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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSTANT

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Astrology, 10:It forms one unbroken field of activity in constant ceaseless motion - an eternal medium for theAstrology, 11:Throughout this cosmic golden web there is a constant circulation of energies and forces and thisAstrology, 11:his outer physical manifestation. Through their constant activity his quality appears, his rayAstrology, 63:to the orthodox investigator. There has to be a constant rectification of the earlier conclusionsAstrology, 106:incarnation, the beginning of recurring and constant cycles of experience, the beginning of theAstrology, 107:advantages of physical incarnation and of constant worldly undertakings; thus [108] after a periodAstrology, 117:produces the world Savior in Pisces. Hence my constant emphasis upon service. Astrology, 123:needed but the method changes itself from the constant variability and mutability of the MutableAstrology, 141:Aquarius is pre-eminently a sign of constant movement, of changing activity and recurrentAstrology, 151:The Love or desire for material, things. Constant mutation. Experience upon the Mutable or CommonAstrology, 166:of man upon the path of daily life, of constant rebirths and of karmic difficulty. Four of themAstrology, 181:is becoming familiar change into the blazing and constant light of the soul, irradiating the mindAstrology, 192:Path. The Sun, typifying the solar Angel remains constant both through the exoteric and theAstrology, 192:and therefore astrology recognizes it as a constant pressure and presence. This fact in itselfAstrology, 223:other point to which I sought to refer is the constant use of the word "relation" or "relationship"Astrology, 256:which astrology finds hard to grasp. There is a constant moving and shifting in space; theAstrology, 257:called "the Cross of Rebirth," emphasizing the constant mutation of which it is the symbol and alsoAstrology, 277:This is an exoteric impact but produces a constant stimulation of the life of the indwellingAstrology, 326:a vortex is established and kept alive by that constant dual sound. And then a touch is made andAstrology, 336:of deity. I cannot too strongly reiterate the constant necessity for you to think in terms ofAstrology, 342:The strength which comes through conflict and constant struggle build up steadily that reserve ofAstrology, 345:of these four energies is to produce that constant flux and periodic change in time and space whichAstrology, 367:aspects of the soul to which I have made such constant reference in my books: the life aspectAstrology, 367:circumstances. This is brought about through the constant activity, the ceaseless movement and theAstrology, 372:all forms. It is going forward also through the constant attempt to comprehend and interpret theAstrology, 381:as being one of universal movement, of great and constant activity under the impulse of materialAstrology, 397:aspirant; self-pity, which is the effect of a constant concentration on the frustration of desireAstrology, 418:reference to our planetary life. Owing to the constant movement everywhere, inherent in the solarAstrology, 420:The cyclic expression of life is dependent upon constant mutation and infinitely changingAstrology, 447:to "stand in spiritual Being" as a result of constant trial and testing. Finally he stands readyAstrology, 560:[560] The Mutable Cross of material change and constant movement can be depicted by the swastika.Astrology, 565:contact with His "Father in Heaven"; He was in constant communication with the Monad, therebyAstrology, 614:in the effort to achieve a vision of the whole, constant repetition has its place. We are nowAstrology, 617:mutations and changes through the action of the constant incentive of the will-to-good. Yet at theAtom, 23:finally define evolution as ordered change and constant mutation. It demonstrates in the ceaselessAtom, 24:respond to vibration, that it progresses through constant change, by the practice of a selectiveAtom, 88:knows that stage well. It can be seen in that constant utterance of "my, my, my," the stage ofAtom, 113:of meditation. By a brooding concentration, by a constant recollection, and by strenuousAutobiography, 3:a writer of books which have had a wide and constant circulation and which have been translatedAutobiography, 17:Bailey. We were three close friends and his constant letters are greatly missed by us. Autobiography, 28:completed, my whole life was one of change and constant movement. Neither my sister's health norAutobiography, 39:the Christ. The waiting crowd appeared to be in constant movement, and as they moved they formedAutobiography, 80:I studied him for awhile and got fed up with his constant threat, so one day I fetched the carvingAutobiography, 80:which I was quite unfitted to cope. It was this constant stream of emergencies which finally brokeAutobiography, 90:completely. I was worn out with over work, with constant migraine headaches of the worst kind andAutobiography, 111:children and their parents and I lived in a constant riot of children's voices. The little town wasAutobiography, 112:was getting out of all bounds and I lived in a constant terror that the members of the congregationAutobiography, 114:general health got better and, in spite of the constant outbursts of fury, life was beginning toAutobiography, 119:There must be some basic cause for this constant and ceaseless persecution, some reason why theyAutobiography, 159:was competition and claim making and, therefore, constant fighting