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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSIDERATIONS

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Astrology, 98:these ideas which I offer to you as suggestive considerations and as hints related to the ScienceAstrology, 150:Three Crosses. We shall have brought out certain considerations in connection with them that willAutobiography, 218:visiting my own country and there were many considerations before we knew exactly what was right.Bethlehem, 141:peace, through unity. Rules and fixations and considerations Christ had surmounted, andDiscipleship1, 27:cultivate that "divine indifference" to personal considerations which is the outstanding hallmarkDiscipleship1, 341:Twenty years ago you were governed by social considerations; today that is not the case. It hasDiscipleship1, 649:work had been planned for him, but temporary considerations and the influence of another personDiscipleship1, 714:attention is drawn away from its own interior considerations and egoic affairs to those of itsDiscipleship2, 132:to the first and will have a place in our considerations. It states that "the eye, opened byDiscipleship2, 521:will find all these to be intensely practical considerations. The question of motive willDiscipleship2, 636:by the exigencies of the period, or by financial considerations or the behests of the personality.Discipleship2, 656:I seek not to add any fresh complications or considerations to the load which you already carry.Externalisation, 50:new education and point the way to some of the considerations which are prompting my handling ofExternalisation, 184:and French security must outweigh all other considerations; British imperialism has in the pastExternalisation, 579:time for freedom, for the deeper educational considerations and for a political activity of theFire, 796:to the ego and its cycles, and also equally, considerations other than the purely "personal" willHealing, 46:to it and further correspondences. In all our considerations, what we have to say will have theHealing, 78:character and predispositions of many kinds, are considerations of real value and worth following.Healing, 111:[111] body are not essentially the major considerations or of the vast importance that some mayHealing, 463:ask you to remember that in all our present considerations we are dealing with the reactions andHercules, 144:of searching [144] thought. From these considerations we may gather that the answers to many of ourHercules, 147:choices are determined [147] by money considerations rather than by spiritual convictions orHercules, 148:their conduct. He who substitutes, power considerations for ethical principles engenders perpetualIntellect, 134:acquired much light by the prolonged use of considerations and reasonings, it enters at once intoIntellect, 208:evoke the soul opens up one or two interesting considerations. It would appear from the study ofMagic, 16:Magic - Introductory Remarks In some of our considerations, speculation must perforce enter in.Magic, 68:the best good of the group apart from personal considerations altogether. Yet light upon the path,Magic, 186:time, and thought, right circumstance, and other considerations and it is quite possible for a manMagic, 583:Rule Fourteen - The Treading of the Way Certain considerations should be brought to the notice ofMagic, 585:known. 3. Pay no consideration to the prudential considerations of worldly science and sagacity. IfMeditation, 225:I would here like to point out certain other considerations which can be best dealt with by a briefMeditation, 313:of the student will be one of the first considerations. When this has been somewhat accomplished,Patanjali, 404:of the difference of minds." "The preceding considerations establish, in an indirect manner, thePsychology1, 16:and high grade emotional nature. All our considerations therefore in this Treatise on the SevenRays, 732:The seventh initiation is divorced from all considerations of form, and the initiate becomes a
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