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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSEQUENT

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Rays, 246:by an appreciation of the plan, followed by a consequent cooperation with that Plan. All this willRays, 254:ten) minor Full Moons each year. This leads to a consequent relation being established between theRays, 259:spheres and states of divine awareness, with a consequent life demonstration of this fact, thisRays, 264:and then through attraction to the soul and a consequent resolution of the dualities of soul andRays, 284:salvaging Achieving ashramic purpose and consequent group activity Manifesting ray energyRays, 330:to which humanity has been subjected (with a consequent purifying effect which will demonstrateRays, 335:reappearance upon the physical plane and the consequent life of service (involving factors ofRays, 394:to take over the headship of an Ashram, with a consequent admittance of many disciples to theRays, 394:of the other planetary centers and the consequent demonstration of divine intention. The basicRays, 419:particular cycle and at every stage of growth, consequent upon the response of substance toRays, 424:rapid development of mankind, with its consequent stepping up of the qualities of disciples, is theRays, 439:of high voltage spiritual ambition, with their consequent limitations and moments of sensed failureRays, 459:the personality to the Spiritual Triad, with consequent monadic realization and the opening up toRays, 470:and nation. It is this invocation, and the consequent evocation, which eventually relate soul andRays, 473:will come apprehension of the truth and that consequent energizing which always comes when anyRays, 478:of the three aspects of the personality, and the consequent awareness of the Son of Mind or soul.Rays, 485:can but outline to you process and method and a consequent hope for the future; on your side, youRays, 522:training given in preparation for them, and the consequent expansions of consciousness, reveal toRays, 537:certain major points of successive fusions, with consequent points of tension; [538] these pointsRays, 563:whereby successive integrations - attended by consequent expansions of consciousness - becomeRays, 596:country, those guilty of financial greed and consequent aggressiveness. Before humanity can passRays, 617:of all disciples and initiates, and the consequent stimulation of their natures and of theirRays, 629:inevitably lead to a rapid development, with a consequent assumption of power, a growing incentiveRays, 669:negative personality and the positive soul, with consequent creativity upon the higher planes. OfRays, 689:transmission, for the stepping down and for the consequent safe distribution of energy to theRays, 697:who makes this renunciation and undergoes the consequent crucifixion is in a position to say withRays, 741:Great Renunciation (see pages 602-614) and its consequent revelation or (as the Christian churchesRays, 750:and [750] in deprivation; this has led to a consequent understanding participation in humanReappearance, 16:essentially one world. His reappearance and His consequent work cannot be confined to one smallReappearance, 69:it is in the field of long past experience. The consequent point of tension is now controlling theReappearance, 73:this climaxing point of spiritual crisis and its consequent decision, a point of tension wasReappearance, 111:of Peace and of the Avatar of Synthesis - the consequent outpouring potency of the Christ will beReappearance, 160:are confronted with the choice of acceptance and consequent responsibility, or with rejection ofReappearance, 160:or with rejection of the idea and the consequent realization that we are not concerned. What weTelepathy, 68:all races. This indicates soul contact and the consequent awakening of group consciousness, forTelepathy, 96:recognition of points of tension and their consequent expansion into magnetic auras or areas,Telepathy, 105:the descent of the higher impression and of the consequent clarification of the theme of hisTelepathy, 126:passing through the phase of human effort and consequent experience, or else it has moved out ofTelepathy, 133:the time between these centers and producing a consequent evocation of impressing energies. InTelepathy, 141:to govern the mass of human reactions and their consequent daily life expression. Hence theTelepathy, 172:of the center below the diaphragm and the consequent stimulation of that which lies above that
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