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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSIDERING

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Astrology, 13:undeveloped or average man and with Uranus when considering, the highly developed man. They wouldAstrology, 25:let us bear in mind always the fact that we are considering the seven rays and their interrelationsAstrology, 26:emphasize two points: First of all, that we are considering esoteric influences and not astrology,Astrology, 61:signs (as the Old Commentary expresses it when considering this point): "He turns from right toAstrology, 131:the significance of the above facts, I am not considering the orthodox astrological reasons for theAstrology, 146:which focus in Aquarius. I am not here considering the orthodox mathematical or astronomicalAstrology, 151:Zodiacal Constellations The same basic mode of considering the three Crosses can be carried outAstrology, 172:aspect. This is the case whether we are considering man on the ordinary wheel or man upon theAstrology, 185:for example the constellation which we are now considering, and remember that the same basicAstrology, 252:sign of the zodiac (or the seventh if one is not considering the reversed wheel). In all the greatAstrology, 254:evolution, which is the only one which we are considering in this treatise. But in the majorAstrology, 347:triangles. These only become of importance when considering the horoscopes of advanced human beingsAstrology, 358:and subhuman) and the soul within all forms. In considering this subject you will have to considerAstrology, 370:the last of the twelve signs which we have been considering and the last of those which affectAstrology, 381:arms. I dealt with this in several places when considering with you the constellations Leo, ScorpioAstrology, 410:corresponds to the life of the personality. In considering these points it should always beAstrology, 413:the effect of these energies which we shall be considering and of their triple relationship will beAstrology, 433:students must remind themselves that we are considering the impact of energy upon energy units (allAstrology, 472:of the constellations which we have just been considering - Leo and Virgo - are to be found in thisAstrology, 473:and humanity, the larger whole, must pass. In considering these crises which take place in the lifeAstrology, 484:comprehend the significance of this teaching. In considering the Triangles, which I have chosen toAstrology, 510:the problem of the probationary disciple when considering the exoteric rulers and upon the problemsAstrology, 589:of the Will We have now the difficult task of considering an aspect of divine manifestation whichAstrology, 590:and Planets - Various Aspects of the Will We are considering the expression of the Shamballa forceAstrology, 596:matter is an expression of focused Will. In considering this process, I would have you studyAstrology, 631:It is this which must be borne in mind when considering the active work of the Trinity: Father, SonAstrology, 681:Next, it should also be remembered that in considering this matter we must be careful to view itAtom, 21:is even more accurately [21] to be seen. In considering human consciousness this same definition isAtom, 36:and where you have a quality you are really considering the field of psychic phenomena. There areAtom, 36:phenomena. There are certain terms in use when considering substance which are continuouslyAtom, 37:When we speak about energy and substance we are considering that which is as yet intangible, and weAtom, 46:be true in greater or less degree of all. In considering broadly the atoms of the solar system,Atom, 59:In all these kingdoms which we are considering - mineral, vegetable, animal and human - we haveAtom, 68:and only the unwise deal in detail when considering these stupendous topics. Atom, 82:covers the subject that we have been considering in a most interesting manner, summing it up asAtom, 98:hypothesis about the atom, if we were right in considering the human being as an atom, then weAtom, 105:Consciousness The atomic stage which we are now considering is, for us, a peculiarly interestingAtom, 121:human being; that the life of the physical body, considering it in every one of its departments asAtom, 138:and am apt myself to get very confused when considering them, but an illustration that was given meAtom, 143:of thought. We have for several weeks been considering the evolution of the atom from stage toAtom, 153:The ancient books of the East point out, in considering this subject, that the seven stars of theBethlehem, 43:later achievements possible. We are primarily considering in this book the technique of theBethlehem, 98:both physical and psychic purity. In considering this initiation we must remember that two kinds ofBethlehem, 145:of God, the fifth kingdom in nature. When considering the Transfiguration it is necessary toBethlehem, 154:the basic dualities of pleasure and pain we are considering the emotional-feeling nature. MeschachBethlehem, 176:- The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion In considering the story of Jesus upon the Cross, it isBethlehem, 183:frequently used in this connection when considering the fixed cross of the cosmic Savior. ScorpioBethlehem, 248:intact." Three thoughts are of importance in considering this problem of value, which is soDestiny, 47:and speeded during the Aquarian Age which we are considering; it will eventuate later in theDestiny, 62:and the law of probability. We have been considering the rays of the Great Powers and the two