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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSEQUENTLY

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Glamour, 240:then more real than the truth they veil, and consequently control man's approach to Reality.Glamour, 251:rhythm of the developed human being, and present consequently an instrument to the soul throughGlamour, 263:etheric force or by the veils of maya. He works consequently from a point of intense concentration;Glamour, 264:and with a developed sense of values; he can consequently dispel illusion. He will be able toHealing, 12:the subjective and the objective realities. Consequently, spirit and matter are not freely relatedHealing, 29:diseases are of a group [29] nature, and are consequently inherent in humanity itself. Just as theHealing, 38:is great. Over-stimulation of the centers, and consequently of the glands, could easily be broughtHealing, 61:tendency is therefore of greater extent, and consequently (if statistics can be trusted) more menHealing, 65:this life, demonstrate as disease. You will note consequently the emphasis I have laid upon theHealing, 76:a mechanism for intake and for outlet. There is consequently a curious and intimate relationHealing, 83:the right functioning of the five senses and consequently providing five major points of contactHealing, 86:vagus nerve with its effect upon the heart and consequently upon the blood stream. All these pointsHealing, 94:finally solve this difficult problem. We cannot consequently affirm that disease, as a generalHealing, 95:of consciousness which leads to wrong rhythms. Consequently, I repeat that disease is not theHealing, 95:to materialize the plans, etc. The life becomes consequently embittered. Disease then appears inHealing, 100:between the healer and the patient. There is consequently some real [101] danger in this work ofHealing, 118:to the existing condition, and the man is consequently brought to an understanding of hisHealing, 119:so call him) is taught to take his eyes, and consequently his attention, away from himself, hisHealing, 122:him. Hence his environment is affected, and consequently his own reciprocal action. It should beHealing, 127:of the man centered in his desires and consequently in the solar plexus center) is giving place toHealing, 129:the new order, with free circulation and with a consequently intended freedom of humanity from theHealing, 141:principle to all parts of the body. There are consequently four major agents of distribution to beHealing, 169:effect upon the ajna center. There are, consequently, two important triangles to consider: [170]Healing, 172:will then be polarized in the ajna center. It is consequently a most disturbing center in the body,Healing, 196:the entire physical body. The nadis, and consequently the network of nerves, are related primarilyHealing, 198:below the diaphragm over-active, you have consequently, whole areas of the body where the nadis areHealing, 204:he is endeavoring to heal. He must remember, consequently, three factors: The centers, theirHealing, 208:making undesirable tendencies powerful. We might consequently lay down the premise (one which theHealing, 208:as it is expressed by a Master of the Wisdom can consequently be directly traced to His fullHealing, 217:in the etheric or vital body and the man is consequently entirely conditioned by hisHealing, 219:ray type is more easily ascertained, involving consequently a more correct determination of theHealing, 230:of consciousness; the etheric body became consequently more potent [231] (a fact not oftHealing, 234:but now have involved the blood stream and consequently the entire organism of the human body. MuchHealing, 234:which you have not earned or needed, and which consequently is not rightfully yours, is not worthHealing, 238:their nature and qualities, is admitted and they consequently become the objective of trainedHealing, 243:stream or with the nervous system. They are consequently impossible to trace or isolate, becauseHealing, 250:present upon our planet on a large scale, and consequently my emphasis will not be upon theHealing, 250:have been laid away in the ground; that soil is consequently impregnated with the germs and [251]Healing, 273:operation as it may affect the etheric body and (consequently) the nervous system through theHealing, 289:for the present earthly situation. We have, consequently, simply pushed the causes of present dayHealing, 292:- such a heavy load of karmic ill. [292] It is consequently quite impossible in the scope of thisHealing, 307:within the center itself, and therefore and consequently, upon the gland. It is inhibited, eitherHealing, 311:of group karma. The difficulty of the matter is consequently great. There must be, as you perceive,Healing, 341:astral bodies of all people. Its influence is consequently more potent at the time of the full moonHealing, 343:of forces varies in its arrangement and consequently in its outer effect not only [344] accordingHealing, 345:which will produce harmony within, and consequently and equally, harmonious relations without. IHealing, 348:attention will be elsewhere and there will consequently be no furious desire to suppress.Healing, 357:who are in contact with their souls and who are consequently decentralized; they are "off theHealing, 408:physical body and the etheric vehicle. We have consequently, when considering the death of a humanHealing, 432:in no