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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSTANT

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Psychology2, 534:to struggle, conflict, and aspiration plus constant frustration; this process produces thosePsychology2, 540:plexus is the wide open door. The increased and constant use of this center as its rhythm andPsychology2, 590:diaphragm. This deprives the solar plexus of a constant inflow of energy and greatly aids inPsychology2, 593:contact with the soul. It will produce that constant renewing of the body which is characteristicPsychology2, 599:normal and wholesome process of "the Way of the constant materializing of the Real". He livesPsychology2, 600:Delusion. The drama life of the mystic and the constant cultivation of the vision (whatever thatPsychology2, 629:is today great. There has been necessitated a constant collaboration and an extreme activity, forPsychology2, 638:They are closely interrelated, and in constant contact and rapport with each other, through unityPsychology2, 657:of other sections and other nations. Hence, my constant emphasis upon the necessity of thinking inPsychology2, 660:be brought about by a strenuous effort and by constant self-sacrifice on the part of all who knowPsychology2, 665:attention which comes from an inner attitude of constant listening. They are unfolding thatPsychology2, 668:use of the general public for it is only through constant reiteration that men learn, and thesePsychology2, 687:that period, two thoughts only will hold our constant attention, - the need of our fellow men andPsychology2, 706:amounting almost to instability, and producing constant change of viewpoint. This leads eventuallyPsychology2, 712:and your service to your fellow men and by the constant dissemination of any knowledge which youRaysof the personality. These four ways are: A constant and unfailing attempt to center theRays, 4:the quality of rajas, of mobility, of constant and conscious change in order to ascertain what isRays, 10:responsibilities; if they realized that by the constant attempt to impose the rhythm of the solarRays, 51:it is progressively developed, works ever from a constant point of tension. We come now to theRays, 51:been brought about in three ways: Through the constant use in all the Christian Churches of theRays, 93:Christ has added to His two immediate and constant tasks that of hastening the coming of the AvatarRays, 137:field of the initiate's effort, and hence the constant need for him to build the antahkarana. InRays, 139:Triad, then he becomes part of a great and constant hierarchical effort which strives upwardsRays, 149:out of the world of kaleidoscopic figures in constant movement, into the world of meaning; it is aRays, 168:his group and merge with it; yet in so doing the constant concept of duality is ever present -Rays, 299:then steadies down, as progress is made, into a constant apprehension and appreciation; itRays, 360:and four energies. I have emphasized this by constant repetition on account of the great importanceRays, 369:will be conditioning human relations. There is a constant shifting in the state of the planetaryRays, 371:call the race of men." From Humanity. There is a constant (and increasing) flow of reoriented humanRays, 371:little as you may have realized it - it is this constant inflow which aids in the intelligentRays, 385:but was still only occasionally in control; constant failure in the three worlds was stillRays, 385:to be desired, and the soul is obviously not in constant control; a great struggle is still beingRays, 434:to work consciously at the task of a dual and constant process of spiritual and physicalRays, 437:will see, therefore, the great necessity for a constant emphasis, at this stage in the training ofRays, 439:the three worlds. Today, aspiration provides a constant source of anxious questioning, of painfulRays, 447:meditation; it is constructed through the constant effort to draw forth the intuition, throughRays, 447:psychism may be clearly seen. It requires a constant disciplining of the mind, so that it can "holdRays, 488:towards the personality and in a state of constant, directed perception. I would remind you thatRays, 540:of Initiation Initiation is, therefore, a constant fusion of the lights, progressively entered,Rays, 548:root of their trouble and is the cause of their constant emphasis upon the past - a past which isRays, 550:energies are circulating all the time and are in constant movement, being directed and controlledRays, 576:he somewhat ignorantly interprets them) are in constant session against the animal nature, andRays, 577:difficulty, realization of problems and the constant effort to "clear himself" (as it is occultlyRays, 582:disciple can now work without being hindered by constant astral disturbances. The effect of sixthRays, 638:and in the mass consciousness; they present constant points of crises and are today bringing aboutRays, 653:leads to realization. Ashramic responsibility, constant service within the planetary Life and theRays, 687:It must constantly be remembered (and hence my constant reiteration) that our seven planes are theRays, 691:Masters are pledged and for which They are in constant training. As the evolutionary processRays, 692:initiatory process but only one of hard work, constant effort and strenuous mental and spiritualRays, 703:a little further, for revelation is always a constant factor in human experience. The whole of lifeRays, 731:I will not here elaborate upon this process of constant death followed by constant resurrection,Rays, 731:upon this process of constant death followed by constant resurrection, but it is the evolutionaryRays, 751:within the States? Why accuse other nations of constant wrong doing, as does Russia, and ofReappearance, 11:persistent energy, spiritually positive, is the constant task of an Avatar; He focuses or anchors aReappearance, 117:can become accomplished fact - through the constant return of the incarnating soul to the school ofReappearance, 150:of divine revelation, and upon the fact of the constant emergence of Messengers from the divineReappearance, 151:men, and thus establish a close relation and a constant communication between humanity and theTelepathy, 25:members of a group grows through the medium of a constant attitude of reflective thought and aTelepathy, 38:of the accepted disciple. Secondly: Your constant effort - to be carried forward steadily andTelepathy, 53:ever present. What we are concerned with is the constant awakening to that which eternally IS, andTelepathy, 55:in incarnation. What he gets out of this life of constant impression is largely dependent upon hisTelepathy, 60:impress upon you - humanity, subjected to this constant process of expansion from the emergence ofTelepathy, 78:and then as "stepped down" by humanity's constant reaction to glamor, to emotional or astralTelepathy, 92:of the Science of Impression. It involves the constant opening up of a new environment - anTelepathy, 94:the disciple is concerned, release from the constant consideration of personal circumstances andTelepathy, 101:registration; this is brought about through the constant and steady holding of the attitude of theTelepathy, 109:of transmitted thought. Though this is a constant phenomenon among advanced intellectual people, itTelepathy, 133:three major planetary centers; this produces a constant inflow of energies from several differentTelepathy, 136:the energy of any particular ray, for there is a constant movement and activity. The center at theTelepathy, 136:as the planetary throat center is under the constant influence of the seventh ray, as is the solarTelepathy, 144:of vibrant energetic atoms - is itself in constant movement, and such movement involves a necessaryTelepathy, 149:but all are in movement all the time; it is a constant circulation. All are passing on and into andTelepathy, 164:The reason is that the whole etheric body is in constant motion and ceaseless transformation, andTelepathy, 164:of which it is composed are in a state of constant change and circulation. It is wise to have in
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