AxisDestiny, 80:Nations - An Analysis of Certain Countries In considering Great Britain, we note first that theDestiny, 92:Certain Cities These energies which we have been considering are released into our planetary lifeDestiny, 118:the Nations - Spiritual Life in the New Age In considering the methods whereby the seventh rayDiscipleship1, 118:normally an astral or an emotional reaction. In considering my group, I am impressed (yes, andDiscipleship1, 144:Right judgment is a needed quality for you when considering people. For the work which you seek toDiscipleship1, 453:The coming nature or type of world government, considering what should emerge out of the present,Discipleship1, 693:Stages of Discipleship - Part III PART III In considering this whole subject of discipleship thereDiscipleship1, 758:and immutable and the sequences unalterable. In considering the theme of the chela within theDiscipleship1, 765:of even the advanced aspirant. When we are considering the last three stages, we are definitelyDiscipleship2, 42:Does that word surprise you, my brothers? In considering this year as a whole, I question not yourDiscipleship2, 79:of the Hierarchy) we are in reality considering the goal or supreme expression of [80] the teachingDiscipleship2, 135:and discussions as the "city of man." In considering the higher point of the triangle, which is theDiscipleship2, 140:are equipped to do. Determining how to do it. Considering the factor of preparation for eventualDiscipleship2, 304:is true also of the formulas which we have been considering. Discipleship2, 306:in the Universal Mind; we call it Purpose when considering the grasp by Shamballa of the synthesisDiscipleship2, 307:intention, [307] and we call it the Plan when considering the work of the Hierarchy in bringingDiscipleship2, 309:exponents and the great field of sacrifice, considering the Great Life in which we all, as well asDiscipleship2, 311:same, particularly the three points which we are considering here. The difficulty consists in this,Discipleship2, 311:be borne in mind that in this connection we are considering the point of experience where lightDiscipleship2, 321:revelation; you have been dealing with them and considering them, if you have succeeded inDiscipleship2, 353:the Hierarchy possible. These are points worth considering, and will convey to you someDiscipleship2, 356:than would otherwise be possible. Because we are considering the seven rays, do not waste your timeDiscipleship2, 398:Objective. All three of them are of use here in considering the nature of the impending revelation.Discipleship2, 432:above, that these three words which we have been considering are major key words in theDiscipleship2, 488:As it has a bearing on the subject we are considering, I shall answer it here. After a fewDiscipleship2, 675:the Ashram. In what I am here saying, I am considering only an accepted disciple such as yourself.Discipleship2, 686:the higher mind. It is interesting whilst considering the pairs of opposites (the negative andEducation, 78:too much of him. You might inquire here, after considering these four types of atmosphere regardedExternalisation, 74:no specific reference to any individual; I am considering the world problem, centering around theExternalisation, 156:will, therefore, be obvious to real students. In considering these great Energies, there is littleExternalisation, 157:is no such thing as my soul - only our soul. In considering the five sentences which form whatExternalisation, 271:of the three words which we have been considering. "Liberty," as the Lords of Liberation mayExternalisation, 292:the Evolutionary Process Divine Intervention In considering the subject of Avatars I would like toExternalisation, 417:Christ and His disciples, the Masters, gives. In considering our second point, the Science ofExternalisation, 486:need. The three Full Moons which we have been considering are simply the three points in timeExternalisation, 587:or on his individual progress on the Path; I am considering the type of consciousness with which heExternalisation, 615:Externalization These are natural reactions when considering the present field of conflict, theExternalisation, 660:that though the organization which we are considering is concerned with the interior or subjectiveFire, xviii:for it forms the basis of that which we shall be considering. The total lack of a widerFire, 52:under the control of the fire Lord, Agni. When considering Him and His kingdom the subject can beFire, 55:the term "sheath" it will be noted that we are considering those fires which manifest through theFire, 61:qualities, as generally interpreted when considering a personality, or man as a unit. I make thisFire, 141:and emphasize the fact that the motion we are considering is that due to the fire latent in matterFire, 156:we call Akashic. Electrical. Pranic. In considering the occult meaning of what is here suggested,Fire, 157:us keep clearly in our minds that we are simply considering the three qualities of matter itselfFire, 157:the three qualities of matter itself and are not considering consciousness. Inertia is the resultFire, 175:between the different aspects, and considering their separated development, a thing onlyFire, 202:following facts must also be borne in mind when considering the matter: That the senses have beenFire, 248:life at the center. In predicating this we are considering the true man in his fundamental positionFire, 266:lines of development must be remembered when considering the evolution of the Manasaputras. 10
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