way identified with form life, they have consequently a just appreciation of the relativeHealing, 433:which we call death [433] in the usual sense; consequently death is a process of at-one-ment. CouldHealing, 435:relatively few people are soul-conscious, and consequently most men remain unaware of the "occultHealing, 450:by the central Cause, and the injunction is consequently: "This they must bring about by theHealing, 454:head of these two streams of energy, producing consequently complete loss of consciousness andHealing, 461:succumbed to disease and the physical body is consequently weakened, such restorative exercises areHealing, 465:body and the mental apparatus. You will see consequently why, earlier in this treatise, I made theHealing, 487:quiescent within each human form, and there was consequently no attractive "pull" from the mentalHealing, 489:power to a greatly enhanced extent, and produce consequently such an [490] expansion ofHealing, 495:an interlude between incarnations and that they consequently face two great experiences: A momentHealing, 550:of the etheric body of the planet, and consequently of man. Healing, 552:more advanced type and the task of the healer consequently harder. He will have, very frequently,Healing, 586:and more people take initiation. The purpose, consequently, for the very existence of the fourthHealing, 594:or he is the victim of devitalization (producing consequently many forms of physical ills) as theHealing, 600:has been turned towards the healing art and consequently towards contact with patients; owing toHealing, 605:and if some of the surplus energy should consequently be driven out or abstracted, or whether thereHealing, 616:four qualities of this aspect to humanity, and consequently to the other kingdoms in nature - theHealing, 617:will condition the etheric body and control, consequently, the activities of the physical vehicle.Healing, 621:and on the new concepts and ideas which consequently impinge upon your mind. But the true resultsHealing, 645:these three are essential and explanatory. Much consequently depends upon the knowledge, theHealing, 655:aided in the work it has to do. The healer will consequently find it necessary to stand at thatHealing, 657:healer's aura, flooded with soul energy." It is consequently a question of the soul energy of bothHealing, 659:deals with the relation of love and will, and is consequently of high importance to the initiate. IHealing, 674:all phenomena are the ephemeral effects. This, consequently, enables Him to understand the Purpose,Healing, 681:the threefold personality. This might consequently result in leaving the form uninformed andHealing, 685:differences serves to bring illumination, and consequently, right action. The sphere of instinct.Healing, 700:through two centers simultaneously. We will not consequently consider more than the relation of theHealing, 700:ray Ashram; also that they are disciples, and consequently their rays are apparent and obvious toHercules, 34:Sign of the Mind Aries governs the head. It is consequently the sign of the thinker and, therefore,Hercules, 34:arbiter of his own destiny.... It is apparent, consequently, that in Aries right direction andHercules, 67:being, and bring in a new age and a new world. Consequently, new difficulties and problems ariseHercules, 158:has to do. We control our thoughts and consequently control our words. There is no initiation forInitiation, 96:No planet increases its store of force, and consequently its sphere of influence, without incurringInitiation, 106:forms are destroyed and the imprisoned life consequently set free. At stated periods in the yearInitiation, 126:of his own Planetary Logos takes place, and consequently he (as a cellular body) receives an addedInitiation, 158:an entire plane within a planetary scheme, and consequently the matter of those planes which areInitiation, 164:nature of some particular Planetary Logos, and consequently gives the clue to the characteristicsIntellect, 42:Asia have been neglected, and the system, consequently, (from the angle of racial development),Magic, 39:of the form in which it is found and there are consequently forms which are highly responsive toMagic, 46:upon and produce changes in our solar system and consequently upon our planet and upon all formsMagic, 58:by it. He has also suffered from it and consequently in time revolted, through utter satiety, fromMagic, 80:unreal, the self from the not-self. Then ensues, consequently, a period that must be surmountedMagic, 103:which seem to vitalize the personality, leading consequently to right action. Magic, 117:love in its occult significance. He spends and consequently receives; he lives the life ofMagic, 202:swayed strongly by his physical forces and lives consequently the life of an animal. Or he isMagic, 263:and builds anew from the beginning, and alters consequently his key, it results in dissonance inMagic, 304:conveyed information to themselves and suffer consequently. Magic, 342:great a demand upon the emotional nature, and consequently again upon the physical. Too great aMagic, 343:soul and, via the soul, with the egoic group and consequently with the Master. It must never beMagic, 373:of the ethers from this very stimulation are consequently hastening forward in evolution andMagic, 374:the majority of men when they pass over and consequently much work on the greatest number can
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