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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSERVATION

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Discipleship1, 157:meditation and your contemplative endurance. The conservation of energy is wise, yet you haveDiscipleship1, 192:it in so many unrelated activities. A wise conservation of energy and the elimination ofDiscipleship1, 417:of pressure, your work and service will suffer. Conservation of energy and increased inner workDiscipleship1, 418:capacity for usefulness and the deeper the inner conservation, the more severe will oft be theDiscipleship1, 421:some while. Yet reticence (which is after all conservation of energy) and joy (which produces rightDiscipleship1, 681:so that your efficiency is not impaired; the conservation of energy through silence and throughFire, 69:a nucleus for the distribution of force, for the conservation of faculty, for the assimilation ofFire, 832:higher levels results affecting distribution and conservation of energy may again be seen. It isFire, 852:of egoic lotuses in any scheme. The law of the conservation of force holds good on any plane. ThisFire, 879:right apprehension of the laws of energy, of the conservation of force, of the sources of [880]Initiation, 74:of words, esoterically understood, lies the conservation of force; in the utilization of words,Patanjali, 199:children everywhere to be found. There is little conservation of energy, and the very wordsPatanjali, 199:of this subject along the lines of the conservation of energy, there is another angle from whichPatanjali, 200:during the adolescent period. Through the true conservation of energy and abstention from
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