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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSECRATED

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Astrology, 142:the symbols of these two signs. The Aquarian is consecrated to group service and to the welfare ofAstrology, 142:are confined and to whose welfare all he has is consecrated. Upon the Fixed Cross this consecrationAstrology, 191:and this is ever selflessly developed and always consecrated to the good of the whole and not toAstrology, 196:individuality is developed, utilized and finally consecrated to divine purpose. It is related toAutobiography, 298:on the inner plane she was already pledged and consecrated and the essentials of which were theAutobiography, 299:ashram with him. Not only had D.K. to find some consecrated and daring disciple, available on theBethlehem, 66:we find that "Nazareth" means "that which is consecrated" or set apart. "Galilee" means theBethlehem, 66:His Mother, journeys the last part of the way. Consecrated from past aeons to this very work ofBethlehem, 73:a symbol of the material nature, which must be consecrated to the service of God and of man.Bethlehem, 74:to be the very life-blood of the people, must be consecrated to the Christ. Frankincense, theBethlehem, 101:John, Jesus and Christ - the whole story of the consecrated aspirant is summed up: John,Bethlehem, 101:purity; Jesus, in this case symbolizing the consecrated, pledged disciple or initiate, ready forBethlehem, 151:our educational processes and institutions are consecrated. We desire profoundly the light ofBethlehem, 155:and it was upon this integrated, focused and consecrated personality that the transfiguration madeBethlehem, 156:this likeness two things are necessary to the consecrated and dedicated disciple. He must be ableBethlehem, 169:ideas are transmuted into world ideals by the consecrated thinkers of the race, and applied in theBethlehem, 170:its turn must find its expression in renewed and consecrated service, and thus we find our way -Bethlehem, 181:and spiritual... These four are known as the consecrated animals of the Zodiac, while the signsBethlehem, 194:of Jesus, by a new and living way which he hath consecrated for us through the veil, that is to sayBethlehem, 245:to prove this. He had, throughout His life of consecrated service and devotion to His fellow men,Discipleship1, 78:and of spurring others of you on to renewed and consecrated effort are two of my reasons forDiscipleship1, 84:to group integration on soul levels. The blended consecrated contact of the group personalitiesDiscipleship1, 144:engaged... Meditate constantly upon the will - consecrated to active, loving service. It is the useDiscipleship1, 191:interests you, but that which you have can be consecrated, through reticence and control, toDiscipleship1, 214:joy and serve. This is, I know, your high and consecrated motive. Keep the link with me through theDiscipleship1, 279:power of a spiritually applied analysis and the consecrated functioning of the concrete mind beDiscipleship1, 311:aid will come to you increasingly. For you, the consecrated pen, the dedicated hour, the quicknessDiscipleship1, 324:the will and the aspiration of a high grade and consecrated personality. Ponder on this, for itsDiscipleship1, 365:all this very slowly and thoroughly with a full, consecrated thought upon each of the five stages.Discipleship1, 381:before his interior will is developed and consecrated to the service of the Path, which is theDiscipleship1, 406:and this must be cultivated, because it is consecrated and because it holds for you the secret ofDiscipleship1, 434:someone to whom they can turn - detached and consecrated. Let them find in you someone whose eyesDiscipleship1, 454:in your way." Forget not, brother of old, that a consecrated personality must not loom so largeDiscipleship1, 454:that it shuts out, at times, that to which it is consecrated; neither must a realization of yourDiscipleship1, 627:but because of the potency latent in such consecrated groups. If the personnel of the group can beDiscipleship1, 693:that work? To provide a working intelligent and consecrated group of servers through whomDiscipleship1, 693:is to evoke from his disciples such a depth of consecrated love and such a realization of today'sDiscipleship1, 697:spring of many lives, from the pure vision and consecrated dreams of many disciples. To thisDiscipleship1, 766:of the forces which function as form "divinely consecrated," will proceed normally and safely. IDiscipleship2, XIII:much. Moreover Djwhal Khul has said that given a consecrated active life of selfless service toDiscipleship2, 13:much if the desire, the loving heart and the consecrated mind are united in service. I ask aid inDiscipleship2, 13:in the task of reconstruction. I ask for your consecrated help. I ask you to discipline yourselvesDiscipleship2, 84:outside the New Seed Group who have done a more consecrated and selfless task than have you, thoughDiscipleship2, 114:solar plexus ability (when purified [114] and consecrated) to identify itself with individuals. TheDiscipleship2, 469:is the solar plexus ability (when purified and consecrated) to identify itself with individuals.Education, 41:the national thought, with the mind unfoldment consecrated to material living, and with scienceExternalisation, 55:Moon and the Full Moon of June - one hitherto consecrated to the Buddha Who embodied the wisdom ofExternalisation, 95:Personality. To these three you have to add a consecrated and awakened heart, full of love to all,Externalisation, 95:The illumined mind - the medium of relation The consecrated, loving heart - the expression of theseExternalisation, 96:fusion or group at-one-ment. These are the consecrated servers of the world who are free from allExternalisation, 97:understanding goodwill. They correspond to the "consecrated loving heart," mentioned above. A smallExternalisation, 354:of the many is far more potent than even the consecrated effort of the two or three. No one isExternalisation, 504:an active participation in the work. These consecrated Workers form a nucleus around the Christ andExternalisation, 642:of effort from you. You are dedicated and consecrated and will remain so, for the closeness of theFire, 139:control the lower material bodies by means of consecrated mind. Only when buddhi has assumed anFire, 756:be possible in the case of those who have been consecrated since childhood, who have been serversFire, 1244:behind all world groups which are particularly consecrated to the uplift of the race. This willGlamour, 18:to the emerging revelation and how useful our consecrated service can be. I say "our" advisedly,Glamour, 245:sensed divine pattern, some spiritual hope, some consecrated ambition or some dedicated desire.Healing, 112:and thus creating a type of matter which is consecrated to the task of forming the outer expressionHealing, 212:[212] of Christ in every day life, and acting as consecrated servers of their fellowmen and asHealing, 362:to the near approach to the Christ which many consecrated servers are subjectively sensing, andHealing, 553:he will be controlled psychologically by the consecrated personality of the healer and by theHealing, 666:light; the devil is to man who is dedicated and consecrated to evil what the Dweller on theHercules, 45:is the matter or form aspect. When that has been consecrated, purified and spiritualized, then theHercules, 137:in one form or another. The individual who is consecrated and true to the spirit acts as the spiritHercules, 226:Capricorn, he becomes a server of humanity, consecrated to the work of the Hierarchy, and thisInitiation, 88:has this become possible? Because now the fully consecrated physical body can safely bear theMagic, 56:as a white magician, and as one of that band of consecrated disciples whom we call the "hierarchyMagic, 228:govern and its instrument in the warfare is the consecrated mind. Meditation, 44:The single eye, the unalloyed desire, the consecrated purpose, and the ear that turns in deafnessMeditation, 86:stand before his Lord, with purified desire, consecrated intellect, and a physical body that is hisMeditation, 282:disciplining of the threefold lower man, and consecrated service to the world. Methods of ApproachMeditation, 294:higher or lower octave. This applies to groups consecrated to inner spiritual development, and thatPatanjali, 419:at the task of spiritual living in a world consecrated to things material. All this is possible toPsychology1, 306:condition, and where the life has been sane, consecrated and sound, there have frequently beenPsychology2, 58:stone placed in the foundations, typical of the consecrated physical life. A column in the TemplePsychology2, 115:that there is a watching Hierarchy, but they are consecrated and selfless souls, and as such,Psychology2, 131:minds. It should also eventually call forth the consecrated effort of the world disciples. Psychology2, 528:evocation of the personality will (purified and consecrated) which has been "sleeping, coiled likePsychology2, 608:detrimental to the personality, when not consecrated or refined. Again, this registering of thePsychology2, 624:can wreck a group; one selfless, non-critical, consecrated person can swing the group intoPsychology2, 661:the right use of opportunity, plus the consecrated utilization of world power, will call forth thatPsychology2, 665:know it in a vague and general way. They are consecrated and dedicated souls, but personal ambitionPsychology2, 690:earth and the Buddha, Who is, in His turn, the consecrated intermediary between the entire waitingPsychology2, 690:composed at this time of all those sensitive and consecrated servers of the race whose objective isPsychology2, 690:composed of a handful of accepted disciples and consecrated aspirants. Its ranks have been openedPsychology2, 700:that there is a watching Hierarchy, but they are consecrated and selfless souls, and as such,Psychology2, 724:of the group members become definitely more consecrated, more dedicated to humanity, and moreRays, 17:is based upon a uniform and united group will, consecrated towards the service of humanity andRays, 258:of purpose, and this in such a manner that the consecrated personality - under control of theRays, 461:and utilizes for its own spiritual ends the consecrated personality, via the illumined mind,Rays, 466:Action. Expression. The influence of the consecrated personality. The man who finally builds theSoul, 134:spiritual personalities who work with consecrated heart and brain and set their seal on worldTelepathy, 9:the centers of transmission wherein high and consecrated feeling, devotion, aspiration and love are
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