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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSEQUENT

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Discipleship2, 451:of air to be indrawn or outbreathed and with the consequent physiological effects and their ethericDiscipleship2, 462:thus withdrawn by the soul, believing in its consequent and subsequent transmutation. (I wouldDiscipleship2, 463:intuition) with underlying soul purpose and a consequent ability to interpret and explain theDiscipleship2, 490:mental perception into an intuition, with its consequent expansion of [491] consciousness. You canDiscipleship2, 513:the needed steps which will bring release and a consequent moving forward, and the incarnationDiscipleship2, 515:watching of process, results in the centers and consequent activity. Let me be ambitious for you,Discipleship2, 531:this happening: Loving understanding and a consequent sacrifice of the life to humanity as a whole.Discipleship2, 536:help much by clear thinking upon this theme and consequent clear exposition. Ideas becomeDiscipleship2, 539:you to action, measure the nature of the consequent results as they worked out in your life, andDiscipleship2, 540:individual effect upon the ashramic group, the consequent display of creativity must and will lieDiscipleship2, 544:till now - after a period of inner wrestling and consequent decision - you have evaded the fullDiscipleship2, 586:the Ashram with which he may be affiliated and a consequent and in time almost automaticDiscipleship2, 600:there can be the breaking of such bonds, a consequent release and a subsequent entering into theDiscipleship2, 601:members a diagnosis of their racial coloring and consequent tendencies. Today I deal only with yourDiscipleship2, 606:Master. It would require too much adjustment and consequent delay in the work to be done,Discipleship2, 607:of the centers in the etheric body, and a consequent arresting of the work you are doing - andDiscipleship2, 646:brothers, you have the intelligent activity and consequent stimulation upon the physical plane ofDiscipleship2, 658:oriented and powerful astral body. The consequent interplay produces much of the glamor whichDiscipleship2, 735:Conflict controlling the mental body, hence consequent conflict and proffered opportunity, plus anDiscipleship2, 752:may come from a sense of inferiority and its consequent reaction of a carefully considered defenseDiscipleship2, 760:a younger and an older brother, resulting in a consequent close relationship, easy contact and aDiscipleship2, 760:consciousness of the Ashram, with subsequent and consequent results to the disciple. I would askDiscipleship2, 762:you at this particular time - implies; study the consequent effectiveness in contact (upward,Education, 29:technique, for a group bridging, leading to a consequent or subsequent group revelation. ThisEducation, 30:following manner as to the stages of growth and consequent ability to become the agent of everEducation, 102:has set before himself have been narrow, and the consequent effect of his teaching and of his workEducation, 113:the unknown, the desirable and the desired. The consequent determination and persistence whichEducation, 123:of the idealism of his fellow men and his consequent training in the spirit of inclusiveness. ThisEducation, 144:manifestation with its results of revelation and consequent changes. It should be remembered that:Externalisationactivity of the human mechanism, with a consequent effect upon the psychic nature, producing anExternalisation, 7:pure motive. Lest this widespread upheaval and consequent disaster to so many should seem to youExternalisation, 99:which has produced an existing situation, and a consequent freedom from criticism; it involves thatExternalisation, 118:deed. Only through pain, [118] error and consequent price-paying will this salutary stage beExternalisation, 148:elemental forces and subhuman agents, with the consequent evocation of active agents andExternalisation, 166:and death, resurrection and life, and the consequent salvation of the whole. It is this thoughtExternalisation, 215:individual rights; to end aggression and its consequent fear, and to throw the weight of theirExternalisation, 239:points which require careful consideration and consequent readjustment of the attitude of those whoExternalisation, 252:themselves in the present world situation, and a consequent release from definite action andExternalisation, 254:of world cleavage; it concerns right choice and consequent correct action for the group and isExternalisation, 268:the realization of an overpowering love and its consequent interplay and tendency to increaseExternalisation, 291:demand or massed appeal, and evokes response and consequent changes in the life activity, theExternalisation, 345:of the lower nature to its impact, and its consequent prostitution to selfish ends, as in the caseExternalisation, 402:East and in the West have crystallized and its consequent deterioration. It will be essential,Externalisation, 434:the distinction between good and evil, with a consequent presentation of free choice between theExternalisation, 450:under the direct influence of the Hierarchy. The consequent stimulation of both the selfish and theExternalisation, 460:relations. This attitude of responsibility and consequent activity may lead to mistakes, but in theExternalisation, 492:the entire three worlds of human evolution and a consequent activity of the Hierarchy. Man'sExternalisation, 496:of the form aspect. This destruction... and the consequent release of their imprisoned