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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSTANT

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Glamour, 192:them lie no real lines of demarcation but only a constant overlapping, a cyclic development and aGlamour, 223:and distress. They will profit enormously from a constant use of the formula until the time comesGlamour, 262:as a result of rhythmic living and a constant right use of the Sacred Word, the OM. When, forGlamour, 263:but by intensifying his point of tension, by the constant recollection of the truth that he is theGlamour, 266:final point, we are concerned with the control - constant and unremitting - of the soul over theGlamour, 271:is necessarily immersed in them, and under their constant impact he passes his life. By their meansHealing, 3:blood flows through the veins and arteries. This constant, individual - human, planetary and solarHealing, 3:and here I wish to enunciate the truth that the constant reiteration by certain schools of healersHealing, 40:gastric ulcers. Other diseases grow from a constant pandering to the desire nature, though sexualHealing, 63:A consequent study of sex magic, plus a constant insatiable physical and sexual urge. ImitativeHealing, 80:- that every part of the physical body is in a constant condition of stimulation, of galvanicHealing, 123:affected by the disciple's energy. This produces constant turmoil in the disciple's life, until heHealing, 162:energies and the four lesser forces. To this constant movement of the centers and to the constantHealing, 162:this constant movement of the centers and to the constant inflow of energies we can trace much ofHealing, 172:area immediately below the diaphragm is in a constant state of turmoil, where average man isHealing, 213:which is ever intelligently receptive, but a constant inflow of spiritual life. There will then beHealing, 218:the body is unable to resist infections, is in a constant state of ill health, [219] and cannotHealing, 225:those which are inherited and to which he has a constant predisposition. Man's fight for health isHealing, 262:brings in the factor of cause and effect with constant inevitability. The concepts of heredity andHealing, 264:or the Pharisees, and these two groups were in constant conflict. Christ came as a member of theHealing, 267:obsolete and which create points of constant irritation to the matrix within which the Jew findsHealing, 301:to triumph and progress - to a condition of constant devitalization. Where this is present,Healing, 301:become possible. Diffusion of energy leads to a constant lessening of this resistance. As a resultHealing, 325:and I would have you all remember that constant dwelling upon the physical factors to be found inHealing, 334:There are later incarnations where there is no constant thought about the physical body, and a manHealing, 354:to massed cell emanation and radiation. This constant stream of energy pouring from the aggregateHealing, 361:aspirants and disciples may experience an almost constant recollection of the Christ; that is dueHealing, 389:an integral part - recognized and desired - of a constant living process. If I were asked to sayHealing, 402:into matter, of an ascent through the medium of constant incarnations in form until those forms areHealing, 404:recognition of a pronounced time factor, and the constant emphasis laid upon timing, areHealing, 406:death episodes. There is, first of all, the constant recurrence of the fact of physical death. ThisHealing, 479:outer aspects and effects of disease. Time, and constant trained observation, have equallyHealing, 482:a field which is yet experimental), and by their constant attack upon orthodox medicine. TheHealing, 493:third seed influence indicates as possessing a constant part in the group experience of which he isHealing, 498:soul. In this stage of mind development and of constant mental control (based on the fact that theHealing, 557:the science of soul contact, first of all; the constant practice of alignment, and theHealing, 560:to the little complaints and the [560] constant small infections which render the life of theHealing, 561:a character condition in which he was in constant danger of disease. They have not wrought a cure,Healing, 561:the fact of the existence of the etheric body. Constant introspection, all forms of morbidHealing, 561:concerned can lead to serious liver trouble, to constant gastric difficulties and to cancer. WhereHealing, 561:the consciousness, or where the man lives in a constant state of irritation against a person or aHealing, 561:be affected; the man then will be susceptible to constant infections, to boils, to running soresHealing, 562:and temporary insanities; they may lead to constant headaches which undermine the constitution andHealing, 562:sex remains a mystery (and at the same time a constant inner unrecorded subject of thought) willHealing, 562:and do not come under this category. To a constant effort to attract the attention of the oppositeHealing, 603:ordinary people is abdominal, necessitating the constant use of the solar plexus center by theHealing, 632:oft also poison the channel by bitterness and constant [633] criticism of the physician and ofHealing, 655:of any kind with the patient. The result is a constant circulation of force from the soul backHercules, 5:the nature of discipleship. It is a word in constant use among aspirants in Christian lands, as inHercules, 9:the ever recurring cycle