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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSOLIDATION

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Discipleship1, 145:yet it has been at the same time a condition of consolidation, preparatory to the work of buildingDiscipleship1, 165:work. The keynote of the first year's work is consolidation, that of the second year must beDiscipleship1, 323:For you, there come now some months of inner consolidation. You have heightened your vibrationDiscipleship2, 61:undertaken - must proceed hand in hand with consolidation. The expansion now contemplated in theDiscipleship2, 385:the whole process is one of precipitation, consolidation and irradiation. All the initiatoryDiscipleship2, 428:there - for a brief time - an unique process of consolidation and of consequently greater fusion isDiscipleship2, 587:of the disciples in my Ashram in producing a consolidation and integration within the AshramDiscipleship2, 587:associated with it. The initial structure and consolidation is now concluded and I can assign otherExternalisation, 145:or ended, and will build in, by attraction and consolidation that which is desired into the fabricExternalisation, 335:financial support. Remember that money is the consolidation of the loving, living energy ofExternalisation, 632:of the Christ, and for the immediate consolidation of the work of preparation. All else that I haveExternalisation, 684:centuries been one of a very strict internal consolidation, in order that the magnetic aura of theExternalisation, 684:magnetic aura of the Black Lodge. This internal consolidation has been greatly strengthened [685]Externalisation, 685:in the various parts of the world. The internal consolidation is now being somewhat loosened, if IExternalisation, 688:and disciples to whom is committed the task of consolidation. All this constitutes - for theFire, 933:root-race. Spiritual necessity forced its rapid consolidation, and it is now so constituted that itFire, 1002:upon the astral plane, and to achieve greater consolidation. This is brought about by an act ofInitiation, 121:can be furthered more intelligently. As this consolidation of group relations proceeds, it producesRays, 109:the divine purpose) we shall have the gradual consolidation of the forces of evil or of materialismReappearance, 74:place and [74] their effects are in process of consolidation. I can only make reference to them,
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