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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSIDERING

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Fire, 294:and not with the objective form, and that we are considering, for instance, the synthesis of theFire, 312:or Mind and its Nature We are at this juncture considering the manifestations of electricity on theFire, 314:with a solar Logos (within the system and not considering His cosmic synthesis) the three higherFire, 323:undergone by Heavenly Men as by men, considering the entire subject from the angle of electricalFire, 324:group liberation will be achieved. Perhaps in considering this abstruse matter it may [325] help toFire, 338:that relates to the essence of all, to itself, considering the essence and the Self as pure SpiritFire, 347:the earlier solar system. The method we are now considering is the distinctive one of this solarFire, 363:Hierarchy is the one whose evolution we are considering, and it will be apparent to the mostFire, 380:different lesser entities. Students, when considering these things, need to view the matter fromFire, 387:Next, it should also be remembered that in considering this matter we must be careful to view itFire, 394:accurate. 39 Man's physical body, for instance, considering it [395] as a corporate whole composedFire, 399:method of dominating matter, or the Personality, considering it as the Not-Self. Through theFire, 402:1. In the Planets Occult students need, in considering these points, to remember very clearly theFire, 411:This is a prime factor to be borne in mind in considering a cosmos, a system, a scheme, a chain, orFire, 431:of entities. We must ever remember that we are considering the force or life-energy of theseFire, 434:system, and Ruler of the third Manasic Ray when considering only the third aspect. AtFire, 440:the seventh type of force (or the fifth when considering only the Brahma aspect of manifestation).Fire, 445:This is equally true whether we are considering the incarnation of a man, of a group, of an idea,Fire, 452:looked for from its influence) that We are only considering the mind [453] aspect in the threeFire, 487:which must be carefully borne in mind when considering this question of transmutation. They areFire, 506:incarnation, which was touched upon when considering the subject of "Fire by friction." It willFire, 506:It will consequently be apparent that, in considering the manifestation of the Ego, we are dealingFire, 507:strongly pointed out at this juncture that, in considering the threefold man in the three worlds,Fire, 515:by the egoic ray, remembering always that we are considering them as: First. The interior economyFire, 527:this second aspect is itself dual, and that in considering the permanent atoms we are dealing withFire, 536:more ordinary angle, and in materialistic terms, considering it as a vehicle of rarefied substance,Fire, 555:it must be borne in mind that we are here considering only the great initiations, and not theFire, 563:comes in upon which we shall enlarge later, when considering the elementals. The specific purposeFire, 605:is counted as the first (as it often is when considering it as the field of strictly humanFire, 606:solar system it should be remembered that we are considering here His essential nature as actuatingFire, 616:in their cohorts are the substance of matter (considering substance as that which lies back ofFire, 627:section students must remember that we are not considering those builders of involutionaryFire, 637:from the first aspect of Brahma, or Agni, considering Him as a self-conscious Identity, the thirdFire, 637:and Fire Elementals Group C. Agnichaitans In considering these groups of Agnichaitans, we mustFire, 660:buddhic plane. It must be remembered that we are considering force as it flows through, orFire, 660:two. The reason for this apparent division (considering the question apart from the states ofFire, 665:understood, these devas (of the type we are considering) are only found in the dense physical bodyFire, 678:It should be borne in mind by all students when considering the planes, plane substance and energyFire, 681:from a preceding Mahamanvantara. We have been considering somewhat the devas of evolutionaryFire, 682:in our minds just what we are in process of considering. We are dealing with: That fifth state ofFire, 687:or relatively in connection with a human unit. Considering the same subject from below upwards itFire, 689:whole, containing the Divine Mind, and considering the individual Monad, who responds to Their lifeFire, 694:are dealing here with the substance aspect and considering energy in its various manifestations.Fire, 699:fifth round, it will be felt at its height. In considering the Entities 33 who gave the manasicFire, 743:but their influence is not forever felt. In considering planetary pralaya, we might brieflyFire, 745:its laws and purpose, and who are confused when considering the mystery of the Buddha, and theFire, 793:average but it must be ever remembered that in considering the figures where a scheme, forFire, 820:the love-wisdom aspect, and are only secondarily considering the third aspect, that of activityFire, 821:energy of those mysterious Entities whom (when considering the human family as a whole) we call:Fire, 829:from the point of view of energy or life force, considering it from the aspect of polarity and