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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Telepathy, 180:wish, the form and the quality of the indwelling consciousness; the types of consciousness are manyTelepathy, 180:of the indwelling consciousness; the types of consciousness are many and diverse, yet life remainsTelepathy, 180:even if this is not immediately apparent to you; consciousness qualifies the contact and colors theTelepathy, 181:is dependent upon the nature or strength of its consciousness and upon the dynamic conditioningTelepathy, 181:the form; another expresses the quality of its consciousness, whilst the third - the dynamic,Telepathy, 181:dynamic, integrating life which holds form and consciousness together in one expressive livingnessTelepathy, 181:the center involved, but upon the quality of the consciousness which distinguishes any particularTelepathy, 182:produces another aspect of expression: that of consciousness. This consciousness varies accordingTelepathy, 182:of expression: that of consciousness. This consciousness varies according to the naturalTelepathy, 182:Life, expressing itself as Being, as responsive consciousness, and as material appearance. That OneTelepathy, 183:vast sea of energies is to be found that cosmic Consciousness to Whom we give the name of SanatTelepathy, 183:which He alone visions and knows. It is His consciousness and His sensitive response to all formsTelepathy, 183:and contacts which guarantees the developing consciousness of all the many lives within or uponTelepathy, 184:of this Center is related to the unfolding consciousness of the planet, and therefore of all formsTelepathy, 184:awaken and arouse the sense of awareness and of consciousness which is sensitive in its response toTelepathy, 184:could be called the Science of Relationships. Consciousness is not only the sense of identity or ofTelepathy, 184:self or the "I" to all other selves. This consciousness is progressively developed, and the MembersTelepathy, 184:remember that the seed or germ of all states of consciousness is latent in every form, and of thisTelepathy, 185:the Christ, representing loving intelligent consciousness, and the Mahachohan, representing lovingTelepathy, 189:comes from the intuitive levels of the divine consciousness is a true idea. It is noted orTelepathy, 192:upon differing planes and planetary levels of consciousness and of existence. With all this theTelepathy, 194:are directed toward the expansion of the human consciousness, through the magnetic lives of theTelepathy, 195:They are an integral part of the ashramic consciousness and their conscious occupation is called,Telepathy, 196:world crisis. When he does this within his own consciousness and is, therefore, thinking along
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