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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSTANTLY

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Astrology, 122:Christ life is psychically impressed, becoming constantly more sensitive to these psychicalAstrology, 122:impressions, swept by desire which ever changes, constantly aware of all impinging contacts, butAstrology, 181:He has, figuratively speaking, to dismount constantly from his white horse (the developed andAstrology, 196:humanity upon the involutionary path, and is constantly active in its influence upon the man who isAstrology, 282:would point out that what I am in this treatise constantly emphasizing is that the astrologer needsAstrology, 381:- Hierarchy - Shamballa. I ring these changes constantly as the consideration of them,Astrology, 401:is in detriment in this sign. Its activity adds constantly to the naturally warlike nature ofAstrology, 401:within itself hope for the struggling man." Constantly in this sign comes the emphasis uponAstrology, 417:cosmic web and solar system is an intricate, constantly moving, interwoven series of trianglesAstrology, 514:microcosmic - is standing. The whole subject is constantly shifting and changing, just as theAstrology, 514:changing, just as the individual human being is constantly changing his focus or is to be foundAstrology, 553:and temporary change, of fluidity and of those constantly altering environments which drive theAstrology, 579:place in human thought. One thing you must constantly bear in mind. Now that the war is over, andAstrology, 580:to end war once and for all and to break its constantly recurring cycle, and a steadily mountingAstrology, 664:to be attracted by and to attract her progeny. Constantly vampirized by her child, she revengesAtom, 20:by the words "evolutionary process." They are constantly being used, and the average man well knowsAutobiography, 11:of the things with which all social workers constantly have to deal. The evil and the misery willAutobiography, 21:I have always understood the impulse. This constantly recurring misery was perhaps the firstAutobiography, 52:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter II One of the words constantly occurring in occult books is the wordAutobiography, 78:of all denominations used to send for me constantly to sit with the boys when they were dying and,Autobiography, 115:me right through. The field next the rectory was constantly plowed, day after day, and when (fromAutobiography, 115:man who was plowing it why it was being done so constantly, he told me that a group of men hadAutobiography, 157:our adherence to the governing principles were constantly being outraged. The truth of the matterAutobiography, 188:They were, however, great readers. They were constantly meeting interesting people, listening toAutobiography, 193:excited when I thought he should, has saved me constantly from myself. It is not an easy thing toAutobiography, 205:and highly strung and had to have bromides constantly to keep his nerves in order. There was not aAutobiography, 206:I gave her all the spare time I could and was constantly at her home. The same things amused us;Autobiography, 210:lasted until the Grand Duke died and after. He constantly went down with Foster and me to stop atAutobiography, 226:a sense of lasting loss. The brooch that she constantly wore was given to me by her husband and IAutobiography, 246:as renegades. The freedom of the individual was constantly infringed and the weaknesses andAutobiography, 246:well, A.A.B. refused to be a party to any such constantly recurring activity, for such is theAutobiography, 249:truth and its intuitive appeal. This should be constantly borne in mind. The accepted disciples ofAutobiography, 280:will transform your consciousness and make you constantly aware of the universal Whole, instead ofAutobiography, 297:relationship consciously recognized and constantly maintained we will be in the coming days lessBethlehem, 22:in the East from the wheel of rebirth, with its constantly reiterated suffering and pain, orBethlehem, 34:expansions of consciousness to which we shall constantly refer have their universal parallels. SomeBethlehem, 36:awaited by the thinkers of the race, and they constantly isolate the present opportunity. TheBethlehem, 104:and that He was, through the consistency of His constantly directed effort, the first of ourBethlehem, 126:to another, and our concept of divinity constantly gains in richness and reality. That is the factBethlehem, 138:presents a problem with which psychologists are constantly confronted. Personalities seem toBethlehem, 152:who are awakening to the world of reality are constantly made aware of the divinity in man, throughBethlehem, 159:were in error when They recognized, as They constantly did, the fact of our sonship. The divinityBethlehem, 197:of love and loving service instead of with this constantly reiterated emphasis upon the bloodBethlehem, 200:means that we mount the Cross with Him and share constantly in the Crucifixion experience. We areBethlehem, 239:and the urge towards divinity, which humanity so constantly exhibits. Because of the presence ofBethlehem, 264:for this revaluation is being impressed upon us constantly. It might be of value to us, therefore,Bethlehem, 273:of witnesses" (Heb., XII, 1.) by which we are so constantly surrounded. The kingdom of God is notBethlehem, 281:Christ. To their fellow disciples they bring constantly the reminder that "except a corn of wheatDestiny, 64:blending and producing interracial life, thus constantly offsetting and negating what has beenDiscipleship1, 8:will bear in mind that I, your teacher, am not constantly aware of your physical condition or dailyDiscipleship1, 