souls, is aExternalisation, 520:Hierarchy receives and transmits energies and consequent forces from Shamballa, with resultantExternalisation, 531:there can be a free interplay of thought and a consequent better hierarchical integrity and oneExternalisation, 536:direct to Humanity, without any transmission and consequent modifying of impact, as has also beenExternalisation, 547:them from the mass of imaginative thinking and consequent formulation of thought-forms whichExternalisation, 591:reappearance on earth in physical form, and the consequent materialization of the kingdom of GodExternalisation, 661:registration of the plans of the Christ, and the consequent development of that skill in actionExternalisation, 668:disruption, lack of established security, and consequent fear. The potency of these evil forces isFire, 52:in the final [52] purification of matter and its consequent adequacy; at the close of manifestationFire, 78:(demonstrating as the heat of the atom and its consequent activity) and the uniform evolution ofFire, 85:of the head of the radiant etheric body and the consequent disintegration of the physical. TheFire, 106:the cutting off of the source of supply, and the consequent atrophying and shrinkage of theFire, 109:to the thickening of some internal organ, and consequent undue pressure; one portion of the ethericFire, 125:rule and order), of the etheric web, and the consequent production of continuity of consciousnessFire, 157:from the aggregation of atoms into form, and the consequent interplay of the forms upon each other.Fire, 160:the first pull of attraction, and the [160] consequent setting up of a repulsion and thereforeFire, 160:by rotary movement of radiatory heat and the consequent interplay of bodies atomic. We areFire, 231:fire and fire by friction are fused, and the consequent solar fire blazes forth in radiant glory.Fire, 247:united effect of the two stimulations, producing consequent internal growth and development. AnFire, 255:globe is evolving. His evolution under Law and consequent development. His group relation. HisFire, 275:of the attraction of Spirit and Spirit, and the consequent withdrawal from form is that of theFire, 377:in our minds, owing to lack of information, and consequent misapprehension. Venus may have had muchFire, 441:the vitalization of the fifth spirilla and the consequent reflex action of the seventh, we may lookFire, 447:a setting loose of radioactive units, and a consequent accretion of knowledge by the scientist. InFire, 453:etheric levels into more active vibration, with consequent reflex action on the eye of man.Fire, 462:the segregating of the domestic animals, and the consequent play made upon the third spirilla inFire, 472:true method of contact is comprehended, and the consequent wisely utilized, muchFire, 475:from the development of etheric vision, and the consequent recognition of the devas. This changeFire, 486:developments in Atlantean days, and the consequent stultification of spiritual evolution for a timeFire, 491:of the positive burning center, and the consequent escape (through radioactivity) of the volatileFire, 499:of his causal body on cosmic levels, with a consequent reaction, repolarization and alignment ofFire, 516:building of the dense physical is the result of consequent automatic action in deva essence, for itFire, 524:groups, in their various subdivisions with their consequent effectual radiation become a factor inFire, 545:upon the other; it is this which produces the consequent perfection of unfoldment. It is neitherFire, 558:consciously to create on mental levels, and the consequent transmutation of his lower sex impulsesFire, 582:merges with his astral vehicle, establishing a consequent continuity of consciousness. ThisFire, 650:to a realization of their existence, and his consequent gradual domination of them. This dominationFire, 735:liquid and gaseous) dense physical body and the consequent "falling into corruption," and becomingFire, 784:each other produces an increase of heat, and a consequent demonstration of the spheroidal form, soFire, 795:lessened, and this stage will be paralleled by a consequent greater freedom from evil impulse ofFire, 802:through his vehicles, or lunar bodies, and his consequent willing recognition of the will-impulseFire, 808:brain of his divine nature, resulting in a consequent demonstration of divinity upon earth, priorFire, 810:from the physical plane to the mental, and a consequent solving through "knowledge, love, andFire, 836:deva substance is of many kinds and perhaps the consequent procedure can be more clearly understoodFire, 843:Atlantean times to the animal kingdom, and the consequent temporary cessation of the forming of anyFire, 908:effect much harm, evasion of the law, and consequent suffering can be seen. Owing, therefore, toFire, 959:following manner as to the stages of growth and consequent ability to become the agent of everFire, 977:greater precision. Second, any word spoken and consequent thought-form built (unless along theFire, 978:frequent causes of difficulty in group work and consequent arrest of the inflow of force from theFire, 1013:the construction of the etheric body, and the consequent physical manifestation. This point is butFire, 1019:of the desire or love aspect. The energy of the consequent thought form. There is no contradictionFire, 1022:in the spread of mental science, and the consequent ability of thinkers to acquire and to createFire, 1029:which causes the interplay - attraction and consequent repulsion - between all atoms, from the
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