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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSIDERATION

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Discipleship1, 246:your full quota of work and I suggest for your consideration the following breathing exercise.Discipleship1, 253:episodes. This thought warrants your careful consideration. Only thus can your words and your lifeDiscipleship1, 267:achievement. I commend these words to you for consideration - life, problem, achievement or,Discipleship1, 275:rays must, therefore, be taken into your consideration as you seek to live as a soul and toDiscipleship1, 277:love and wisdom. I repeat again for your consideration and help during the coming months the thirdDiscipleship1, 280:organism and not a vital organization warrants consideration, and its life seems worth fostering.Discipleship1, 285:of the world glamor, necessitates most careful consideration and wisdom. It is an effort to provideDiscipleship1, 286:things, my brother, which I give to you for your consideration in the order of their importance.Discipleship1, 293:may embody a thought and offer food for mature consideration. The time both of teacher and ofDiscipleship1, 295:make) that you give the next six months to close consideration of your effect as a worker uponDiscipleship1, 351:healing? This question will necessitate careful consideration on your part and I would ask you toDiscipleship1, 354:than his, and you are not so held by social consideration she is. His intuition is more alive thanDiscipleship1, 369:The occult phrases which I have for your consideration are as follows: "The blue print lay beforeDiscipleship1, 393:which I gave to you last time for your consideration. Let your meditation, therefore, follow theDiscipleship1, 401:realize it not. I commend this to you for your consideration. You have been much occupied for manyDiscipleship1, 429:that you give five minutes to an intensive consideration of spiritual insulation, after a briefDiscipleship1, 434:to exercises which may aid you and some measured consideration to your meditation work. I have keptDiscipleship1, 448:one word each week for a few minutes' careful consideration (prior to the group meditation) andDiscipleship1, 549:they are. Hence the need for discriminating consideration. Your physical body is on the seventh RayDiscipleship1, 569:the thought that the loving care and constant consideration of those connected with you, or withDiscipleship1, 579:six seed thoughts which I have chosen for your consideration. Will you give them fifteen minutes ofDiscipleship1, 591:side of the veil [591] have always to take into consideration the fact that those with whom we areDiscipleship1, 599:the personality. Give not so much time to the consideration of the faults and mistakes of the past.Discipleship1, 601:situation in the group has caused me serious consideration. The good of the group is of primeDiscipleship1, 604:of review. You still need a period for the quiet consideration of the impelling motives for dailyDiscipleship1, 610:two sentences which I give to you for careful consideration are as follows: "The fire that I createDiscipleship1, 620:and work with no illusions and with no time for consideration of magnificent possibilities. This isDiscipleship1, 643:long and full and will warrant fresh study and consideration. Please give attention to that which IDiscipleship1, 740:progression is something warranting careful consideration. I would remind you of the Law whichDiscipleship1, 765:than you think. Occultly speaking, a constant consideration of the digestive system or of any otherDiscipleship1, 765:in the future. In the same way, a constant consideration of the permanent atoms and of theDiscipleship1, 766:as there is no need for you to give time and consideration to them. If you are living as desiredDiscipleship1, 766:within the Master's Heart We arrive now at a consideration of the last of the six stages ofDiscipleship2, XIII:this particular objective to your intelligent consideration. I would have you begin your new workDiscipleship2, 6:interplay and spiritual relation? It is only in consideration of these fundamental [7] effects ofDiscipleship2, 7:subject of Initiation. Training in Telepathy. Consideration of the Problems of Humanity. TeachingDiscipleship2, 10:own sphere of occult work must also come under consideration. Then, having established a rapportDiscipleship2, 12:is occupied with a ceaseless interrogation and consideration of himself. What I shall say may beDiscipleship2, 34:upon which to ponder. Through the close consideration of these statements you can create freshDiscipleship2, 97:These questions should receive most careful consideration and much serious reflection, prior toDiscipleship2, 98:providing one question, therefore, for consideration each two months during the coming year. GiveDiscipleship2, 98:the coming year. Give two months to careful consideration, reflection and interior investigationDiscipleship2, 98:of this question will require a truthful consideration of your good and bad qualities, of yourDiscipleship2, 109:mean reflect and think. I would commend to your consideration (because you cannot as yet thinkDiscipleship2, 136:undertake during this coming year, start by a consideration of the Ashram of the Hierarchy itself,Discipleship2, 137:comes into the light of your reflective consideration. You will now turn your attention toDiscipleship2, 138:eventually to initiation. This reflective consideration you do, not from the angle of theDiscipleship2, 139:of his meditation work. II. The Stage of Consideration. Of the Ashram as a whole, i.e., of theDiscipleship2, 142:(evoked through the stages of recognition and consideration) would lead him to a realization of theDiscipleship2, 142:yet persistence in the daily recognition and