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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSIDERATION

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Glamour, 245:perception is to be developed. Let us divide our consideration of this subject as follows: ActivityGlamour, 246:here deal, but we will confine ourselves to the consideration of the individual problem, advisingGlamour, 249:you that to this information he must add a close consideration of the potencies of the forces andGlamour, 263:a statement of moment and warrants your careful consideration. It is concerned with the point ofHealing, 5:that therefore the healer has to take into [5] consideration not only his own ray but also the rayHealing, 15:- The Basic Causes of Disease We will divide our consideration of the causes of disease into threeHealing, 16:of our problem and can then proceed with our consideration of the methods which will enable us toHealing, 24:all technicalities. Our theme is the esoteric consideration of disease and its forms; it seeks toHealing, 32:is a somewhat new thought which I offer for your consideration. I have asked A.A.B. to insert aHealing, 47:the centers. The physician, who, taking into consideration the conclusions of the two aboveHealing, 54:given you and which you now have before you for consideration, it is obvious that the followingHealing, 57:present effects of that past, is too vast for consideration, nor can any statements anent theHealing, 71:and is so submerged through self-pity, self-consideration, or in a focused negative condition, thatHealing, 78:in the right direction. Before passing on to the consideration of the relation of the etheric body,Healing, 79:and Integration We come now to a brief consideration of our second point of difficulty to be foundHealing, 112:The Causes of Disease Summarized In every occult consideration of disease it must be accepted as aHealing, 118:process of unearthing the past, of taking into consideration the present environment, of reckoningHealing, 139:striving. This is a thought warranting careful consideration. These generalizations will be usefulHealing, 156:the center nearest to the area of the body under consideration. It will also be apparent to youHealing, 168:These are points requiring careful attention and consideration. They merit reflection. TheHealing, 168:Centers (continued) Let us now continue with our consideration of the centers. We have dealt withHealing, 171:basic centers - below the diaphragm. This is a consideration of major importance. The solar plexusHealing, 237:from Group Life C. Cancer We come now to a consideration of the rapidly increasing and typicalHealing, 240:within the area controlled by the center under consideration. This permeating energy of lifeHealing, 250:and death and to humanity as a whole. In the consideration of racial and national diseases, I doHealing, 259:and temperaments of the patient, taking into consideration his ray and also the state of mind ofHealing, 259:are of prime importance when one comes to the consideration of the fine art of healing. It is,Healing, 265:have never done. I commend this to you for your consideration. If the Jewish race would recall,Healing, 266:the points which I have made will bear careful consideration by the Jews. What I have said in noHealing, 295:reason that I have devoted so much time to the consideration of the causes of disease; more thanHealing, 318:To them I would say: The problem which a consideration of the proposed practice of euthanasiaHealing, 346:can be studied in two ways: [346] Through a consideration of the effective working relation whichHealing, 394:right focus is attained. Integration demands consideration, so that absorption in the life of theHealing, 404:by time. This is a statement requiring careful consideration. Man reincarnates under no time urge.Healing, 422:distribution. A hint is here given for careful consideration. Though no pictures have been drawn ofHealing, 478:thought emerges as we conclude this inadequate consideration of the death of the physical body inHealing, 481:esoteric, which are slowly coming under general consideration, and , which have made great progressHealing, 510:the attitude of the soul upon its own plane? A consideration of this involves, first of all, aHealing, 521:We have now completed two sections of our consideration of the art of healing. We have dealtHealing, 536:you the nature of Law. This was preliminary to a consideration of the Laws to which the healer mustHealing, 543:Enumerated and Applied We will now pass on to a consideration of the second Law and of Rule One.Healing, 550:Rules Enumerated and Applied We come now to a consideration of Rule One. Rule One Let the healerHealing, 563:Rules Enumerated and Applied We come now to the consideration of a law which is so inclusive in itsHealing, 566:disease eventuates. I think that even a brief consideration of the above questions will demonstrateHealing, 582:Rules Enumerated and Applied We come now to the consideration of a long and somewhat complicatedHealing, 590:can be found most enlightening if due consideration is given to them. In the human being you have,Healing, 614:in line with the projected plan. Therefore undue consideration and excessive emphasis upon theHealing, 614:this adequately, we can safely proceed to the consideration of Law VII and Rule Four. Healing, 617:is not my intention to be over-technical in my consideration of this subject; I write for the layHealing, 618:dense physical vehicle. In