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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSEQUENT

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Magic, 496:according to the point in evolution and the consequent development of the mechanism. That mechanismMagic, 527:humanity with the purposes of God and produce consequent effects in the world of phenomena. TheMagic, 609:end in view of furthering hierarchical plans and consequent usefulness to humanity. When this powerMagic, 637:at this time) is that of mental pride and consequent inability to work in group formation. TheMeditation, 19:It is the study of the law and the consequent comprehension by the man of how that law is wieldedMeditation, 36:largely a matter of increased fire or heat, and consequent intensification of vibratory capacity.Meditation, 42:resulting in an increase of white magic, and the consequent resultant, on the physical plane, ofMeditation, 58:which results in the divine outpouring, and the consequent shattering of the forms and subsequentMeditation, 68:sounding of the Word, to record and tabulate the consequent geometrical forms, to note its effectMeditation, 81:of occult meditation upon the centers and their consequent vivification, positing a meditationMeditation, 94:a working from the periphery inwards, and a consequent centralization. Having achieved that [95]Meditation, 104:a suffusion of the blood [104] vessels and a consequent strain upon the delicate brain tissue. ThisMeditation, 179:such as is at present abroad - leads to pain and consequent reaction and must be guarded againstMeditation, 230:they cause a change of vibration somewhat or a consequent change of coloring or of quality. If aMeditation, 236:hindered by the low rate of vibration and consequent heaviness of color of the majority of theMeditation, 321:size of the schools will greatly vary and the consequent plant will vary likewise... The buildingsMeditation, 344:the immediate point of world attainment, and a consequent throwing of the total of one's resourcesPatanjali, 78:upon the method of sane wholesome living and its consequent result - a sound physical body. LaterPatanjali, 139:involutionary impulse. Repulsion of form and consequent form disintegration is the greatPatanjali, 186:many tendencies towards pleasure seeking with consequent satisfaction of the desire nature andPatanjali, 192:lead a man to a knowledge of his real self and consequent union with that self involves a triplePatanjali, 203:mind control with a view to soul-contact and the consequent control of the lower psychic powers,Patanjali, 206:is allied with one or other of the five senses, Consequent correct reaction of the sense organs toPatanjali, 206:circles; it involves "a turning round" with its consequent temporary turmoil, but eventualPatanjali, 210:response of the soul will be effective and the consequent reactions within the etheric centers willPatanjali, 219:hence the cleansing of the blood currents and consequent physical health. 2. The bringing of thePatanjali, 222:the premature awakening of the fire, and the consequent destruction of certain protectivePatanjali, 223:of the rhythm of the two bodies and the consequent unity of the entire lower man through attentionPatanjali, 232:the man from the limitations of the bodies. The consequent ability of the soul or ego to impressPatanjali, 305:its development in the Atlantean race and the consequent coordination and growth of the astral orProblems, 147:shall have the restoration of the Mysteries, the consequent realization that the Kingdom of God isPsychology1, 4:appearance in the kingdoms of nature, and the consequent stage of awareness (the state ofPsychology1, 22:awareness of its material development and consequent adequacy of expression, and also awareness ofPsychology1, 95:together in a general soul awareness, and a consequent group consciousness will permit them to seePsychology1, 176:widespread illiteracy of the races, and their consequent easy exploitation and control by thePsychology1, 198:steady orientation towards understanding, and a consequent gravitation towards the forms of lifePsychology1, 268:we designate the sex function. We shall see consequent changes in the attitude of man towards thisPsychology1, 270:a universal practice. This would lead to the consequent dominance of the animal world and anPsychology1, 279:been latent are now becoming potent. The consequent world reaction is, in the initial stages,Psychology1, 282:possess in the material sense, with all the evil consequent upon this attitude, and the resultingPsychology1, 291:to personal ends and ambitions, and to consequent disaster, just as we have seen the power of sexPsychology1, 292:to personal satisfaction and selfishness and consequent disaster. Some few, however, are raisingPsychology1, 303:as would be the result of their removal and the consequent inauguration of a cycle ofPsychology1, 304:and longer still before the pain and suffering consequent upon our mistakes and on the misuse ofPsychology1, 349:for instance, which mark the decline and consequent uselessness of the various schools of thoughtPsychology1, 377:in order to produce its intensification and its consequent and subsequent [378] radiation, so that,Psychology1, 381:sequence. This is owing to the stimulation and consequent sensitizing of the form aspect throughPsychology1, 389:also making its presence felt, and we have the consequent interest shown in the phenomena and truthPsychology1, 407:the personality is an externalization, and a consequent attachment to the form side ofPsychology2, 11:understanding of the underlying reasons, and the