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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSEQUENTLY

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Psychology2, 461:is all of which the man is aware at this time. Consequently, the brain and all the physical planePsychology2, 474:is naturally of a very high order. It is, consequently, most deceptive in its effects. Vast cosmicPsychology2, 491:he has established contact, and there is consequently [492] a indirect channel of communicationPsychology2, 499:be reached and trained, and where the soul can consequently impress the brain, via the mind. IfPsychology2, 512:sustenance available for their helping. They are consequently depleted, full of fear, and unable toPsychology2, 527:- Problems of Disciples and Mystics There are, consequently, two points to be borne in mind as wePsychology2, 530:pathological trouble as well. You have to note consequently, the series of - transference,Psychology2, 536:that people refrain from marriage and there is consequently [537] the lack of opportunity to usePsychology2, 538:dangers. These definitely affect the spine and consequently all the nerves which branch out in allPsychology2, 545:up, involving the physical body. In the turmoil consequently evoked by these clashing forces whichPsychology2, 555:power. This center controls the pineal gland and consequently certain areas of the brain.Psychology2, 576:personalities with all the virtues (and consequently all the vices), the ambitions and problems,Psychology2, 584:nature than that of the defined powers. We have consequently: Physical Psychic HigherPsychology2, 586:to the closing of the solar plexus center (and consequently of the open door to the lower levels ofPsychology2, 594:form indicating that he is now essentially and consequently dual and is therefore an integratedPsychology2, 595:in the work of reorganizing the vital body and consequently the etheric body, but the dangersPsychology2, 597:Outside himself lies his thought and the energy consequently streams out of his body. It is a muchPsychology2, 598:understood and the proper care of the body is consequently so poorly rendered that the unhealthyPsychology2, 607:that the pituitary body is involved and that consequently the center between the eyebrows isPsychology2, 617:is voiced and expressed in words, it is consequently strengthened by the cooperation of thosePsychology2, 622:to the entire problem of the polarities. It is consequently one of the factors which will increasePsychology2, 653:and security. A more leisured life will consequently be possible and this will enable men to unfoldPsychology2, 659:breed class and racial distinctions and are consequently detrimental to world understanding,Psychology2, 670:who may be thinking as they do, and they are consequently rendered impotent [671] through theirPsychology2, 717:of the spiritual life of the group members, and consequently their sensitivity to the Plan will bePsychology2, 722:affected. They are then mentally polarized, and consequently react potently to this influence. TheRays, 26:the difficulty of intelligent comprehension is consequently great. The true significances are notRays, 31:level of consciousness into the mental, and consequently into the reflection of the world ofRays, 35:of the reversed reaction to Shamballa (and consequently the evil reaction) had to gather around himRays, 36:correspondence to the second initiation, and are consequently of more general interest, for it isRays, 37:individual focus of attention is and if you are consequently functioning as an integratedRays, 91:nearer to the source of Life, and Humanity can consequently profit by this hierarchical ApproachRays, 104:by the central Cause, and the injunction is consequently: This they must bring about through theRays, 106:registered existence. It will be obvious to you, consequently, that on each of the seven sacredRays, 109:superseded by group selfishness, which will be consequently still more potent in its evilRays, 115:Group Initiation The two parts of this rule are consequently expressive of the new demands forRays, 125:oft forgotten. The rule as given to applicants consequently concerns their ability to accept andRays, 129:to decide whether he is an applicant, and consequently to be controlled by the "rules in time andRays, 137:below the threshold of consciousness and should consequently be automatic in their effects. ThisRays, 145:are becoming common property; humanity has consequently moved onward into a greater measure ofRays, 161:antahkarana is constructed and in use, there is consequently a free play of energy in a direct lineRays, 169:but are little understood and their lives are consequently lives of great sacrifice and the term ofRays, 174:of substance in its form-making capacity and are consequently illusion and non-existent, from theRays, 213:everyday. A group of disciples such as this is consequently a miniature hierarchy, and a hierarchyRays, 214:use of the creative imagination. Speech is