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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSTANT

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Discipleship2, 561:Ashram; aid your fellowmen, and know the joy of constant service and sacrifice. Discipleship2, 579:the inner central triangle, and together and in constant consultation establish some uniformity andDiscipleship2, 580:now shift to the networks per se and away from a constant consideration of the quality aspect. YouDiscipleship2, 584:the anxieties incident to the times and the constant sense of frustration have all contributed toDiscipleship2, 586:recorded on your ashramic chart your strong and constant effort to fulfil requirements as I haveDiscipleship2, 600:continuous frustration." In your case and in the constant failure to achieve the fullest expressionDiscipleship2, 601:accompanied as it is (in your case) by a constant sense of failure? Go forward therefore, myDiscipleship2, 616:for this future work, provided that you lay the constant emphasis upon the esoteric aspect of allDiscipleship2, 628:the Ashram and with me, your Master and your constant friend. Of this you may not be constantly orDiscipleship2, 652:anxieties of many kinds. You have stood with constant steadiness and you must know by now howDiscipleship2, 664:to live the triple life of ceaseless serving, of constant pain, and [665] of endless dreaming. IDiscipleship2, 675:submits to the wear and tear of life, and to the constant consideration of karmic unfoldmentsDiscipleship2, 675:body and a partner who is ever the cause of constant concern (though withal you owe her much), youDiscipleship2, 697:1942 The path of the pledged disciple is one of constant rending. The disciple does the rending.Discipleship2, 703:your forty-second year, life has held for you constant change, many and drastic adjustments andDiscipleship2, 704:(in the light of the vision) and the need for constant [705] self-development and the cultivationDiscipleship2, 705:attain; this means clear thinking, humility and constant adjustment. The third lesson is theDiscipleship2, 710:barriers to the free flow of love and impede a constant contact with the soul, imposing themselvesDiscipleship2, 714:body under this intense mental tension and constant movement is necessarily very nervous andDiscipleship2, 714:the physical body. Your vital body feels the constant pull upwards of mental force, but that mentalDiscipleship2, 715:you simply what the fault is. [715] There is a constant over-stimulation of the mind, of such aDiscipleship2, 723:time lies ahead of you, my brother, let this constant movement end. Endeavor to be where you can beDiscipleship2, 723:but give not time to meditation. It is this constant urge to meditation which is responsible forDiscipleship2, 729:no need to assure you of my protecting care and constant interest. The years must have proved it toDiscipleship2, 732:may use so old-fashioned a phrase), and by your constant inner dwelling on your group relations.Discipleship2, 739:"chain of Hierarchy" is a good subject for your constant reflection, and I want you to pay closeDiscipleship2, 741:or organization in your service, owing to the constant mental conflict. From the very first timeDiscipleship2, 742:you find out. An Ashram is ever in a state of constant flux and movement. Disciples are passing outDiscipleship2, 748:fraught with danger because of the immense and constant antagonism it arouses (and is arousingDiscipleship2, 750:of affairs leads to a static situation and to a constant conditioning of your life expression. ToDiscipleship2, 762:deny, for your life is very full. Life has its constant points of revelation, some of which weEducation, 63:physical plane. This is indicated today by the constant use of the terms "Forces of Light" andEducation, 77:and petty sins, imposed upon children by the constant reiteration of "No," by the use of the wordEducation, 86:influence and the proclaimed purpose behind the constant appearance of spiritual, cultural andEducation, 88:requirement is an attitude of goodwill and a constant effort to foster right human relations. WorldEducation, 115:aggregate of this play with ideas, and in the constant impact upon the human consciousness of theExternalisation, 18:of one-pointed intent, of directed purpose, of a constant practice of the Presence of God, and ofExternalisation, 93:system of changing forces, shifting cycles and constant mutation directed towards the inscrutableExternalisation, 102:The force which it later exerts will be due to constant pervasive pressures and the steadyExternalisation, 134:and of groups of people within Russia, and the constant moving onwards of the wandering JewsExternalisation, 134:of untold value, leading as it does to the constant necessity to readjust viewpoints, to changeExternalisation, 146:the Great Invocation but also to the daily and constant use of the Sacred Word by occult studentsExternalisation, 177:the fear of famine and pestilence and the constant risk of becoming actively a part of the warExternalisation, 183:bring the old bad order to an end. There is a constant demand for the Allies to state their peaceExternalisation, 187:and it is this recognition which lies behind the constant aid of the United States. The way ofExternalisation, 211:right-minded people, plus the intelligent and constant use of the [212] Great Invocation, now beingExternalisation, 221:physical forms, is entirely compatible with the constant preservation of soul love - a thing whichExternalisation, 238:and machine gunning on the one side, and the constant refraining from attack upon the enemy by theExternalisation, 292:nucleus of energy, spiritually positive, is the constant task of