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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSEQUENT

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Fire, 1065:of positive energy to each other, and with the consequent escape of a lesser positive force to itsFire, 1075:qualities. This is due to the coming in and consequent response to the magnetic vibration of aFire, 1177:of the human unit in the three worlds and the consequent negation of the form, For theFire, 1204:It concerns stimulation, and vitalization with a consequent coordination of the manifesting fires.Fire, 1215:atoms with these particular groups, and their consequent submergence in the interests of theFire, 1236:the occultist considers and works with) and the consequent production of objective manifestation.Glamour, 8:to the unfoldment of the intuition, with its consequent manifestation on the physical plane asGlamour, 11:First, the investigation of a symbol, and the consequent progress of the analyst from oneGlamour, 17:of your astral or emotional nature, with consequent and subsequent glamor. You will have toGlamour, 31:His problem becomes further complicated by his consequent distress and his deep disgust withGlamour, 36:If the disciple can make right alignment and consequent contact with his soul, the results show asGlamour, 49:its turn, an authoritative decision with all the consequent reactions upon the group... What isGlamour, 99:many agencies of mental instruction, with the consequent [100] growth of knowledge, wisdom andGlamour, 107:objective of its control by the soul, and the consequent merging of the conscious and theGlamour, 109:astral bodies, the victims of emotion and of consequent glamor. In the Atlantean race, the physicalGlamour, 175:and of intuitive understanding. This involves a consequent moving of the point of individual focusGlamour, 197:be distinguished by its mental polarization and consequent freedom from glamor; then illusion willGlamour, 204:of recognition, focusing, dissipation and consequent revelation goes on continually from the time aGlamour, 259:of mental breathing which will carry energy and consequent inspiration from sources without theHealing, 13:perception through the medium of form, and the consequent disintegration of that form, indicatesHealing, 15:may gain release from the form consciousness and consequent immunity from the victory of death andHealing, 18:predispose a person to certain illnesses and consequent death, or produce in him those conditionsHealing, 62:to prove that this abnormal development (and the consequent interest in this morbid tendency) isHealing, 63:who succumbed to this desire-satisfaction. A consequent study of sex magic, plus a constantHealing, 73:arising from over-stimulation and its consequent results of over-activity of the nervous system,Healing, 74:produce congestion in the etheric vehicle, and consequent and subsequent difficulties in theHealing, 84:understanding of force and its reception and consequent use, will right balance be achieved and theHealing, 95:of events in the psychological life and the consequent resultant activities: Disease is a form ofHealing, 115:life of the soul and block his contact and the consequent resulting inflow of soul energy. TheHealing, 125:and this brings him into the realm of glamor and consequent danger. He goes out in consciousnessHealing, 138:begins to weaken and in which the emphasis and consequent activity shifts into the centers aboveHealing, 157:relation of mankind to the Hierarchy, with the consequent response of man to the energy of love,Healing, 192:and dis-ease lead to much necessary trouble and consequent undesirable effects. These effects willHealing, 195:way from an emphasis upon the sex life, and consequent activity of the sacral center, to the goalHealing, 195:head center into activity. All this produces a consequent effect upon the surrounding tissue,Healing, 201:deficiency of vitality, lack of free flow and consequent lack [202] of development within the wholeHealing, 213:and the awakening of the basic center and its consequent fusion with the higher energies will be anHealing, 219:the withdrawal of attention from a center, with consequent effect upon the glandular system. ThisHealing, 233:is psychologically wrong in his attitudes and consequent actions, commits suicide just as truly asHealing, 239:wherein the cancer exists is over-active, with a consequent increase of energy pouring through theHealing, 239:not only to the activity of the center and its consequent radiation, but also the suppressionHealing, 249:race after the war cycle is over and after the consequent epidemic has spent itself. Humanity,Healing, 278:leading to the herd life of humanity and the consequent economic problem - to mention only one ofHealing, 284:of the life of the associated center, with a consequent definite effect upon the diseased area; orHealing, 300:called, is largely astral in nature, producing consequent physical ill health and the undesirableHealing, 341:veil of illusion is lit up at that time with a consequent result of hallucination, astral visions,Healing, 348:unduly potent, they produce acute disease and consequent death; when more feeble in effect, we callHealing, 352:and patience) en rapport with his soul and the consequent reorienting of the life to the eternalHealing, 388:surroundings, with family and friends, and the consequent result of renewed correct adjustments, anHealing, 414:vehicle from the dense physical