consequently controlled at its source, because speech isRays, 218:group life is becoming more and more vital, and consequently more and more spiritually destructive.Rays, 223:of the destroyer aspect of the divine Will, and consequently the complete destruction of the causalRays, 227:rules. The initiate stands free and becomes consequently a dynamic factor within the workingRays, 229:still under the influence of Pisces. You have, consequently, the "over-shadowing raincloud ofRays, 233:inspiration from the Hierarchy and go forth, consequently, to inspire. To hold the vision of theRays, 262:initiate is charged constantly with life, and consequently can work with the impelling Law ofRays, 266:the principle of love motivates him, and he has consequently attained unity. But, my brothers, itRays, 280:within him which requires transmuting. It might consequently be stated that: Transmutation concernsRays, 285:lower aspects of both transformations, and are consequently ready for the third initiation - thatRays, 295:The creative work of expression does not consequently concern the development and personal progressRays, 309:which destroys the innate quality and consequently the form of a civilization, the type of anRays, 339:whereon he, as a soul, finds himself. He is consequently the recipient of two currents of energy,Rays, 359:of the cosmic physical plane and are not, consequently, regarded as embodying principles. H.P.B.Rays, 362:above all for those preparing for initiation and consequently already working in an Ashram, to getRays, 397:to retain in the service of the Hierarchy, and consequently of Humanity and the subsidiaryRays, 412:Solar Logos presides; greater opportunity was consequently offered to the Members of our planetaryRays, 418:to time, reinterpreting its Words of Power, and consequently getting further and further removedRays, 441:between soul and personality. It is proper, consequently, to see a duality existing in theRays, 457:understanding of his point in evolution. He can consequently undertake - in cooperation with hisRays, 467:of soul contact has been achieved, and that consequently and in time this activity will evokeRays, 478:today giving place to individual creativity, and consequently to the conscious creation of theRays, 490:creative imagination [490] of the astral body. Consequently, you will have at this point: TheRays, 506:its distorted shadow in the mind nature. This consequently posits a fairly high stage of spiritualRays, 529:lies beyond what we call consciousness, and is consequently undefinable by the human intellect. WeRays, 542:must be achieved by the disciple, producing consequently in his life a point or points of tension. Rays, 546:and the disciple - finds no impediment; there is consequently no risk of over-stimulation, ofRays, 571:positive aspects of the natural processes. It consequently governs the sex relationship of allRays, 631:speaking many different languages, and is consequently staging a great experiment in fusion. TheRays, 676:upon your interpretation of it. I would ask you consequently to give careful consideration to myRays, 676:control and interest. The solar plexus center is consequently the dominant factor, because - evenRays, 682:out) is the "meeting of fire and water," and consequently the production of fog, mist, of glamorReappearance, 8:the invocation of humanity itself. An Avatar is consequently a spiritual event, coming to us toReappearance, 64:picture of Christ's activities and life and - consequently - of our future hope. Let us try andReappearance, 70:to an upsurging of Christ's humanity and, consequently, to a temporary submergence of His divineReappearance, 133:Men are being rapidly disillusioned and will consequently see more clearly. World glamor is beingSoul, 58:his emotional mechanism and his mind-body, and consequently functions on three planes, or is awakeSoul, 101:has two positive centers in the vital body and consequently in the physical - one in the heart,Soul, 121:consideration. The Occidental psychologists are consequently right when they state that a man isTelepathy, 2:of the etheric body of the planet itself and consequently of the solar system. Through this medium,Telepathy, 20:is occultly called "the center of feeling," and consequently the wrecking of the nervous system. ItTelepathy, 26:is transmitted. [26] It will be apparent to you consequently that it is only at this time that weTelepathy, 41:location lying just behind the ajna center and consequently in the area of the pituitary body. ItTelepathy, 49:of mental perception. You will understand, consequently, the reason why the Knowers of the worldTelepathy, 90:from the Monad and Shamballa. There are consequently (to this final stage of impression) threeTelepathy, 122:personally act as an impressing agent. He has consequently to study himself as a recipient and alsoTelepathy, 127:Workers or Masters and Initiates can consequently impress humanity because of shared experience and
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