an Avatar. He focuses or anchors aExternalisation, 297:to which I referred earlier) there have been constant appearances of lesser avatars, called forthExternalisation, 298:thus demonstrating the balance in nature and the constant interplay of the pairs of opposites. TheyExternalisation, 314:men and for each other. It will demonstrate in a constant effort to invoke the spiritual will inExternalisation, 321:the people, and established precedent, all bear constant witness. His hour is near, provided theExternalisation, 353:renewed application to meditation and a constant steady use of the Invocation, particularly the oneExternalisation, 353:for that is the meaning of fasting and to the constant effort to live at the highest possible pointExternalisation, 395:the work did not go on and this in spite of the constant effort of a few. But they were too few.Externalisation, 411:has for the first time grasped the cause of His constant distaste and dissatisfaction and hasExternalisation, 415:men and thus establish a close relation and a constant communication between humanity and theExternalisation, 425:limitations, and of this the Forces of Evil take constant advantage. The bombing of massedExternalisation, 487:is the potency of inevitable resurrection, the constant flow of enlightened thinking into andExternalisation, 496:the Lords of Liberation. Another factor was the constant, invocative demand and the prayersExternalisation, 500:of modern society and liberate men from the constant anxiety and gruelling toil which have beenExternalisation, 518:growth. This is not a truism. You can see it in constant expression. The Masters utilize the formExternalisation, 544:in the love which He preached and in His constant repudiation of theological Judaism (the SadduceesExternalisation, 546:activity as need arises, and it involves the constant cooperation of the Masters. [547] Since 1931Externalisation, 563:has been fundamentally threefold in nature: A constant effort to set up a closer and moreExternalisation, 563:with a full use of intelligent love. A constant adaptation of the developing Plan to the emerging,Externalisation, 571:ancient and obsolete but precious ideas, and his constant warfare on conditioning glamors andExternalisation, 571:advanced disciples with a full and conscious constant contact with their particular Ashram are ableExternalisation, 581:the fourth. As the fourth ray is, however, the constant ray of the human family, its influence isExternalisation, 641:indeed but far from impossible. 4. Undertake the constant distribution of my books, which containExternalisation, 650:a practical common sense, a cessation of the constant presentation of a beautiful future in aExternalisation, 680:mental approach is not the same thing as the constant aspirational preoccupation of the earnestExternalisation, 685:a civilization which will be distinguished by a constant intellectual perception of truth, andFire, vi:so produced but is all too often forgotten. Its constant remembrance will constitute in the yearsFire, 13:kingdom of Varuna. They grew and multiplied. In constant flux they swayed. Each ebb of cosmicFire, 203:by the increasing use of the senses, and their constant utilization for the identification of theFire, 274:repeating its activity - Repetition in Time. The constant consecutive reverberation of a planeFire, 283:embodying a lesser life, each in a condition of constant activity, and each repulsing other cellsFire, 598:By mutation I mean the fact that there is a constant changing and shifting, an endless interweavingFire, 598:dual synthesis of Spirit and matter. There is constant rotation in the Rays and planes, in theirFire, 765:of the evolutionary period in the three worlds a constant interchange of energy is seen to beFire, 778:carried on throughout the entire system, and a constant circulation transpires, and a constantFire, 778:and a constant circulation transpires, and a constant transmission of energy, and of force unitsFire, 902:and eventual precipitation which - through its constant activity - nourishes all life upon theFire, 973:the still lower organs of generation. It is this constant stream of emotional or sexual energyFire, 993:too strongly emphasized and urged, and hence the constant injunctions to self control,Fire, 995:the center of peace. These things he effects by constant watchfulness, unremitting control, andFire, 1056:divine central magnet. This brings it under the constant impression of other schemes, each of whichFire, 1093:which produce occult "ignition"; and the constant circulation of the forty-nine fires constructedFire, 1094:vision the whole of the systemic wheel as in a constant state of circulation, in which the tinyFire, 1098:complex problem may be forthcoming. There is a constant inflow of energy from these great EntitiesFire, 1106:action of the individual atoms, and this constant and ceaseless interplay results in the "occultFire, 1112:which form the petals and [1112] which are in constant flux produce apparently "key symbols" withinGlamour, 42:all that happens is due to the circulation and constant mutation of force. He discovers then howGlamour, 48:freedom from the Law of Service, and from the constant interplay between man and man, and soul andGlamour, 56:upon it. The mind, endeavoring to remain in constant steady conscious contact with the soul, seeingGlamour, 155:controlling the lower nature). In this way the constant fluid changefulness of the Dweller isGlamour, 176:of the human consciousness and to meet its constant appeal and demand for further light andGlamour, 179:and away from the pressures of daily living and constant contact with others. The task of the
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