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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSEQUENT

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Astrology, 46:It concerns stimulation, and vitalization with a consequent coordination of the manifesting fires.Astrology, 117:of the form in its occult significance and the consequent release of the indwelling lives into aAstrology, 120:of the personality to soul impression and consequent stabilizing of the life on the physical plane.Astrology, 123:awakening of the Christ consciousness with the consequent dispute which that entails. Jonah standsAstrology, 131:the result of the reversal of the wheel and the consequent experiences, and after the triumph ofAstrology, 132:which is incident to proved discipleship and consequent readiness for initiation, the seeing of theAstrology, 146:and with the reaction of the man and his consequent enrichment through his response to theAstrology, 183:the power of balance which Libra wields and a consequent analysis of the effect of Libra in anAstrology, 232:balanced life wherein experiment is made and the consequent tipping of the Scales in one directionAstrology, 342:soul chose the path of earth life with all its consequent sacrifices and pains, in order to salvageAstrology, 348:same thing can be said of balanced activity and consequent fusion in all the signs. This analysisAstrology, 357:Through the medium of this interrelation and consequent intercourse, the three cosmic CrossesAstrology, 360:of the ordinary evolutionary process and the consequent waxing of the soul light and the waning ofAstrology, 368:conscious entity. He must achieve harmony with a consequent avoidance of all extremes. The sevenAstrology, 372:to the incoming Shamballa influences and the consequent evocation of the will aspect of man'sAstrology, 373:by their emergence into prominence and by the consequent removal of their originating sources andAstrology, 375:of life; it is this forging process, with its consequent clamor, which is going on at this time inAstrology, 451:It is the stimulation of the heart center with a consequent control of the solar plexus centerAstrology, 451:life. The awakening of the ajna center with the consequent and subsequent conscious control of theAstrology, 460:with the energy of a center of reception and its consequent qualification. [461] Its transmissionAstrology, 482:into the body of the "sacred planets" and the consequent establishing of a triangle of forceAstrology, 496:which, is the subjective and real Self and the consequent withdrawing from that which is theAstrology, 532:upon the triumph of the Forces of Light and the consequent victory of those who stand for humanAstrology, 546:the German people one of great tragedy. In the consequent struggle for that which is spirituallyAstrology, 572:are coming to realize (through suffering and its consequent reflection) that there is somethingAstrology, 584:of the lower nature to its impact and its consequent prostitution to selfish ends, as in the caseAstrology, 686:in our minds, owing to lack of information, and consequent misapprehension. Venus may have had muchAtom, 61:[61] of the central light or life, and the consequent disintegration of the form, and theAutobiography, 26:varied occasionally by spurts of rebellion and consequent punishment. As I have watched the life ofAutobiography, 248:intellectual capacity make these claims and the consequent harm which has ensued, lowering the ideaAutobiography, 252:broke and the entire world was hurled into, the consequent chaos, horror, disaster, death andAutobiography, 262:intricate process of divine creation, and the consequent manifestation of God, bring much mentalAutobiography, 276:will swing into rhythmic activity and consequent usefulness. All this will, however, happen becauseBethlehem, 36:essential and inner nature of humanity, with the consequent reorganization of world affairs and ofBethlehem, 54:appropriated has to be adapted to the needs of a consequent and strenuous life of service, andBethlehem, 60:threatened Massacre of the Innocents, and the consequent flight into a distant country (told alsoBethlehem, 81:and stability to the needed activity and to consequent relative and temporary uncertainty. This newBethlehem, 96:soul and body. Integration was complete, and the consequent illumination was made apparent to HisBethlehem, 196:its increasing sensitivity to divinity and its consequent recognition of the shortcomings and theBethlehem, 196:the development of the mind faculty, with its consequent aftermath of a developed conscience, aBethlehem, 217:are significant. The ignorance, helplessness and consequent maladjustment of human beings evokedBethlehem, 219:point of its capacity for realization and for consequent suffering. At the end, this tripleBethlehem, 223:which warrant our careful consideration, and our consequent consecration to the service of theBethlehem, 239:in man, the conviction of divinity and of man's consequent immortality seem to be inherent in theBethlehem, 240:and followed Him. (2) Self-knowledge, and the consequent admission of failure. The promise 'I willDestiny, 14:will be their reaction to this force and their consequent usefulness to the Lord of the World as HeDestiny, 46:at this time and its resultant idealism and consequent New Age concepts are playing upon theDestiny, 48:sequence. This is owing to the stimulation and consequent sensitizing of the form aspect throughDestiny, 77:energies and forces, and a study of the consequent interrelations should prove interesting to theDestiny, 114:of realization and then of reorientation. The consequent stimulation of the human consciousnessDestiny, 122:responsible for much