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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSIDERATION

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Astrology, 12:but they have omitted to take into adequate consideration the emanating qualities and forces whichAstrology, 26:appearance. Before we penetrate further into the consideration of our theme, I would like toAstrology, 30:field of energies which I have outlined for your consideration and shall consider only the majorAstrology, 41:Their emanating source. We now take up for brief consideration two Hierarchies which closelyAstrology, 44:of the next system. Before continuing our consideration of the particular Hierarchies, it isAstrology, 49:laws of at-one-ment must take this analogy into consideration. It is useful to remember the placeAstrology, 49:this so when we view the two Hierarchies under consideration. They are the lowest residue of theAstrology, 87:indication of relative values can be gained by a consideration of the human triangles as given in AAstrology, 105:much concerning the man whose horoscope is under consideration. The decanates can also be dealtAstrology, 141:later in this section and when we come to the consideration of the constellation Leo. PlanetaryAstrology, 147:pours through the sign to the kingdom under consideration. In connection with humanity, the sign ofAstrology, 188:the Agnishvattas who are ourselves. A consideration of the above paragraph will indicate to you theAstrology, 193:Scorpio, the Scorpion We come now to the consideration of a sign which is of paramount importanceAstrology, 209:of the Zodiacal Constellations We come now to a consideration of the Rulers which govern the sign,Astrology, 262:- Birth - appearance of the world Savior. In the consideration of these points, another problem forAstrology, 317:of time a man is out of incarnation and in the consideration of foolish items of unproved andAstrology, 320:of the Zodiacal Constellations We come now to a consideration of the rulers of this sign and to aAstrology, 331:which astrologers will have later to take into consideration. I would here like to give you aAstrology, 334:crosses of the heavens. I commend this to your consideration. The above tabulation gives you a newAstrology, 335:upon the path of evolution, the subject under consideration stands. One other hint I will give. ItAstrology, 337:in tabular and suggestive form for your later consideration and study. The consummation on both theAstrology, 339:of the individual whose horoscope is under consideration. I would indicate at this point that inAstrology, 343:Zodiacal Constellations Gemini, the Twins In the consideration of the remaining signs there will beAstrology, 346:status of the subject whose horoscope is under consideration. The formless nature of the influencesAstrology, 350:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations A close consideration of what I have said above will serveAstrology, 353:of the Zodiacal Constellations We come now to a consideration of the Rulers of this sign and thereAstrology, 366:various signs I have not given much time to the consideration of the effect of the zodiacal signsAstrology, 374:we study the analysis of this sign and come to a consideration of its rulers, Taurus forges theAstrology, 381:I ring these changes constantly as the consideration of them, intelligently grasped, will leadAstrology, 388:and understand. These distinctions also merit consideration. [389] The average human being mayAstrology, 392:of the spiritual life. When we come to a consideration of the esoteric ruler of Taurus, we findAstrology, 402:Mercury and Saturn control the decanates and our consideration of these planets in the other signsAstrology, 424:and the Love of God determines results. In this consideration of the basic Science of Triangles (IAstrology, 434:of a line eventually vibrate in unison. A consideration of a hint given earlier as to the symbolismAstrology, 435:and Capricorn. For purposes of our immediate consideration the following three triangles are,Astrology, 464:which will be that of the soul, the paramount consideration of the twelve houses (which are now ofAstrology, 464:such importance) will be less emphasized and the consideration of the three Crosses will emerge inAstrology, 477:4. Conclusions We have reached a point in our consideration of the Science of Triangles wherein weAstrology, 506:in their work, they have not duly taken into consideration (when dealing with the twelve houses orAstrology, 511:Centers, the Rays and the Signs We come now to a consideration - brief and inadequate but I hopeAstrology, 587:this subject until you have given time to its consideration and have sought to understand the useAstrology, 587:the expression of this energy; there is a mature consideration to be given to the relation of theAstrology, 588:was involved that I made our last point in our consideration of the seven rays to be aAstrology, 588:in our consideration of the seven rays to be a consideration of the Rays, Constellations andAstrology, 589:analysis of this tabulation will complete our consideration of esoteric astrology. The seven starsAstrology, 602:forms of Being. As we proceed with our consideration of Tabulation X, there are certain fundamentalAstrology, 638:unless this dual action is thoroughly taken into consideration and mastered upon these lines. ThisAstrology, 687:"Two hints can here be given for thoughtful consideration. In connection with one of the HeavenlyAtom, 6:however, who for the first time approach the consideration of the matters here discussed, theAtom, 13:three principal solutions are