, thus developing; yet field after field of consciousness is slowly recorded, and area afterTelepathy, 62:the last analysis, as the fundamental science of consciousness itself, for the result of contactTelepathy, 62:leads to the awakening and the unfoldment of consciousness and of that growing awareness whichTelepathy, 63:Science of Impression cover the unfoldment of consciousness and bring about adaptability to theTelepathy, 64:and incontrovertible, to the unfoldment of consciousness. At the same time, it proceeds upon theTelepathy, 64:the basic premise that the various phases of consciousness which are steadily and sequentiallyTelepathy, 64:the Eternal Now) the sumtotal of the states of consciousness of the "One in Whom we live and moveTelepathy, 65:wisdom, [65] intuition or will. Ponder on this. Consciousness is inherent in all forms of life.Telepathy, 65:others are, if anything, superseding them in the consciousness of thinking humanity - relationshipTelepathy, 65:ideas. Still others will be rapidly added as the consciousness of man is more effectively employed.Telepathy, 68:contact and the consequent awakening of group consciousness, for sensitivity to intuitionalTelepathy, 70:through the buddhic and atmic levels of consciousness into the area of magnetized consciousness (ITelepathy, 70:of consciousness into the area of magnetized consciousness (I use this word as we have not yet theTelepathy, 71:and complex matters, inherent in the initiate consciousness and for which we have as yet no correctTelepathy, 72:of certain writers and thinkers anent the cosmic consciousness, and their flippant use of suchTelepathy, 76:plus that which has entered into the personality consciousness as a result of soul contact. ThisTelepathy, 78:aids and hastens the unfoldment of the vegetable consciousness; this is one reason for its relativeTelepathy, 79:response depends the evolution of the indwelling consciousness. The animal kingdom has a peculiarTelepathy, 79:in nature, and the unfolding of the animal consciousness proceeds along lines paralleling, yetTelepathy, 79:advanced, its intelligent impression upon the consciousness of the animal kingdom will produceTelepathy, 86:and then to give it word forms in the mind consciousness." On the basis of the informationTelepathy, 88:will awaken and guide the disciple's consciousness. This stage, which embraces the second type ofTelepathy, 90:men to grasp at this time wherein their state of consciousness is concentratedly individualized.Telepathy, 90:fast or he may go the slow way, but his state of consciousness remains one of a developing reactionTelepathy, 90:to his environment, as registered by his consciousness, and in which he (stage by stage) becomes anTelepathy, 93:or evoke from them a response and a widening consciousness; the processes of spiritual impressionTelepathy, 95:and concepts; he attracts into his field of consciousness the outline, and later the details, ofTelepathy, 95:hold and seize upon. They drop into his field of consciousness because he has created a magneticTelepathy, 96:and become eventually an habitual state of [96] consciousness; then, at will and at all times, heTelepathy, 101:soul of all things, as well as from the human consciousness and from the world of superconsciousTelepathy, 102:divisions made by certain psychologists of the consciousness of man into subconscious, conscious orTelepathy, 102:unit of humanity and thus develops a true self-consciousness. This he arrives at by discriminatingTelepathy, 104:constantly being impressed from some level of consciousness or other, and are receptive to theseTelepathy, 104:to these impressions according to the level of consciousness upon which they normally function;Telepathy, 105:whatsoever, for it is the astral level of consciousness which is the great distorter of essentialTelepathy, 106:registered impression is conveyed to the brain consciousness, i.e., to the physical plane awarenessTelepathy, 108:fundamental changes in the life and the state of consciousness of the aspirant and, above all, inTelepathy, 110:still remain in a dark area of the human consciousness. The normal processes of evolution will,Telepathy, 111:which are founded upon an astral-buddhic consciousness but which are strictly carried on withinTelepathy, 112:the substantial nature of these two levels of consciousness. It is within the substance of theTelepathy, 112:mind, which then becomes the seat of the consciousness of the spiritual man; at the same time, heTelepathy, 112:then begins to fall below the threshold of consciousness and thus joins the