ofFire, 837:Elementals To return to the matter which we were considering; - Just as the moon is a deterrent orFire, 868:Elementals (e.) Initiation and the Petals In considering the connection of the petals and theirFire, 869:solar Angels affected. At the stage which we are considering (that of the organization andFire, 889:should be remembered that the devas we have been considering are the originators of impulse, andFire, 890:seen, and contacted physically by man. In considering these matters we must never dissociate theFire, 909:therefore with the particular devas whom we are considering. Through the mismanagement of men, andFire, 918:fulfil her function, and to carry on her work. Considering the same problem microcosmically it mayFire, 922:students unless it is realized that we are here considering these aspects only as dualities, andFire, 962:the angle from which we are studying) we are not considering the power of the Ego to produce formsFire, 971:carried on now during this stage which we are considering from within the brain. There is thus aFire, 973:center involved. We must not forget that we are considering the thought form of the consciousFire, 993:Fire Elementals c. Conditions for White Magic In considering the factors requiring adjustment priorFire, 1008:plane is concerned, but in the case we are considering, we are dealing with man, the unity in theFire, 1032:here remind the student that we are primarily considering the force of the second aspect as itFire, 1034:things the occult student should remember when considering the nature of spiral-cyclic activity, isFire, 1038:of emanatory impulses may be [1038] gathered by considering the dates of the foremost scientificFire, 1039:These results can be studied in four ways, considering each as a subsidiary Law of the basic Law ofFire, 1046:of manifestation we call the human, or man. In considering the "Divine Pilgrim" we can study him asFire, 1054:"Law of Monadic Return" which we have just been considering, is the sumtotal of those influencesFire, 1070:- Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind In considering this vast subject of radiation, which isFire, 1095:of the solar system. We must remember when considering this, that all that is dense and gross inFire, 1097:somewhat with various phases of activity when considering "fire by friction," and the fiery motionFire, 1106:expressions of it which we are in process of considering. Each of the groups of lives which are theFire, 1110:that body. It should here be remembered that in considering the causal body, we are dealingFire, 1132:We must here bear in mind, that we are considering synthetic alignment in connection with theFire, 1132:we studied incarnation and, earlier still, when considering pralaya or obscuration, but we dealtFire, 1153:It should be noted here that when we are considering the transmission of energy through alignmentFire, 1188:working under the Law of Attraction which we are considering. This law, therefore, governs twoFire, 1192:new light upon a most difficult subject. In considering this question of the adaptation of the formFire, 1217:relation to the material. The laws we are now considering have relation to the psyche, or to theFire, 1217:from the physical sun; the ones we are now considering emanate from the heart of the Sun. TheFire, 1247:Paths Path II. The Path of Magnetic Work In considering this Path students must bear in mind thatFire, 1253:is to be known. Remember here that we are not considering the three worlds of human endeavor exceptFire, 1261:the adepts of suffering pass on to Path IV. In considering these numbers it must be borne in mindGlamour, 47:no authority or guidance. ' Those of us who are considering him and looking on at him from theHealing, 18:the healer's aura, flooded with soul energy. In considering the Causes of Disease, I find itHealing, 35:other types of energy with which to reckon, when considering intelligent man. The energy which isHealing, 72:be. This is a fact which we accept. I am here considering the diseases, problems and physicalHealing, 77:glimpse possibilities, and much that he is now considering has in it the seeds of future truth. TheHealing, 124:possible for me to enter into explicit detail in considering these problems connected with theHealing, 135:from the angle of the seven centers, as well as considering the results of the forces and energiesHealing, 221:CHAPTER II Causes Emanating from Group Life In considering disease and its basic causes, we haveHealing, 270:medical science. We have been for some time considering the causes of such diseases, and I proposeHealing, 297:fact of the effect - in the case which we are considering in relation to karma - disease. WiseHealing, 305:These are the imperfections which we are considering - the seven aspects of intelligentHealing, 370:all types, I would here suggest that I am not considering in this short treatise the laws ofHealing, 384:It is for this reason that we can now start considering the basic requirements which man must meetHealing, 391:Basic Requirements for Healing We are therefore considering, in this second section, the problem ofHealing, 394:note that the various words I have chosen in considering the basic requirements have been so chosenHealing, 408:the etheric vehicle. We have consequently, when considering the death of a human being, to employ
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