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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSIDERATION

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Discipleship2, 581:esoteric truth is dependable. Coming back from a consideration of the work to you yourself, myDiscipleship2, 636:idle words; I count also upon your giving consideration and quiet reflection to my next statement.Discipleship2, 638:I am seeking to bring all these points to your consideration, for they embody choices which awaitDiscipleship2, 675:the wear and tear of life, and to the constant consideration of karmic unfoldments within hisDiscipleship2, 695:the remainder of your life. Approach them with consideration from the angle of personalityDiscipleship2, 697:believe - I gave you nine words for your mature consideration. Today, I will give you twelve seedEducation, 11:I mean that the apparent age of the soul under consideration will be studied, and the place on theEducation, 32:we refer when the subject of initiation is under consideration. The life thread, the silver cord orEducation, 36:angle. 11. The new education will take into consideration: The mind and its relation to the energyEducation, 41:material effect, is it any wonder that the major consideration of our modern civilization lies inEducation, 62:them educators have no concern and with their consideration the teaching staff of an esotericEducation, 81:functions of a wise parent. It should take into consideration his inherent tendencies, his racialEducation, 97:be placed. We have now laid the ground for a consideration of the three sciences which willEducation, 114:to the public, leaving them no time for consideration, or for clear thinking. Racial antipathiesExternalisation, 76:We come now, for a brief moment, to a consideration of the Jewish question. Remember that it is anExternalisation, 91:earlier given I would add the following for your consideration: [92] 5th Kingdom - Intuition -Externalisation, 96:Let me now present you with another vital consideration. Looking back over your individual lives,Externalisation, 188:beauties of loving kindness and wise consideration for others will find no place. I would call yourExternalisation, 209:and slow action will here be needed and proper consideration of population desires. It is not theExternalisation, 239:disaster. These are points which require careful consideration and consequent readjustment of theExternalisation, 336:of working? Has there not been too much consideration of how to do the work and too littleExternalisation, 336:of how to do the work and too little consideration of the spiritual dynamics of the work itself?Externalisation, 354:World Catastrophe June 1942 We come now to the consideration of the present acute situation andExternalisation, 387:reach. It will demand the intelligent study and consideration of methods with which to meet thisExternalisation, 457:which will have to be taken into momentous consideration during the coming cycle of conferences:Externalisation, 458:this resurrection activity which is now under consideration by the Hierarchy, having been handedExternalisation, 483:This is a statement warranting our closest consideration. It is essential that we bear in mind, asExternalisation, 503:the needed forward steps, who must receive prime consideration, but the truth must be stepped downExternalisation, 510:in the New Age Let us now return to our consideration of the spread of the deepened religiousExternalisation, 542:for which He originally manifested that a consideration of that mission is deeply needed and shouldExternalisation, 568:of super nature. Let us now proceed with our consideration of our theme, after our study of theseExternalisation, 589:evolution of the human family, through a close consideration of historical processes, and through aExternalisation, 609:peace" (as the word Jerusalem means). A careful consideration of the world situation today, and aExternalisation, 667:the reappearance of the Christ. We now come to a consideration of the vast Ashram controlled by theExternalisation, 699:tell you, warrants your closest attention and consideration [700] - a consideration which must beExternalisation, 700:closest attention and consideration [700] - a consideration which must be followed by an effort toFire, VII:beginning of the joint effort and after careful consideration it was decided between the TibetanFire, xiv:subjective side of manifestation, and with the consideration of force and of energy. It is wellFire, 48:III. Fire in Manifestation To continue our consideration of the fires which sustain the economy ofFire, 73:laid down certain hypotheses we passed to the consideration of the first of the fires, that whichFire, 77:34 I. The Nature of the Etheric Body In our consideration of the internal fires of the system weFire, 87:We might now narrow the subject down to the consideration of the etheric body of the human beingFire, 97:discussion of the etheric body, and take up the consideration of its function and its relation toFire, 101:pranic vehicle. Certain facts need emphasis and consideration as we study this static ring and itsFire, 110:and Prana c. Microcosmic Static Disorders, or a consideration of the etheric body in connectionFire, 112:further link in this chain which is offered for consideration lies in the fact that the four raysFire, 115:destined liberation. Later we will take up the consideration of the etheric web, and its staticFire, 133:distribution. A hint is here given for careful consideration. Though