great array ofTelepathy, 113:does so in order to bridge the gap existing in consciousness between the life of the ordinary man,Telepathy, 119:a specific and focused area of the planetary consciousness. This is found midway between theTelepathy, 119:for hierarchical work - the three levels of consciousness of the Spiritual Triad. This "focusedTelepathy, 121:at a [121] certain point in the development of consciousness, the many lines of spiritual approachTelepathy, 121:synthetic Thought which pours into the supernal consciousness of the Lord of the World along theTelepathy, 121:of the seven Rays, because these concern consciousness in a most specific manner; they are theTelepathy, 121:of energy - material energy and the energy of consciousness - when brought together by divineTelepathy, 126:on every possible (note that phrase) level of consciousness. If this can take place, then the basicTelepathy, 134:the Purpose - is impressed upon the hierarchical consciousness. If there is redundancy in theseTelepathy, 137:to make adequate impression upon the human consciousness, functioning in time and space. TheTelepathy, 139:its existence, but the dominant factors in their consciousness are the fact of the physical bodyTelepathy, 139:body, and there is a great hiatus or gap in consciousness today (only this time normally andTelepathy, 140:is no such planned bridge for the gap in [140] consciousness between the physical body and theTelepathy, 140:than is the dense physical vehicle. The consciousness of men today is physical-astral, and theTelepathy, 140:is ignored, overlooked, and - from the angle of consciousness - non-existent. One of the mainTelepathy, 143:one or many, of the seven planes or areas of consciousness of our planetary Life. These lines ofTelepathy, 143:in the body functions, and therefore where his consciousness is normally focused. TheTelepathy, 145:carry the quality of energy from some area of consciousness in which the "dweller in the body" mayTelepathy, 145:in this manner. According to the focus of the consciousness, the psychic state of awareness, theTelepathy, 147:is the life." As the race of men developed, and consciousness grew greater and certain greatTelepathy, 148:The only differences which exist are those in consciousness, and peculiarly so in the consciousnessTelepathy, 148:those in consciousness, and peculiarly so in the consciousness of man and of the Black Lodge. ThereTelepathy, 148:to the eye of man, or one great unfolding consciousness to the perception of the Hierarchy. LinesTelepathy, 149:with the view of promoting the unfoldment of consciousness therein. This is basically true from theTelepathy, 149:aspirants. These two groups work entirely on the consciousness side, which motivates and directsTelepathy, 150:four levels of the etheric plane. Gradually the consciousness within these forms reacts to theTelepathy, 152:It is this system of nadis which is used in full consciousness by the initiate who has related theTelepathy, 170:or "jewels," expressing the sevenfold nature of consciousness, and as they are brought one by oneTelepathy, 171:or petals are indicative of the state of consciousness which that Eternal One is able - at anyTelepathy, 171:This may be the relatively undeveloped state of consciousness of the savage, the consciousness ofTelepathy, 171:state of consciousness of the savage, the consciousness of the average man or the highly developedTelepathy, 171:of the average man or the highly developed consciousness of the initiate up to the third degree, orTelepathy, 171:still higher grades. It is ever concerned with CONSCIOUSNESS; only the point at the center isTelepathy, 171:aspect; the petals concern the second or the consciousness aspect, and this must be most carefullyTelepathy, 172:carefully borne in mind. [172] The state of the consciousness is ever indicated by the size, theTelepathy, 178:and its own specific and peculiar form of consciousness. This etheric body - vast and unknown as itTelepathy, 179:universe; what we really mean is an expanding consciousness, for this etheric body of the Entity,Telepathy, 179:living forms. The factor which relates them is consciousness and nothing else, and the field ofTelepathy, 180:upon the type and the nature of the indwelling Consciousness. It is this magnetic interplay betweenTelepathy, 180:planets. Bear in mind, however, that it is the CONSCIOUSNESS aspect which renders the formTelepathy, 180:receptive, repudiating and transmitting; this consciousness differs according to the nature of the
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