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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSIDERATION

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Rays, 530:time we have confined ourselves entirely to the consideration of the mind aspect in its threeRays, 566:These concepts are worthy of your careful consideration. The sevenfold energy which is todayRays, 585:possible when the higher initiations come under consideration. The effects of ray impacts in theRays, 613:divorced from any official sanctions, is under consideration and will some day be the governingRays, 621:and according to the age of the nation under consideration. From certain angles, the youngest ofRays, 631:a pattern is thereby presented for world consideration. The U.S.A. is a fusing center wherein allRays, 637:same principle can also be applied by him in his consideration of general human affairs; he needsRays, 641:and the Higher Initiations We completed our consideration of the effect of the four Rays ofRays, 641:attained through conflict. We come now to the consideration of the three Rays of Aspect and theirRays, 650:of the world disciple. When it comes to a consideration of the effect of this ray at the time ofRays, 657:unknown historical periods and cycles, plus a consideration of all the evidence - anthropological,Rays, 657:purpose of the planetary Logos must be added a consideration of certain crises in the life ofRays, 661:Significance of the Initiations We now start our consideration of the nine initiations, only thisRays, 671:of occultism. What is oft omitted from normal consideration is the fact that the increasingRays, 676:it. I would ask you consequently to give careful consideration to my reply to these two questions.Rays, 703:V - The Revelation As we undertake the consideration of the next initiation, you will find thatReappearance, 15:divine intention or of the will of God, plus a consideration of the World situation, may lead us,Reappearance, 16:of the factors which He and they must take into consideration? First of all, He will come to aReappearance, 57:(as the word "Jerusalem" means). A careful consideration of the world situation today and aReappearance, 61:given down the ages entitles us to a wise consideration and spiritual speculation upon the probableReappearance, 103:teaching. We can study (as a background to our consideration of the teachings which Christ willReappearance, 119:is he." These few brief words need most careful consideration. Under the Law of Rebirth, man slowlySoul, 26:emerges immediately is the almost exclusive consideration that the Western Psychologist gives toSoul, 38:its Mechanism - Glands and Human Behavior The consideration, therefore, of the ductless glands andSoul, 49:probably anger with a sort of blood-lust, and no consideration of the consequences. The objectSoul, 50:wisdom offers an interpretation which warrants consideration and which will appear when we considerSoul, 71:teaching as to the force centers. One is a consideration as to the nature of the soul, and theSoul, 90:qualities to the brain has become the subject of consideration, and today we have included theSoul, 121:or totally unknown. It is in any case worthy of consideration. The Occidental psychologists areTelepathy, 14:are all forms of telepathic sensitivity. In any consideration of this theme, it is obvious thatTelepathy, 41:not deal with telepathy as a science warranting consideration, endeavor and importation; They areTelepathy, 60:way and let me commend to you a very careful consideration of my words. I will express what I seekTelepathy, 63:far as it goes. We shall confine ourselves to a consideration of the contacts and impacts whichTelepathy, 94:disciple is concerned, release from the constant consideration of personal circumstances andTelepathy, 95:can play" I would have you give the deepest consideration to these words. As the disciple begins toTelepathy, 96:demand. These are points warranting careful consideration. They involve a primary recognition ofTelepathy, 115:and all that it deems undesirable or not fit for consideration. The reason that true telepathicTelepathy, 124:Logos is necessarily of major importance in any consideration of the Supreme Science of Contact. ItTelepathy, 142:are six major propositions which govern all consideration of the etheric body, and I would like toTelepathy, 175:to hundreds. These are points well worth careful consideration. You must, however, bear in mindTelepathy, 181:These are points worthy of your most careful consideration. Finally, every center has its centralTelepathy, 187:the kingdoms of nature. When one comes to the consideration of the sphere of radiation of these
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