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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSIDERATION

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Magic, 120:does not grow out of an inferiority complex, the consideration of a brother's enterprise and aMagic, 129:Hierarchy. Give this Instruction careful consideration. These are days wherein many adjustments andMagic, 140:Four - The Creative Work of Sound To resume our consideration of the AUM. The Sound or the SacredMagic, 149:I commend to each of you for the most careful consideration. There is first the aspect ofMagic, 152:work. Therefore, this Rule warrants the closest consideration and study. Rightly understood andMagic, 211:their master. The Work of the Eye We have for consideration now one of the simplest of the RulesMagic, 215:expression in relation to the Rule under consideration, it can be noted that all these threeMagic, 219:of the Astral Plane We must start our study and consideration of the seventh Rule for Magic. WeMagic, 219:Psychologists are giving the entire matter much consideration, and though at present the ideal isMagic, 226:- The two Paths The two Paths Passing from our consideration of the nature of the astral plane weMagic, 228:given of this plane in the rule under consideration. It is first of all the plane of dual forces.Magic, 269:few yet the import would be worthy of continuous consideration. His master made this reply: "OnlyMagic, 303:of earthly life. He is ready for a careful consideration of the Buddha's message, and he is readyMagic, 317:of one's emotional reactions brings one to the consideration of that basic characteristic whichMagic, 338:any of the separated three. When we come to the consideration of other basic trends in the world ofMagic, 376:of unity supervenes. [376] These points need consideration and are valuable, for there are schoolsMagic, 388:as we studied Rule X has brought us to a consideration of: Personality Energy: emanating from:Magic, 388:of the New Age. This will be an important consideration, for this group of mystics is gaining eachMagic, 431:service. We are to take up now a very brief consideration of two types of energy of a major kind,Magic, 432:and mental elementals. For the purposes of our consideration, this Entity is the sum total of allMagic, 449:Three Sentences We are told in the rule under consideration that the aspirant has three things toMagic, 450:of the natural or material world - demand the consideration of the ablest minds in the world ofMagic, 507:time communicate on the subject of death for the consideration of the general public. But I conjureMagic, 521:both major and minor, we come now to the consideration of the objective of all his work, that is ifMagic, 524:"atomic substance," and pass on secondly to a consideration of those prisoners of the planet whichMagic, 541:is an inevitable and unalterable rule and due consideration of this law which governs mentalMagic, 550:nature and one that is slowly coming into mature consideration among the philosophers of bothMagic, 551:Thirteen - The Quaternaries to be Recognized The consideration of these various quaternaries whichMagic, 553:compilation, referred [553] to earlier, in our consideration of Rule XIII. Certainly these symbolsMagic, 570:gives a general picture of the subject of our consideration and gives us the elementary facts uponMagic, 573:and its speed. These four words warrant consideration and elucidation. A. The type of force as usedMagic, 583:of the soul. Pay no attention to any worldly consideration. Live a life which is an example toMagic, 585:be arrived at and the true Self known. 3. Pay no consideration to the prudential considerations ofMagic, 596:the balance of the centers. By this I mean the consideration as to their over-development in oneMagic, 601:and water. The Esoteric Sense We come now to the consideration of the last rule for magic. As weMeditation, 9:Life of Service. Let us today take up the consideration of the first point: - What makes MeditationMeditation, 14:of meditation, and I have suggested for your consideration four reasons out of the many why theMeditation, 14:of meditation certain factors must be taken into consideration. These factors I will now enumerate.Meditation, 22:man and his place in evolution comes up for consideration under our discussion of "Methods ofMeditation, 22:with the egoic ray, and saw how in wise consideration of the two factors a method could wisely beMeditation, 22:What have I specified? Three factors for your consideration: [23] The point in evolution. TheMeditation, 29:ideas may be suggested and submitted to the consideration of all interested. Just what do you meanMeditation, 39:duly set by a Master. He has to take into wise consideration the egoic ray, and the condition ofMeditation, 40:on the modification of the meditation through consideration of the personality ray. Then we took upMeditation, 44:with which the Pupil is Affiliated The point for consideration today is of practical interest. ItMeditation, 46:Adepts. Ponder on this. It needs much wise consideration, hence my emphasis of the fact. When moreMeditation, 47:is the second thing of moment that enters into consideration, and the matter is of more vitalMeditation, 49:communications at the many things that arise for consideration in the assignment of a meditation.Meditation, 59:Word on the physical plane. A hint lies here for consideration. In the endeavor to find the noteMeditation, 67:more suitable will be effected by judicious consideration of the work done by them. Later, asMeditation, 