8:what it may be possible to do. First: Let it be constantly remembered that the new discipleship isDiscipleship1, 50:or at specific moments throughout the day, but constantly, all day long. It infers a constantDiscipleship1, 68:substance. These forces, this mind-stuff, is constantly in flux and in motion. This produces thatDiscipleship1, 86:consciousness, for the revelation - steadily and constantly presented - of the new and supersedingDiscipleship1, 95:the very deep necessity for humility and its constantly recurring expression. I refer not to anDiscipleship1, 143:case a constant seepage of vitality, for you are constantly oriented towards giving. Your course isDiscipleship1, 144:upon which you are now engaged... Meditate constantly upon the will - consecrated to active, lovingDiscipleship1, 152:and with this - as well you know - you have constantly to deal. The physical body is of the seventhDiscipleship1, 214:by holding yourself steadily in the light, by constantly lifting up your heart unto the Lord ofDiscipleship1, 244:I endeavored to awaken you to the risk of constantly assuming the position of the "one in theDiscipleship1, 253:the next two years see that these words of mine constantly recur to your mind, for thus will youDiscipleship1, 327:induces in you a tendency to reassure yourself constantly that you are on the Way and that all youDiscipleship1, 332:buddhic levels. The calls to meditation which so constantly come to you from somewhere must stillDiscipleship1, 347:the Great Ones face as they deal with a constantly changing humanity? Principles remain eternallyDiscipleship1, 357:that, with deliberation and knowledge, they may constantly give along the indicated lines and thusDiscipleship1, 360:life of the inner planes, you succumb to it constantly; so great and so rapid is your reaction toDiscipleship1, 361:reports. My brother, you touch and tap constantly the fount of wisdom. Your intuition is awake;Discipleship1, 367:the needless astral anxiety under which you so constantly labor? One small personal task I ask ofDiscipleship1, 385:mundane work with which you are of necessity so constantly occupied and brings to you refreshmentDiscipleship1, 405:unselfishly. Your one way out is to be focused constantly in the soul, remembering that, as youDiscipleship1, 426:your life expression. I told you to dwell more constantly in the light which streams from the faceDiscipleship1, 440:in you a profound feeling of futility and a constantly wearing realization of incomplete service.Discipleship1, 454:I reply: "A sensitivity which renders you so constantly self-conscious (by that I mean conscious ofDiscipleship1, 469:could easily become one if your soul were not so constantly and definitely guiding, controlling andDiscipleship1, 474:of purifying thought but do this not so much by constantly fighting undesirable thoughts as byDiscipleship1, 499:the ability to enter the world of ideas must be constantly developed. These concepts will aid byDiscipleship1, 503:working out usually as a quick self-defense and constantly erecting carefully prepared barriers. IDiscipleship1, 511:sensitive than the average. They are also being constantly tried and tested in this particularDiscipleship1, 526:in a fog. You have the capacity to walk constantly in the light. Your glamors come to you from twoDiscipleship1, 551:May I add that my blessing and my thought rest constantly upon you. NOTE: It is apparent from hisDiscipleship1, 576:powerfully and with such violence that you are constantly shattering yourself and constantlyDiscipleship1, 576:that you are constantly shattering yourself and constantly tearing down the contacts you make, theDiscipleship1, 577:waiting must be emulated by all disciples. Dwell constantly in the House of Quiet, my brother, yetDiscipleship1, 609:earnestness. Remember, you have to offset constantly your sixth ray personality. Will youDiscipleship1, 616:to be hindered in their group work from your constantly recurring tendency to glamor. They haveDiscipleship1, 654:expressive of the inner storms in which you so constantly live. Once you have decided toDiscipleship1, 654:with the astral activity which sweeps you so constantly, your physical difficulties will graduallyDiscipleship1, 683:humanity in its intelligent brackets is constantly and steadily undergoing this training. TheDiscipleship1, 687:steady emerging revelation of God's world and a constantly extending vision. The development ofDiscipleship1, 691:area of service and this is a fact you must constantly have in mind. Disciples are chosen by theDiscipleship1, 693:so hard to be; you will give and not fight constantly the tendency not to give; you will forgetDiscipleship1, 735:love and the will-to-love? It is one which constantly is asked in the early stages of the path ofDiscipleship1, 736:disciple knows that he lacks love, because he is constantly finding himself isolated from and notDiscipleship1, 736:to love is to reflect and meditate deeply and constantly upon the significance and the meaning ofDiscipleship1, 748:meet human need. You may wonder perhaps why I so constantly emphasize this need. I do it becauseDiscipleship1, 758:The number of disciples in an Ashram varies constantly, but always there are the three who areDiscipleship1, 759:This affects his life and service and his mind constantly formulates the telepathic impressionsDiscipleship1, 778:as renegades. The freedom of the individual was constantly infringed and the weaknesses andDiscipleship1, 778:well, A. A. B. refused to be a party to any such constantly recurring activity, for such is theDiscipleship1, 781:truth and its intuitive appeal. This you must constantly bear in mind. The accepted disciples of a
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