consideration, accompanied by a fixed determination toDiscipleship2, 143:upon the themes presented for your use and consideration. In the earlier stages of your trainingDiscipleship2, 144:Pass rapidly through the steps of recognition, consideration and fixed determination. These, ifDiscipleship2, 144:antahkarana. Next, take your theme word under consideration and ponder deeply upon it for at leastDiscipleship2, 147:concentrate on the "theme" under their consideration, during the period of three Full Moons. TheyDiscipleship2, 148:SHORT FORM I. Preliminary stage of recognition, consideration and fixed determination. II. TheDiscipleship2, 153:was divided into three stages: Recognition, Consideration, Determination. Disciples need to buildDiscipleship2, 153:this last one - you have been occupied with the consideration of ideas and with what those ideasDiscipleship2, 154:become clearer to you as we proceed with our consideration of our third point in these instructionsDiscipleship2, 161:things" and necessitates not, therefore, your consideration. By the disciples and aspirants of theDiscipleship2, 179:show. [179] Give ten or fifteen minutes to the consideration of the Vertical-Horizontal life andDiscipleship2, 187:meditation I gave you also twelve words for consideration in meditation. They were intended toDiscipleship2, 214:meditation lies on too high a level for your consideration. But the meditation work done by theDiscipleship2, 230:door where evil dwells.' " Close with a careful consideration of your own responsibility to theDiscipleship2, 239:group meditation; this is essentially your next consideration if the "unanimous and simultaneous"Discipleship2, 245:which it is my intention to give for deep consideration and eventual experimental use. Before IDiscipleship2, 247:and subjective value of the formula under his consideration. Just one hint however in this latterDiscipleship2, 248:with the antahkarana. This will be our next consideration when Formula One has brought aboutDiscipleship2, 264:into the thought of what will happen, into the consideration of the difficulties of the work, andDiscipleship2, 266:I there said that alignment "will be our next consideration when Formula One has brought aboutDiscipleship2, 290:theme of vision, which necessarily underlies our consideration of the points of revelation. It isDiscipleship2, 303:give you the hint which I have in mind for your consideration this year. The word "direction" isDiscipleship2, 304:of the formulas we have spent a short time in consideration. Broadly speaking, these threeDiscipleship2, 305:us to a statement of the next formula and a consideration of its meaning: Formula IV - Lead us fromDiscipleship2, 310:to the Plan. I leave this thought for your consideration and meditation, but can assure you thatDiscipleship2, 311:Reality - the fact of Being. Therefore, this consideration of our Points of Revelation is closelyDiscipleship2, 318:difficult demand that I can make upon you. A consideration of these hints should teach you much,Discipleship2, 329:of great importance and are supremely worthy of consideration. An illustration of this can be seenDiscipleship2, 334:of immense importance, for it is this type of consideration which governs the Masters when they areDiscipleship2, 336:apparent to you, on account of your day by day consideration of each other; it is, however,Discipleship2, 336:from Shamballa, certain matters came up for consideration. Most of them would naturally be tooDiscipleship2, 348:for initiation stands before the Initiator. A consideration of the three points of revelationDiscipleship2, 354:Thus far I have given you - for your searching consideration - seven hints. I intend to give you noDiscipleship2, 385:would have you give these words calm and mature consideration. The planetary Logos works - as farDiscipleship2, 387:- Part IX On Hints We will now proceed to a consideration of the hints which I have already givenDiscipleship2, 411:- Part X On Hints Two hints remain now for our consideration and both appear to be very simple whenDiscipleship2, 420:must be consciously noted in the hint under consideration; each of them veils a deeper meaning andDiscipleship2, 423:even if they may have - at first reading and consideration - an [424] individual connotation. TheseDiscipleship2, 427:facts; more, I need not here indicate. In our consideration of this fifth point of revelation, aDiscipleship2, 430:There are consequently two angles to this needed consideration: that of yourself, the individualDiscipleship2, 466:given you during the past three years still need consideration, assimilation and factualDiscipleship2, 467:and one that will warrant the most careful consideration and phrasing on my part. The reason forDiscipleship2, 485:psychology is concerned. When this is taken into consideration by a disciple in relation to peopleDiscipleship2, 486:my brother, is basically your goal? Taking into consideration your ray and type, it is to infuseDiscipleship2, 517:knowing that an intelligent and loving consideration of the problem would do much to bring yourDiscipleship2, 529:- a thing which was foreseen by me but refused consideration by several of you. Several members ofDiscipleship2, 538:thus emphasizing a somewhat cold and difficult consideration. My reason is as follows: During yourDiscipleship2, 542:would suggest to you, my brother, a less intense consideration [543] of the way you go and of theDiscipleship2, 548:the training of the personality which was under consideration. All this is a part of a definiteDiscipleship2, 557:to see you take these themes and give them full consideration for three years. At the end of thatDiscipleship2, 580:to the networks per se and away from a constant consideration of the quality aspect. You should now
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