between personalities - fightingAutobiography, 193:His clear legal mind, his impersonality and his constant failure to get excited when I thought heAutobiography, 214:be in my office by ten and then the monotony of constant appointments, handling my mail, dictatingAutobiography, 228:my book A Treatise on Cosmic Fire had been his constant companion and that on his death bed he hadBethlehem, 15:the cause of his eternal discontent, of his constant distaste and dissatisfaction, and of hisBethlehem, 57:of the birth story, all indicate to us the constant re-enactment of a truth, so that from itsBethlehem, 99:nature. The fluid nature of the emotions, the constant shifting between sentient pleasure and pain,Bethlehem, 103:of Allington, p. 8. This illumination grows more constant as time goes on. The ancient HinduBethlehem, 118:form is simply an aggregate of energy units in constant ceaseless motion, to which we have toBethlehem, 138:urgent. The recognition of man's reach and the constant pull of the world of transcendental valuesBethlehem, 153:three Crosses on Calvary! What accounts for this constant recurrence of three? What does itBethlehem, 153:and for pleasure, and an indication of the constant and ceaseless call and voice of the sentientBethlehem, 187:inclusive of time and space and life - that the constant explanations and the endless attempts toBethlehem, 209:and those other children of God whose lives bore constant testimony to the divine nature. ChristBethlehem, 216:out by a man of his soul's salvation, and the constant paying of the price which the ignorant payBethlehem, 250:achieve, his sense of God, innate and true, his constant effort to better conditions and to masterBethlehem, 282:for the final Crucifixion initiation, and by the constant renunciation of everything that holdsDestiny, 64:and starting around the year 1900, there is a constant and ceaseless migration of peoples from oneDestiny, 77:They cannot escape this relation. Hence the constant clash of these two countries through theDestiny, 80:It is the Gemini influence that has led to the constant movement and restlessness of the BritishDestiny, 80:to cross and recross the ocean and to stage a constant going out to the very ends of the earth, toDestiny, 120:the watching Hierarchy can begin to note the constant reorientation of the soul towards the monad,Destiny, 126:He works upon the physical plane with a constant and steady objective in order to bring aboutDestiny, 128:stage of his training, this involves the constant investigation of his motives until he hasDestiny, 133:past. The use and misuse of this law and its constant interpretations in terms of material desires,Destiny, 150:Mary) to the people. It can be seen in the constant movement of people throughout the world fromDiscipleship1, 5:accurately. Also, there must be none of that constant looking for results and for phenomena whichDiscipleship1, 7:goals for you; may I beg you to desist from that constant self-analysis which is such anDiscipleship1, 13:thought, exoteric knowledge of each other and a constant sending forth of love. Group meditation...Discipleship1, 27:action upon the physical body. This leads to a constant condition of fighting and of turmoil. ItDiscipleship1, 30:Service in the world these days requires constant pressure and attention and the work is strenuous.Discipleship1, 50:day, but constantly, all day long. It infers a constant orientation to life and the handling ofDiscipleship1, 55:or wishes. There is for him nothing but constant work and constant with other people.Discipleship1, 55:There is for him nothing but constant work and constant with other people. He may be aDiscipleship1, 77:that over-emphasis of the personality and that constant thought about the personality which is soDiscipleship1, 95:of place and opportunity and not this constant emphasis upon her inability to measure up. She owesDiscipleship1, 115:appears to be little phenomenal response to your constant effort. You seek to keep your eyes offDiscipleship1, 116:entail difficulty. This difficulty may involve a constant stream of minor problems and detachmentsDiscipleship1, 143:The physical [143] weakness has its seat in a constant draining and leakage of the etheric body.Discipleship1, 143:the auras of other people causes in your case a constant seepage of vitality, for you areDiscipleship1, 190:other people but it does keep you yourself in a constant state of questioning and of bewildermentDiscipleship1, 194:which you should have steadily in view, is the constant cultivation of the attitude of theDiscipleship1, 194:there is no need for you to subject yourself to constant criticism. Each day, however, subjectDiscipleship1, 195:Full Moon and give to the five days thereof your constant thought. I am anxious to see a greaterDiscipleship1, 229:depends upon your ability to achieve a constant inner growth and progressive realization and yourDiscipleship1, 236:and feed not personality satisfaction in a constant managing of their affairs. [237] You have aDiscipleship1, 252:with those to be instructed and loss of the constant sense of the little self. The practicing ofDiscipleship1, 261:old, blind your eyes to the need for further and constant training. The disciple oft becomesDiscipleship1, 292:you bring your intuitional capacity, and by constant use it also grows. You are thereby ledDiscipleship1, 310:a steady decentralization, demonstrating in a constant outgoing in compassion and understanding toDiscipleship1, 323:of startling import. This is happily the case. A constant succession [324] of spiritual
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