69:to consider for today, and we will leave the consideration of point the fourth till tomorrow. [70] Meditation, 100:and a wise application of occult rules, with due consideration of ray and karma, these dangers willMeditation, 100:Fire July 28, 1920 Just prior to beginning the consideration of the matter on hand, I would like toMeditation, 119:This is most important for it involves the consideration of the man's ray in the apportioning ofMeditation, 191:of forms by individuals, we can now take up the consideration of the matter from the collectiveMeditation, 202:The thought conveys much matter for consideration and for speculation and is full of helpfulnessMeditation, 205:Now we must go to work. The subject for our consideration this evening is of profound andMeditation, 215:may be contradictory, I would suggest for your consideration that in the esoteric interpretationMeditation, 223:"radiance" has an occult meaning worthy of your consideration. September 3rd, 1920 In the steadyMeditation, 224:apprehended. One hint I give for your wise consideration. Some of the information given in TheMeditation, 225:which can be best dealt with by a brief consideration of the law of analogy and correspondence. WeMeditation, 237:of a complete thought and is full of matter for consideration. Why have I not dealt with the matterMeditation, 259:14th, 1920 It might be of value to us in our consideration of the subject of access to the MastersMeditation, 305:28th, 1920 Today our second point comes up for consideration, and we shall in the elucidation of itMeditation, 324:October 29th, 1920 Our fourth point comes up for consideration today, and in its discussion I willMeditation, 334:very unusual, but it does hold thought for consideration by any who may desire to help In preparingPatanjali, 13:it is the chitta or mind-stuff which is under consideration, with the modifications it undergoes asPatanjali, 18:premises where all accurate testimony is under consideration in world affairs. When these samePatanjali, 34:purpose of any particular form. This involves consideration of the idea back of or underlying anyPatanjali, 74:This is the true significance of the sutra under consideration and the clue to why the adepts arePatanjali, 80:of the laws of creation and of sound, through a consideration of the sounding board of the mouthPatanjali, 106:exists; the deduction to be gathered from the consideration of the world or of the great maya isPatanjali, 125:body of any and every man. Thus the sutra under consideration takes the aspirant into the mostPatanjali, 154:and reason. Much time might be given to a consideration of each sentence, and the words, "thePatanjali, 172:have hitherto enticed." The above merits close consideration and can be linked to the thoughtPatanjali, 181:It may be of use here if (before we take up the consideration of the means, one by one) wePatanjali, 196:the consummation dealt with in the sutra under consideration - the effectiveness of all words andPatanjali, 199:of every true aspirant. Apart from a consideration of this subject along the lines of thePatanjali, 215:and when the mind can be so engrossed upon a consideration of the things of the soul, thenPatanjali, 223:etheric body and the laws of its life. Through a consideration of the types of energy and of theirPatanjali, 263:all give some idea of the mind condition under consideration. The aspirant is now deliberatelyPatanjali, 268:In the characteristic form (taking into consideration its specific point in development, and itsPatanjali, 306:situated above the diaphragm. In the sutra under consideration we are dealing with one of the fivePatanjali, 307:plexus and hence the necessity of our present consideration. 2. It is the organ of the astralPatanjali, 346:connection with the sutra which is our present consideration, the eight siddhis or psychic powersProblems, 5:people should give time and thought to the consideration of the major world problems with which weProblems, 39:in any civilization is its preservation and consideration of all the best the past has given, andProblems, 48:realized and the process will inculcate in him a consideration of motives. Many of the things whichProblems, 52:functions of a wise parent. It should take into consideration his inherent tendencies, his racialProblems, 103:problem of selfishness and unselfishness, of consideration and of justice, and these are factorsProblems, 103:scale with due psychological understanding or consideration of the Gentile [104] environment toPsychology1, xxiv:the soul, may be intrigued and won to a deeper consideration of what is as yet a veiled surmise.Psychology1, 16:I remain." These thoughts I commend to your consideration and to your careful pondering, beggingPsychology1, 19:we shall study more closely when we take up the consideration of the second Ray of Love-wisdom. ThePsychology1, 71:many names which warrant careful study and much consideration. In less than a hundred years thisPsychology1, 72:will be the wisest way in which to approach its consideration. It is not possible for me to dealPsychology1, 73:its flow being impeded by the form nature. A consideration of these two cases will help the readerPsychology1, 89:Answers Our third question comes up now for consideration and is as follows: Question 3 Can thePsychology1, 111:The aspects of truth which I present to your consideration should count; the measure of help whichPsychology1, 121:shall elaborate them later, when we come to the consideration of these rays in greater detail. I am
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