continuing our consideration of the immediate transmitting agency of theHealing, 624:work and which he has to take into most careful consideration; all stimulation which he may beHealing, 633:withdraw from incarnation. It involves also the consideration of the factor of the Will inHealing, 667:years, goodness of heart, kindness in action, consideration for others and mass action to promoteHealing, 669:White Lodge, it is the part of wisdom to avoid consideration of forces potent enough intelligentlyHealing, 669:solving it. It is essentially, however, the main consideration and problem of Shamballa, for it isHealing, 671:initiation. I have given you much for mature consideration and thrown some light upon an initiationHealing, 673:must precede the later achievement, hence my consideration of the subject. This perfect poiseHercules, 16:Myth Elaboration of the Myth We come now to a consideration of Hercules himself. It is a mostHercules, 52:of the land in which his destiny is cast, utter consideration for the welfare of those with whom heHercules, 102:[102] in every human form, merit the closest consideration of those who seek to tread the round ofHercules, 145:Labor VIII Fighting the Hydra: Modern Version A consideration of the nine problems that confrontHercules, 172:We submit these variations for the reader's consideration of their spiritual significance. OneInitiation, 1:the writer act as a deterrent to the open-minded consideration of the message to which her nameInitiation, 2:evolved by one student and presented for the consideration of fellow students. To each it isInitiation, 9:we mean? We use the words so glibly, without due consideration of the meaning involved. Take, forInitiation, 67:via the etheric. This sentence is for serious consideration, for it covers the work that a numberInitiation, 67:body. This is not easy to explain clearly, but a consideration of the diagram in "A Study inInitiation, 163:THE IMPARTING OF THE SECRETS We now come to the consideration of the secrets committed at theInitiation, 163:not being compulsory, are outside our present consideration) affects one of the five centers inInitiation, 203:Let the disciple apply himself to the consideration of their methods; let him learn the rulesInitiation, 206:currents. These three points will bear careful consideration, and much may be learnt by occidentalInitiation, 206:from the study of the life of Christ, and a consideration of his methods in using his hands. MoreIntellect, 109:is well conducted the mind never leaves its consideration of the object so chosen. The mind remainsIntellect, 127:Holy says that man "must be guided and led on by consideration and discussion of the matter throughIntellect, 139:than examines. Reasoning occupies itself in the consideration of a word, a proposition, or aIntellect, 151:illumination can be gained, and produces for our consideration an ordered process and method whichIntellect, 153:of the Holy. His chapter is well worth careful consideration. Thus the mystic "divines" (throughIntellect, 159:the growth of transcendental powers for later consideration, we will confine ourselves to theIntellect, 179:of investigation man now stands, and the close consideration of the mental processes and the studyIntellect, 229:thoughts, except those which the words under consideration arouse. The words taken in thisIntellect, 238:As practice in concentration is gained, the consideration of the outer form, and of its quality andMagicideas outlined in this book and their careful consideration certain basic concepts are borne inMagicThese three suggestions will merit a close consideration by all, and their significance must beMagic, 6:and follow the suggestions laid down for their consideration. Aspirants and disciples. They willMagic, 7:pages as providing an hypothesis worthy of his consideration and trial. No true investigator of theMagic, 18:coordinated function may be indicated by a consideration of man from the physical side, and hisMagic, 29:of the natural or material world - demand the consideration of the ablest minds in the world ofMagic, 54:Magic - Rule One - Some Basic Assumptions In our consideration of these rules, I am not so muchMagic, 57:white magician. [57] I would like in this first consideration of our subject to enumerate brieflyMagic, 57:to the aspirant how much is given him for his consideration and helping if he knows how to read andMagic, 58:themselves. If they do this during their consideration of each rule they will approach the wholeMagic, 58:back and reference. It will be seen from a consideration of the above analysis that a very clearMagic, 62:- The Way of the Disciple This brings me to the consideration of the seventh point I made in myMagic, 68:of business and of finance, leading up to a consideration of the highest good for all partiesMagic, 76:- Rule Two - The Hindrances to Occult Study Our consideration of this rule will fall into twoMagic, 85:which we have touched upon. In taking up our consideration of the second Rule we will deal firstMagic, 90:- in all directions. We will now, in our consideration of the next rule, take up the work of theMagic, 98:general plan of evolution. The rule under our consideration applies not only to the individual manMagic, 109:There is, however, a point which merits consideration and which could be approached in the form ofMagic, 119:himself up a man must needs bring them into his consideration. It should therefore be borne in mind
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