no pictures have been drawn ofFire, 143:While this is an occult statement worthy of consideration, yet it must be remembered that He isFire, 173:of activity." We take up our second point in the consideration of the centers: Fire, 180:Two hints can here be given for thoughtful consideration. In connection with one of the HeavenlyFire, 202:of that instinct to the originating source. The consideration of this subject awakens theFire, 205:the aura and [205] its colors out of temporary consideration, the evolutionary development marks anFire, 225:be in a position to go more intelligently into a consideration of the plan, and to grasp moreFire, 225:the Sun? This question brings us primarily to a consideration as to Who is the Son, and what is HisFire, 237:problems in metaphysics, and covers in its consideration the whole perplexing mystery of the reasonFire, 242:and matter, and is therefore, from that very consideration, of great importance, so our solarFire, 288:that we omit from our immediate calculations the consideration of the cellular composition of HisFire, 291:being gradually sensed. This deserves thoughtful consideration. Fire, 296:hint on this fourth point may be given for wise consideration. When the electrical interplayFire, 305:of a similar nature by the solar Logos. The consideration of this question is nearly concluded andFire, 308:division of our subject, and take up for consideration the Fire of Mind, cosmically, systemically,Fire, 330:divisions, then plane by plane or the sevenfold consideration, and finally as the forty-nine [331]Fire, 350:- whether cosmic, or otherwise - through the consideration of human individualization and theFire, 355:Certain mysteries arise consequently for our consideration which are connected with the life cyclesFire, 360:and may not be gainsaid, it is suggested for consideration that much advantage will be felt whenFire, 362:important facts merit close attention, and the consideration of all occult students. They hold theFire, 378:4. Manas and the Earth Chain We have brought our consideration of our first point, the origin ofFire, 379:possible for us to come definitely down to the consideration of our Earth chain within the EarthFire, 380:extra-systemic psychology and astronomy, and the consideration of the relation existing between ourFire, 401:comprehended. These thoughts are involved in the consideration of this point, and open up for usFire, 408:Human Factor 2. In the System We have now for consideration some further points on the subject ofFire, 416:Certain brief hints may be given for the due consideration of students: The Moon chain was a chainFire, 428:Magic 5. We must now continue, with our consideration of the four types of force, emanating fromFire, 432:pointed out that more time has been given to the consideration of this Ray than will be possibleFire, 433:Initiation. Let us now pass on to the brief consideration of the future influence of the thirdFire, 458:process. Any group, which may be under consideration, should in due course of evolution give birthFire, 460:not been exoteric and is to be commended to the consideration of students. I would add that some ofFire, 464:functioning on this planet (and leaving out of consideration its manifestation in other schemes)Fire, 465:and better forms. Our subject for immediate consideration concerns the [466] deva evolution, andFire, 480:point out, as I have done in other matters under consideration, that only certain facts can beFire, 483:With this preamble we will now take up the consideration of the Conscious Manipulation of the FiresFire, 499:We need not, therefore, give further time to the consideration of them, for the mental concept ofFire, 507:has been little appreciated, and merits careful consideration. [508] It holds hid spiritualFire, 526:can the fire be known. " We can now resume our consideration of the mystery of the mental unit, andFire, 529:unknown and inconceivable. This brings me to the consideration of the fact earlier stated that theFire, 544:the thought forms they animate, and with the consideration of them as force centers, capable ofFire, 566:seem that much has been left unsaid, yet in due consideration of the above four points inFire, 591:Love in the astral body also has its points for consideration. There is a direct link between theFire, 596:system and with buddhi and kama-manas) in our consideration of thought forms? For two reasons: OneFire, 598:inherent logoic principle. This opens to our consideration a wide range of vision, and [599] thoughFire, 601:its substance. We proceed now to take up the consideration of the Ruler of Fire, AGNI, and areFire, 603:the difficulty; he can only understand by a consideration of His psychic emanation as it can beFire, 613:be studied in the large, or through [613] the consideration of groups, of races, and of the life ofFire, 616:of view the mental plane provides an interesting consideration: its three higher subplanes areFire, 620:more technical details and to the more detailed consideration of these building forces as theyFire, 620:of the Logos, the solar System. From this consideration of them certain practical knowledge willFire, 620:Aspects. This is achieved through the close consideration of the laws of being, and of the methodFire, 633:and Fire Elementals The subject of our consideration now is the fire devas of the physical plane,Fire, 646:argument for vegetarian living which needs due consideration. Class 4. A very important class of
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