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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSEQUENTLY

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Externalisation, 263:factual influence along which They can move and consequently contact the Earth. Ponder on this andExternalisation, 275:in relation to human problems. Conditions will consequently be brought about and energies will beExternalisation, 278:of matter and material circumstance, and can consequently work against so-called peace. Externalisation, 304:life objective is the will-to-good. These are consequently the Members of the Hierarchy, theExternalisation, 335:is the great attractive magnetic force, and will consequently draw to itself all that is needed atExternalisation, 346:can learn how to invoke and evoke it. You can consequently see why there was more than the casualExternalisation, 351:strong and adequately focused. It will consequently be a reciprocal process of invocation andExternalisation, 355:universal condition. The freedom of the world is consequently largely dependent upon those peopleExternalisation, 360:Men are being rapidly disillusioned and will consequently see more clearly. The world glamor isExternalisation, 391:by the spiritual purpose and to proceed, consequently, along the path of evolution. Externalisation, 427:hence her triumphant march forward. You have, consequently, in the world today: 1. The Forces ofExternalisation, 456:the will-to-live and the will-to-good. It will consequently be foundational, and will guarantee theExternalisation, 470:has been permitted to sidestep understanding; consequently, for centuries, the emphasis has beenExternalisation, 578:create a new intuitional consciousness and - consequently - a changing political consciousness andExternalisation, 651:totalitarianism or for any imposed regime (and consequently an evil unity), and those who stand forExternalisation, 657:the next fifty years - express itself. Here, consequently, lies the fundamental problem confrontingExternalisation, 658:potencies on earth. The task of all disciples is consequently to promote wisdom, and this they mustExternalisation, 693:energy into contact with substance, and consequently with matter, is the unique work of the seventhFire, 118:subplanes of the cosmic physical plane, we can consequently see the reason for the emphasis laid byFire, 126:of the fires has been brought forward, and consequently we have brought to our notice the dangersFire, 182:[182] through the action of kundalini; it is consequently increasing the vibratory capacity of theFire, 272:astral and the physical. The buddhic plane is consequently the fourth cosmic ether. The HeavenlyFire, 314:in the system is necessarily etheric. We are consequently dealing literally with physical phenomenaFire, 322:or merge in their opposite pole, and are consequently again lost. This results in: Synthesis.Fire, 324:is embodying the same type of force, and is consequently of the same polarity. Fire, 334:manas and not through wisdom. His cycles are consequently soon run, and gone like a flash in theFire, 355:a cell or lesser life. Certain mysteries arise consequently for our consideration which areFire, 357:of System I. Secondly, each Heavenly Man is consequently the embodiment of a particular kind ofFire, 362:our scheme being the fourth in order, there is consequently a moment of special opportunityFire, 368:scheme being in its fifth round) its humanity is consequently further advanced than ours, and canFire, 384:career upon the cosmic Path of Initiation, and consequently is to take the fourth Initiation inFire, 392:forces, triumphed over material forms, and was consequently in a position - when the right timeFire, 401:and along certain destined paths. It is consequently karmic impulse, originating cause, andFire, 423:the Mahachohan being primarily along this line. Consequently the four lesser Rays of AttributeFire, 435:causal body is found. The fifth spirilla will, consequently, become active and the electricalFire, 440:being, but along more adequate lines. It will consequently be apparent how the knowledge of theseFire, 441:the fifth root-race and the fifth subrace, and consequently the opportunity is great. In all thatFire, 450:within the conscious form. It will consequently be seen that the utterance of sound along the lineFire, 463:refined, more finely attuned to vibration, and consequently more fitted to express essentialFire, 467:sure. This Ray of Ceremonial Magic will consequently have a very profound effect upon the physicalFire, 494:to harness or guide it and all their labor has consequently been lost. Third. Inability to controlFire, 506:the subject of "Fire by friction." It will consequently be apparent that, in considering theFire, 508:subplanes of the physical body of the Logos. Consequently when in the process of evolution, andFire, 554:become more powerful, and their effects can consequently be studied more easily. It is not possibleFire, 603:itself, and our knowledge of His nature is consequently limited by our close perspective, andFire, 608:system is the physical sheath of the Logos and consequently the most easily cognized, for the LogosFire, 639:activity of dense matter. Hence there is consequently a profound truth in the [640] statement thatFire, 641:forms of all the kingdoms of nature, and consequently with the kundalini fire at the base of theFire, 661:the vehicle of the great deva, the plane, is consequently stronger than in the other