deception of the masses and consequent mass delusion. White magic - as I wouldDestiny, 123:of attraction, of rebuilding and of a consequent renewed life manifestation. This is true of theDiscipleship1, 58:to the inner life of a brother disciple and the consequent fusion in the heart-mind-brain [59] ofDiscipleship1, 61:be brought about an inter-group relation and a consequent strengthening of the individual groups.Discipleship1, 72:fatigue which is incident to daily work and the consequent physical liabilities, there inevitablyDiscipleship1, 123:to polarize yourself in the mind nature, with consequent detachment from human touch andDiscipleship1, 148:elimination of non-essential activities (with a consequent intensification of the essential and aDiscipleship1, 230:and progressive realization and your [230] consequent capacity to meet all who seek your aid in aDiscipleship1, 247:but the understanding of the Plan and your consequent intelligent cooperation with that Plan. ButDiscipleship1, 249:on the Path; discovery of the goal and a consequent pledging of yourself to that goal; discovery ofDiscipleship1, 267:to share with you. My spiritual interest and its consequent effects in energy form are spread overDiscipleship1, 269:not the chance for an extreme effort with its consequent need to draw upon the full resources ofDiscipleship1, 280:of the mind and the intuition produces a consequent organization of spiritual faculty which worksDiscipleship1, 288:and with a more instantaneous alignment and its consequent results. Seek during the ensuing monthsDiscipleship1, 294:of contact and of service, carrying with it the consequent tests and new opportunities to aid andDiscipleship1, 331:a soul, on the power ray. You have, therefore, a consequent weakness in the mental polarization.Discipleship1, 344:and produce that psychological synthesis and a consequent physical healing, then much, very much,Discipleship1, 378:on this, for a successful understanding and a consequent application of my words will greatlyDiscipleship1, 384:The achievement of emotional detachment and consequent right use of subjective force is still aDiscipleship1, 395:and, at times, serious ill health, with its consequent reactions on the thought life and on theDiscipleship1, 409:intensely, and move and speak with too great a consequent rapidity. It is a real problem for meDiscipleship1, 430:Does it signify in my mind separation and consequent pain? Am I capable of seeing myself withDiscipleship1, 452:of the present conflict and world crisis and the consequent release of the new order. The third wayDiscipleship1, 496:can always be swept into dynamic usefulness and consequent good health by an act of the will, theDiscipleship1, 497:dangerous to you, and will have to offset the consequent satisfaction by the development of theDiscipleship1, 560:into your group of kindred souls, with a consequent grasp of group contacts and less interest inDiscipleship1, 575:a nature that it constitutes a real problem. The consequent influence and potency of the innerDiscipleship1, 578:may land yourself in the world of illusion and consequent futility. You have much to give, so giveDiscipleship1, 685:It is the same process of awakening and of consequent strife which disciples experience in theirDiscipleship1, 710:his growth in sensitivity and his subsequent and consequent growth in creativity - not theDiscipleship1, 710:its impact upon the world of men and the consequent later appearance of responsive organisms, inDiscipleship1, 725:the Master will be dealt with by me later. The consequent developing process of telepathicDiscipleship1, 748:the plane of every day living, thus leading to a consequent fusion. An Ashram or Master's group is,Discipleship1, 769:respond to partial aspects of the call and their consequent activity is spasmodic, based uponDiscipleship1, 780:or intellectual capacity make these claims and consequent harm has ensued, thus lowering the ideaDiscipleship1, 784:broke and the entire world was hurled into the consequent chaos, horror, disaster, death and agony,Discipleship2, 57:of the objective and subjective worlds and the consequent emergence of the fifth kingdom in nature.Discipleship2, 61:expansion of the Hierarchy as a whole, and the consequent reaction upon humanity, again as a whole,Discipleship2, 69:reacting to this inflow of energies, and with consequent conflict; with some of you it has producedDiscipleship2, 144:a month's realization and inspiration, plus the consequent service. Here are twelve words. Use oneDiscipleship2, 152:higher degree with the Spiritual Triad and the consequent result of a recognition of monadicDiscipleship2, 186:himself, learn the mode of approach and the consequent use of that "raincloud of knowable things"Discipleship2, 312:of the consciousness of the initiate, and the consequent condensation of truth, produce anDiscipleship2, 319:it; then, and only then, could he return for a consequent new hint. Today, this method is no longerDiscipleship2, 347:the particular initiation being undergone. The consequent reactions by the initiate, affecting hisDiscipleship2, 352:itself, producing right human relations and a consequent integration into the Hierarchy. This willDiscipleship2, 355:lies ahead of you as an individual, and the consequent revelation which will then be made to you,Discipleship2, 368:concentrated around the sense of sight, with its consequent effects and results of vision,Discipleship2, 392:progressive and is not dynamically imposed with consequent disastrous effects, are the primaryDiscipleship2, 432:in bringing about effective Polarization and a consequent spiritual stability. The disciple has to
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