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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSIDERABLE

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Atomwill be observed that there is in this series a considerable amount of repetition, as each lectureAutobiography, 298:in a setting of aristocratic culture and very considerable wealth, fulfiling the round of socialAutobiography, 301:aspect and has made us ever conscious that to a considerable degree the whole thing was in theBethlehem, 8:are the hall mark of those who have penetrated a considerable way along the path of return. ThereDiscipleship1, 416:the present world condition, to be able to give considerable time to the service of your fellow menDiscipleship1, 447:and wisdom. You would find it of value to put a considerable amount of thought into the relation ofDiscipleship2, 460:the physical plane. It has also brought about a considerable depletion or enervation of the WillFire, 278:time when the participating life has reached a considerable stage of awareness. Time has beenFire, 628:in the three worlds. We shall now come to a considerable amount of tabulation, for all that it isHealing, 213:or even in the average citizen. That there is a considerable wealth of knowledge anent the sacralInitiation, 56:of the Holy Land. He travels much and passes considerable time in various parts of Europe. He worksIntellect, 134:words: [134] "When the man of prayer has made considerable progress in meditation, he passesMagic, 110:Love of God is shed abroad in his heart and to a considerable degree his occult approach is basedMeditation, 312:circumstances. The center must be found to a considerable degree before he can pass on to the moreMeditation, 312:cosmos. Until a man is master of himself to a considerable degree he may not safely work, forPsychology1, 165:[165] influence, to which all are subject to a considerable extent, not merely those belonging byRays, 642:lie a long way ahead of mankind. They lie also a considerable distance on the Path from the present
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