body and the consequent "falling into corruption" and becomingHealing, 415:of the head of the radiant etheric body and the consequent disintegration of the [416] physical.Healing, 434:of substance in the three worlds and in his consequent ability to wield, with full understanding,Healing, 439:soul, death and the taking of a form and the consequent immersion of the life in the form, areHealing, 446:[446] forward; in the "fall of a leaf" and its consequent identification with the soil on which itHealing, 447:a new movement and momentum, an uprising and a consequent abstraction. The changes wrought in theHealing, 452:involutionary impulse. Repulsion of form and consequent form disintegration is the greatHealing, 470:body, with the subsequent abstraction and consequent dissipation of the etheric body, would beHealing, 502:the stages of modified disease and peaceful, consequent death, on to the other stages where deathHealing, 509:seek to produce this needed integration and a consequent life of service. Thus the aspirant canHealing, 560:there is a gap in their reasoning and a consequent fault in their [561] technique. This rendersHealing, 562:To a condition of great devitalization with a consequent and unavoidable ill health which attendsHealing, 569:its failure to respond produced the friction and consequent disease. Is it not possible that inHealing, 592:the more intense will be the conflict, with consequent physical conditions of a serious kind as aHealing, 595:of the substance of the centers, with consequent acute disease. The law forever holds good thatHealing, 631:in line with the injunction of the healer, and a consequent "display" of that energy in theHealing, 641:is overpowered in some particular area, and the consequent withdrawal of the solar life producesHealing, 673:levels, owing to complete liberation (and consequent poise) from all the influences and impulsesHercules, 18:pull towards things vital and divine, and the consequent inner warfare which grows out of thisHercules, 32:form nature. Then this urge is followed by the consequent urge to create, that activity of theHercules, 161:Right use of thought, restraint of speech, and consequent harmlessness on the physical plane,Initiation, 52:Master, lies responsibility for results and the consequent karma. The method of procedure isInitiation, 82:and in the attempt is prepared for the consequent suffering. He is the man who counts all thingsInitiation, 142:from one force center to another there is a consequent diminution in the center of withdrawal. ThisIntellect, 33:physical condition and many other factors. The consequent standard of values will have to beIntellect, 41:of the intellect. This final emancipation, and consequent transfer of the center of consciousnessIntellect, 54:the Whole, and it is this relation and its consequent recognitions, which develop into that senseIntellect, 121:perception and sensuous apprehension, with their consequent rationalizings and the institution of aIntellect, 156:the love nature at the feet of the Beloved, and consequent ecstasy. Afterwards, if we are toMagic, 14:impossible and unverifiable is rejected and a consequent clarifying of the fields of thoughtMagic, 15:thinking, the focusing of the attention, and consequent receptivity to truth have always been withMagic, 107:in the consciousness and then dismissed) the consequent stimulation produces a reaction of theMagic, 120:consideration of a brother's enterprise and a consequent jealous tendency, or upon a placidMagic, 136:forces of reconstruction to other channels, the consequent withholding of opportunities and theMagic, 139:new force coming in with the new cycle and the consequent bringing together in wide synthesis ofMagic, 148:the phenomenal world, as the result of use and consequent satiety, [149] and the gradual use of theMagic, 159:of the thought-form, by its creator, and its consequent energizing into independent life andMagic, 205:personality by the soul. This will lead to the consequent and subsequent [206] guided activity ofMagic, 236:The response of the astral elementals and the consequent ebb and flow of the waters. The dangers ofMagic, 264:made and transferred, of mutation ceaseless and consequent agony. Ideals are transcended only to beMagic, 274:so potent as to cause precipitation, and the consequent appearance of the desired form ofMagic, 276:is the objective of the Hierarchy, with all the consequent implications. Note these words. The needMagic, 299:The sense of imprisonment, of limitation, and of consequent inadequacy. In these factors, growingMagic, 318:the settled harmony of life and leads to [318] consequent discomfort. It is not the harmlessness ofMagic, 324:and become active in this work of contact and consequent transmission of energy; if therefore theMagic, 327:the why and how of those miracles [327] with the consequent skepticism or agnosticism will give wayMagic, 327:of chaos and of questioning, of rebellion and consequent apparent license. The methods of science,Magic, 374:produces constant changes in realization and a consequent constant reorientation to a new state ofMagic, 393:its sacrifice eventually to group good, with a consequent merging of the self in the one Self andMagic, 437:of years certain types of energy and their consequent qualifying effects on substance and form haveMagic, 457:will be the finally furnished building and the consequent form, which will confine within the
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