of existence and the constant crucifixion upon the cross of matter. TheHercules, 18:nature, with its impulses and intuitions, its constant pull towards things vital and divine, andHercules, 67:of the air proceeds with speed, and also a constant effort is made to unify and coordinate the manyHercules, 72:brain overstrained if one of the Masters made constant contact with a disciple before he had evenHercules, 91:of the eternal picturing of truth and the constant holding before our eyes of the story of theHercules, 133:certainties out of his own bitter conflicts. The constant weighing and measuring so characteristicHercules, 210:from the ever recurring cycle of existence and constant crucifixion upon the cross of matter andHercules, 218:The idea of eternal recurrence and of constant activity, bringing with it, we hope and believe, aHercules, 218:bringing with it, we hope and believe, a constant development, gives us a grasp of the magnitude ofInitiation, 7:in evolution progresses through merging, with a constant process of overlapping and mingling. OnlyInitiation, 20:sacrifice, and renunciation, and through the constant streams of light [21] (occultly understood)Intellect, 68:vision, [68] and longs ceaselessly for the constant repetition of the ecstatic state to which hisIntellect, 111:as avenues of perception, and they telegraph constant information to the brain. Through theirIntellect, 167:Divinity, to which our mystical literature bears constant witness. It is a condition of exaltationIntellect, 168:nothing to do. Our goal is the high one of constant intellection and steady mental control, and itIntellect, 169:to live up to them. This registering of a constant pouring in of vital force is eminentlyIntellect, 233:should be noted that the key to success lies in constant and unremitting practice. Often, in ourIntellect, 233:are definitely harmful, inasmuch as they breed a constant sense of failure. A little consistent andIntellect, 234:the ancient rules. This must be done without a constant plucking of oneself up by the roots to seeIntellect, 237:of those who are unjustly attacked, and a constant eye to the ideal of human progression andMagic, 10:if we defined certain words which will be in constant use, so that we will know what we are talkingMagic, 36:or denies response and keeps all forms in a constant condition of vibratory activity. The soul isMagic, 51:and by careful attention to the method of a constant review of the life.[54] Secondly, I am actingMagic, 57:of energy from the soul is the result of Constant internal recollectedness, ConcentratedMagic, 65:a cyclic response from each one! May there be a constant interchange between those who teach andMagic, 68:In the stress and toil of life and in the constant pressure on each one from those who constituteMagic, 68:unrecognized and the man remains in the state of constant indecision. What then, must be done? OneMagic, 78:are not to be found in the West, where constant change in every branch of life is found, where [79]Magic, 95:During this period "the Energy circulates." A constant rhythmic response to the thought energy ofMagic, 115:of eternity and not of time, coupled with a constant endeavor to follow the law of love and seeMagic, 129:hoping for personal contact with him, and constant visioning of that condition called "acceptedMagic, 147:of the natural world becomes monotonous through constant impact over many lives, the man begins toMagic, 202:composed of energy units, atoms in a state of constant flux and movement and find their place in anMagic, 222:human desire and of world desire produces that constant "outpicturing" and form building whichMagic, 222:desire of all subhuman lives causes a constant changing and shifting of the substance of the plane;Magic, 243:has built for himself a picture of walking in a constant illumined condition and of leaving allMagic, 245:and produce a cycle of intense mental activity. Constant study, much thought, keen investigationMagic, 258:from emotional control and desire. Hence the constant, e'en though badly worded injunction in manyMagic, 258:be "reorient desire" or "redirect desire", for a constant process of reorientation of the entireMagic, 262:more consciously he works. Hence eventuates that constant turmoil and frequent ill-health of theMagic, 264:progressing with the desired rapidity, is one of constant movement, constant changes andMagic, 264:desired rapidity, is one of constant movement, constant changes and differentiations, andMagic, 275:of desire, in which we are immersed. It is in constant ebb and flux, and is the stream of life,Magic, 294:does not yet, convey to him. Apart from the constant circulation through his astral body ofMagic, 319:step, and the discipline it entails and the constant supervision of all the activities on the threeMagic, 371:Think not this is truism. You will see it in constant application and need to be prepared for itsMagic, 374:is carried forward. As that unfoldment produces constant changes in realization and a consequentMagic, 374:constant changes in realization and a consequent constant reorientation to a new state ofMagic, 423:in this group is the capacity to preserve a constant and sequential recollection of both the innerMagic, 424:steady communication of the new ideals and the constant emphasis laid upon the essential oneness ofMagic, 476:employed by the advertising agencies and the constant training given to salesmen in the use of the
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