two cases, andFire, 666:three manifesting through the fourth; we have consequently the spheres of the planetary Logoi uponFire, 672:involutionary matter or deva substance. Consequently, the correspondence of the mystic marriage ofFire, 673:conditions (existing within the body logoic and consequently being part of the divineFire, 692:the process of the incarnating ego. What do we consequently find? First of all, impulse, or theFire, 693:is stored up in the permanent atoms, and we are consequently dealing here with that consciousness;Fire, 706:petal of a planetary Logos on His Own plane and consequently with the activity of the fifthFire, 715:a transmitter of force and his work is consequently threefold: To provide a threefold vehicleFire, 756:this force, and thus become vitalized by it, and consequently available for service. The reactionFire, 773:lotus bud, has reached the lotus petals, and has consequently vibrated in deva substance, or inFire, 774:flow of egoic energy is towards the lower, and consequently away from the higher. There is at thisFire, 800:Own plane, as He works out His Own plans, and consequently sweeps into activity the cells of HisFire, 843:It also had an effect upon the solar Angels, and consequently upon the Heart of the solar systemFire, 849:"keys," the group tones and colors. It will consequently be apparent to the careful student that inFire, 930:He sees and knows the deva forces and can consequently work with them intelligently. Some he willFire, 951:natures, the thoughts and desires of men are consequently purified and refined. The solar fires putFire, 972:a layer of substance of astral matter, and is consequently enabled to function on the astral planeFire, 973:the two, and the myriads of thought forms consequently produced of a low order and vibration areFire, 974:form for service, he is occultly looking, and consequently energizing; he begins to use the thirdFire, 975:proper form, or is ever duly energized. They are consequently surrounded by a dense cloud ofFire, 976:is found in his bodies; the correspondence consequently holds good. Once the thought form has beenFire, 1068:conductive faculty, a releasing agent; and they consequently cause what we call burns. These burnsFire, 1096:not therefore regard as a principle. It will, consequently, be apparent that there is aFire, 1098:four lower subplanes of the mental plane, and consequently the life [1099] of the individual unitsFire, 1099:subplane of the cosmic mental plane, including consequently the remaining three subplanes. ThatFire, 1108:subplane of the cosmic physical plane. It is, consequently, transcended the moment a man begins toFire, 1120:plane becomes more active and the egoic lotus is consequently unfolding with greater rapidity, theFire, 1156:will be apparent that the past solar system has consequently a close relation to the third orFire, 1173:the stage of self-consciousness. It has consequently a vital connection with the human kingdom, andFire, 1255:system is one of the fourth order. There is consequently a relation between these two numbers bothFire, 1262:which exists only in etheric matter. It is consequently ignored by astronomers, though itsGlamour, xi:cells in the human brain are still dormant and, consequently, that the average human being usesGlamour, 7:brought about, the inflow of the intuition and, consequently, of illumination and truth becomesGlamour, 10:- Certain Preliminary Clarifications We have consequently the following stages in the analysis of aGlamour, 31:are producing so much of the world unrest, and consequently so much of the world illusion. What isGlamour, 57:produces indefiniteness of outline and consequently of the final form. Therefore we have: ImperfectGlamour, 57:of the proposed thought-form. The wrong material consequently attracted for the building of theGlamour, 76:anything to show and evoke this sentiment, and consequently to be more comfortable in one's ownGlamour, 84:influence of glamor and be of greater service consequently to your fellowmen. I have endeavored toGlamour, 88:and exhausted and much energy expended. Much was consequently clarified. Many people are occupiedGlamour, 116:glamors of which the disciple becomes aware are consequently of five types of force. These, whenGlamour, 129:processes of the individual or of the race and consequently to produce the limitation of theGlamour, 130:limits and imprisons the man. A good idea may consequently become an illusion with great facilityGlamour, 131:reaction which immediately feeds desire and consequently shifts off the mental plane on to theGlamour, 133:and activities; they feed his desire nature and consequently assume undue importance, creating aGlamour, 147:possibly vision; the individual point of view is consequently so limited that constructiveGlamour, 161:universal condition. The freedom of the world is consequently largely dependent upon those peopleGlamour, 167:Men are being rapidly disillusioned and will consequently see more clearly. The world glamor isGlamour, 173:that which has been transmitted and it is consequently a sin (if you care for that word) of theGlamour, 178:occultism should have in mind. It is essential consequently that the masses are taught theGlamour, 213:work upon the problem of glamor. You can see, consequently, that what I am outlining is relativelyGlamour, 224:and there clothe them with glamor and have [224] consequently a double problem upon their hands;
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