consequent blind following of leaders, will onlyPsychology2, 52:- the appropriation of the mental body, with consequent intellectual unfoldment. In the coming racePsychology2, 88:impulse, leading to a defined activity, with its consequent and subsequent results and effects. ItPsychology2, 103:The evocation of the group consciousness. The consequent negation of pain and sorrow. Entrance intoPsychology2, 163:the law of the divine will makes its impact and consequent impression, differ so widely. ThePsychology2, 166:through riotous living. This was followed by consequent satiety and loss of contentment, and thenPsychology2, 172:soul, death and the taking of a form and the consequent immersion of the life in the form, arePsychology2, 173:carried forward. In the "fall of a leaf" and its consequent identification with the soil on whichPsychology2, 240:upon the clearer vision of Deity and upon the consequent continuity of God's plan and purpose whichPsychology2, 270:the personality, and it produces in time a consequent recognition upon the part of man. b. ThePsychology2, 288:or another of his vehicles into alignment and consequent control. It will be observed that the raysPsychology2, 298:what they think may be their own rays and the consequent ray effect in their lives, and thus drawPsychology2, 315:center or of the throat center, and occasioning consequent difficulty. Much of the thyroidPsychology2, 327:but it accounts for human experience and consequent attitudes in the three major groupings. It isPsychology2, 340:race. The awakening of the head center, with the consequent arousing of the kundalini fire at thePsychology2, 342:of: Successive incarnations. The impulse and consequent activity of desire. The interpretation ofPsychology2, 344:aspirant to the point of a sensed duality, of consequent struggle, and of a hardly achievedPsychology2, 369:result in the shattering of the form and the consequent uselessness of the man in service. If allPsychology2, 405:the problems of inherited diseases, with consequent crippling of the individual. With this thirdPsychology2, 407:sublimation of the instinctual nature) and the consequent recognition of the higher ideas andPsychology2, 422:thus eliminating impossible goals and the consequent inevitable frustration. When this part of thePsychology2, 432:of the centers, and through the subsequent and consequent development of the human responsePsychology2, 449:to emphasize it. In these times of crisis and consequent opportunity, it is essential that menPsychology2, 454:out of the higher psychic unfoldment, with consequent sensitivity to Guidance Cooperation with thePsychology2, 469:them on others and to invoke their aid (with consequent criticism if this aid is withheld) for thePsychology2, 514:the over-stimulation of the throat center, with consequent evil effects upon the thyroid gland -Psychology2, 528:Objective - The understanding of the Plan and consequent cooperation with it. Then comes the thirdPsychology2, 532:plexus (instead of sacral disturbances) and consequent gastric trouble and an unwholesomePsychology2, 540:by its practically exclusive use, and by the consequent inflow of forces from the astral plane, toPsychology2, 540:powerful of all the centers) and through the consequent flowing in of astral forces of every kind -Psychology2, 541:with its recognition of the group life and consequent group responsibility. This today is rapidlyPsychology2, 541:that the awakening of the heart center and its consequent group recognitions must be expressed inPsychology2, 548:the physical area governed by the center, with consequent congestion, inflammation, and usuallyPsychology2, 553:but is not adequately used and there is a [553] consequent congestion and similar consequences.Psychology2, 594:of the distribution and of the flow, and the consequent radiance of the body steadily increases.Psychology2, 595:over-stimulation of the heart center (with the consequent appearance of various forms of heartPsychology2, 612:of the life forces in the body and their consequent "enlightenment and energizing", men will bePsychology2, 654:objective is the growth of the group idea with a consequent general emphasis upon group good, groupPsychology2, 659:the usefulness of those lines of thought and consequent methods which will eventually bring aboutPsychology2, 670:wrecking of the institutions of the past, with consequent chaos and disaster, despair andPsychology2, 704:sense) is to intensify the activity and the consequent potency of that hidden power. By thusPsychology2, 734:of the heart centers of the members, and the consequent urge to go forth into the world of dailyPsychology2, 734:to divinity, and the subsequent and consequent downflow of spiritual life [735] into theRays, 32:influence. These intrusive influences and their consequent effects which are produced upon anRays, 131:name of the Hierarchy. It is illumination and consequent organization which is needed profoundly atRays, 143:as a symptom, a reaction to the meeting and consequent fusion of spirit and matter. Therefore,Rays, 145:premature direct contact with humanity, and of consequent over-stimulation, is great. One of theRays, 146:of thought and new approaches to truth and consequent new and better ways of life are presentedRays, 164:a new movement and momentum, an uprising and a consequent abstraction. The changes wrought in theRays, 172:to formulate concepts to interpret the consequent and resultant state of being. "IdentificationRays, 215:that it concerns the fourth initiation and the consequent destruction of the [216] causal body -
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