held out for the consideration of men. These three solutions are:Atom, 18:there will then open up to us the interesting consideration of forms other than the purelyAtom, 18:expression. We shall then be led to the consideration of the evolution of intelligence, or of theAtom, 55:is a sentence which will repay careful study and consideration, for it embodies a concept thatAtom, 79:positive charge. From this we passed on to the consideration of the soul, or the psyche, of theAtom, 79:the life of the Logos. We have, therefore, under consideration, four kinds of atoms: First, theAtom, 82:the exact translation. We now come to the consideration of our subject for tonight, that of theAtom, 98:been dealing in the previous lectures, into the consideration of the consciousness within the form.Atom, 111:results, is described as follows - and from a consideration of these words may come much help andAtom, 144:laid down these fundamentals we passed on to the consideration of the evolution [145] of theAtom, 147:Atom - Cosmic Evolution We passed on then to the consideration of the second stage, that which theAutobiography, 126:translation was wrong; perhaps the phrase under consideration was an interpolation - there are manyAutobiography, 163:to me then said that he would give me time for consideration; that he would not take my answer thenAutobiography, 175:and women who can give more thought, time and consideration to the answering of my correspondence.Autobiography, 232:will of the soul. When, however, one comes to a consideration of the astrological implications toAutobiography, 289:are One" This truth grows normally out of any consideration of the Plan of Evolution and proves toAutobiography, 294:the Ageless Wisdom It simply presents them for consideration and for acceptance or rejection,Autobiography, 296:second category of truths are offered simply for consideration and as aspects or details,Autobiography, 301:as she originally conceived it. One other consideration, which has affected the whole operation,Bethlehem, 41:at Bethlehem II. Before we take up a definite consideration of these great initiations, it might beBethlehem, 49:manifesting, in truth, as a son of God. In a consideration of the unfoldment of consciousness theBethlehem, 109:p. 228.) This calls for more than superficial consideration. Humanity itself is at stake, in theBethlehem, 119:undertakings. We shall see, as we take up the consideration of these three temptations, how in theBethlehem, 140:to its nature and qualities. Through a consideration of the self in every man we are steadilyBethlehem, 150:man, save Jesus only." - St. Matt., XVII, 1-8. A consideration of the various unifications whichBethlehem, 151:"it was good for them to be there." Yet in our consideration of the light which was in Christ, andBethlehem, 175:points of view have been presented for the consideration of men. There has been muchBethlehem, 184:These facts warrant the most careful consideration. This information should be in the hands of allBethlehem, 218:message, relating them to each other. Our consideration of the previous initiations may make theBethlehem, 223:the following words, which warrant our careful consideration, and our consequent consecration toBethlehem, 235:[235] In the past, being wholly engrossed with consideration of the Crucifixion, we have been aptBethlehem, 243:his highest, though dimly sensed, ideal. A consideration of the Resurrection may provide a greaterBethlehem, 244:therefore come to one's mind, and warrant consideration. How do we know that the process of deathDestiny, 37:by means of the two rays which are our immediate consideration. Both of them - as is ever the law -Destiny, 63:of interest here if we continued our study by a consideration of some of the countries and theirDestiny, 70:the personality of the nation or country under consideration. The problem is likewise complicatedDestiny, 92:the future. A study of what I have said and a consideration of the various tabulations will proveDestiny, 147:the Coming New-Age As we come to an end of our consideration of the world today and its dominatingDiscipleship1, XIV:In one or two cases, however, after due consideration, we have inserted some of the meditationsDiscipleship1, 5:disciple is admitted into an Ashram without deep consideration on the part of the teacher. I shallDiscipleship1, 8:the enunciation of certain principles and to a consideration of what it may be possible to do.Discipleship1, 33:to Disciples - Part IV We will leave now the consideration of this general picture and return toDiscipleship1, 61:stage. STAGE THREE. There follows next a careful consideration of group purpose and technique. ThisDiscipleship1, 84:A study of this subject will lead to a consideration of its secondary development and its basicDiscipleship1, 117:plane and is contacted relatively easily. A consideration of the above may indicate to youDiscipleship1, 125:You will remember that I gave much time to the consideration of the rays which governed the variousDiscipleship1, 151:the verse which I am now going to give you for consideration, illumination may pour in. TheseDiscipleship1, 157:period should be given to group work, and to a consideration of the plans to be followed in theDiscipleship1, 162:brother of old, I can but enjoin upon you a consideration of the meditation work I gave in my lastDiscipleship1, 169:Waste not time in backward looking nor in futile consideration of the wisdom or the non-wisdom ofDiscipleship1, 171:as a unity - by itself, from our standpoint of consideration - and this is, in your case, as it
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