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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSIDERING

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Psychology2, 540:would then be served, but - in the case we are considering - these forces are all concentrated inPsychology2, 573:- Problems of Disciples and Mystics We are considering the unfoldment of the psychic powers,Psychology2, 616:difficulties, for that is not my theme. I am considering the difficulties (amounting often toPsychology2, 616:integrated into the group. The problem we are considering falls into two major categories and as IPsychology2, 716:(1939), is nearly one thousand. We are here considering those disciples who are definitely workingRays, 39:passed these can he - or the group, when considering group initiation - move forward and outwardRays, 97:to one or other of the four aspects we have been considering. Bear this in mind as we studyRays, 111:of Initiation. If this system is to persist, and considering the vast numbers of souls in and outRays, 115:has been used perhaps requires explanation. In considering this subject it should be rememberedRays, 133:hundred years anent the Masters, and (as we are considering the subject of initiation and ofRays, 161:One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation In considering this Law of the Supplementary Seven, IRays, 182:of the Lord. I would here remind you that we are considering work that the initiate mustRays, 182:that the initiate must accomplish, and are not considering the usual effort of struggling aspirantsRays, 221:at the same stage as the group which we are considering - the stage of the transference of the lifeRays, 227:that of the Aquarian Age, we shall therefore be considering those activities and plans which willRays, 256:they work out in harmony and understanding. I am considering something far different to all theseRays, 262:of Evolution which (as worded in the rule we are considering) will "carry the group togetherRays, 276:Rules can be somewhat grasped. We have been considering Shamballa, and I have given you someRays, 293:goes on) you will later lay the emphasis. In considering the word Express I can, I believe, makeRays, 306:destroyer. The higher destruction which we are considering is related to the destruction of certainRays, 309:of appearances. The form of destruction we are considering however, is more concerned with theRays, 312:we give the inadequate name: Resurrect. Prior to considering that word, I would like to point outRays, 329:opens upon the Way of the Higher Evolution. In considering our theme I propose to divide what IRays, 335:relation to the hierarchical crisis which we are considering. This reappearance upon the physicalRays, 382:such a distant future that we need waste no time considering it. We are working and living in theRays, 388:The Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation In considering the work carried forward in the AshramRays, 421:cosmic responsibility. We had much difficulty in considering understandingly the path trodden byRays, 452:Ponder on this. Another of the difficulties in considering any of these esoteric sciences that dealRays, 462:Path of Probation to the third initiation. In considering this process it is necessary, in theRays, 474:a definite bearing upon this point which we are considering. I would like here very succinctly toRays, 494:activity by means of the path of Light. In considering this process, words prove completelyRays, 509:and there is no lesser differentiation. In considering all these seven rays, I seek to do threeRays, 528:of the six great stages in the process we are considering: Invocation, leading to Evocation, toRays, 551:of the great world ideologies. I am necessarily considering these energies only in relation to theRays, 556:from the standpoint of the ray energies, considering the subject from the initiate's point of view.Rays, 563:in order that we may know what it is that we are considering. In the case of the accepted discipleRays, 566:the disciple's character and actions. We are considering one thing only: the type of ray energyRays, 566:of the rays of the initiate. We are in fact considering initiation as a planetary process, and notRays, 568:When we speak of ray energy we are in reality considering the quality and the will-purpose aspectRays, 661:enters in. The Law of Analogy holds good when considering the microcosm within the life of theSoul, 15:and the introspective wisdom of the Orient. In considering these two schools of psychology, it isSoul, 31:East on the general subject of psychology. In considering the endocrine system, it is not mySoul, 31:the glands, they say, and behold the man. In considering glands in this sense, I shall quoteSoul, 32:I shall avoid such playful expressions. Before considering the glands themselves, it is well toSoul, 131:can be available to mankind as a whole. In considering the possibility of man discovering his soul,Soul, 145:world, whether it is the human family we are considering, or the forms visioned and contacted inTelepathy, 67:evocation, or with impression, we are in reality considering the effect of life-reason as itTelepathy, 69:out the imminent Plan. Never forget that in considering Shamballa and the Plan, we are thinkingTelepathy, 119:the planetary Logos. We are not here, however, considering the larger Whole, but we are dealingTelepathy, 129:relationship. Of these seven we are at this time considering only three; the others we know veryTelepathy, 129:of energies with which they feel confronted when considering the planetary and the human centers. ITelepathy, 188:in the Solar System All that we have here been considering takes place within the etheric body of
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