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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSTANTLY

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Discipleship2, 24:to the average disciple. He is either working constantly under a sense of pressure and of haste orDiscipleship2, 33:needed the protection of the group against his constantly recurring glamors and his innateDiscipleship2, 35:and its magnetic effect in the world. Changes constantly occur. In the past, the lines of forceDiscipleship2, 94:1949 BROTHERS, AS OF OLD: The thought constantly enters my mind as to what I can say in order toDiscipleship2, 103:with it six other Ashrams which are steadily and constantly being organized to meet planetary need.Discipleship2, 105:reflective meditation is an integral part of the constantly developing perception of theDiscipleship2, 116:focus of consciousness. If this attitude can be constantly held until the Full Moon of May, theDiscipleship2, 136:of this great, living, spiritual organism? It constantly "substands" or underlies the worldDiscipleship2, 137:sensitive to the purpose, and creatively and constantly impressing humanity with the aim in view ofDiscipleship2, 153:by a stabilized orientation. Disciples need constantly to reflect upon the life of the Ashram as itDiscipleship2, 160:are blended in this great Invocation. Have also constantly in mind this basic fusion, now findingDiscipleship2, 192:life of spiritual contact with the Ashram is constantly preserved by meditation, prayer andDiscipleship2, 206:of the response evoked from Shamballa. They are constantly in touch with the Council Chamber atDiscipleship2, 213:have come; in humanity the creative process is constantly working; and into humanity all subhumanDiscipleship2, 258:fresh meaning. The inexperienced neophyte is constantly receiving revelations and recording what heDiscipleship2, 300:he neither pushes him into premature action nor constantly supervises him; he surrounds him withDiscipleship2, 339:movements, resulting in an achieved though constantly relative perfection. Oft I have said to youDiscipleship2, 353:by the enemies of humanity and by those who work constantly against the Forces of Light. Today,Discipleship2, 357:has the following things to do: Deal with the constantly transforming changes in his ownDiscipleship2, 363:part of the creative work which emanates constantly from the world of souls, from the Kingdom ofDiscipleship2, 366:upon these two that I would ask you to reflect constantly. In past years, I have frequently calledDiscipleship2, 367:revelation is simply one way of expressing the constantly recurring effects of pressure forward andDiscipleship2, 403:no word. In relation to consciousness, we speak constantly of initiation; in relation to this newDiscipleship2, 412:search light, or the soul. Such hints are now constantly given by senior disciples to aspirantsDiscipleship2, 451:and urgently). Some souls in incarnation need constantly to spur their personalities on to action;Discipleship2, 458:adhere to the general concept with which I have constantly presented all of you. You can (on yourDiscipleship2, 473:to change where you deem it desirable and seek constantly and daily a closer contact with yourDiscipleship2, 497:loneliness" with which your personality has so constantly met the advances of your soul. ThisDiscipleship2, 537:these decisions become increasingly drastic, constantly more frequent and more crucial it) theirDiscipleship2, 544:it appears to have upon other people. He wonders constantly where the difficulty lies. Often itDiscipleship2, 567:here, my brother, that your will is weak. It is constantly oriented towards that which is good andDiscipleship2, 601:and your environing circumstances), you are constantly aware of lack of achievement and of failureDiscipleship2, 622:Is not that the personal work we should constantly be at, and is it not what is symbolized, inDiscipleship2, 625:in the treasure-house of the memory and can be constantly revitalized by a recurring emotion. It isDiscipleship2, 628:and your constant friend. Of this you may not be constantly or inspiringly aware, but you have doneDiscipleship2, 637:unless the disciple is very alert and constantly aware of the cyclic flow of spiritual energy. SuchDiscipleship2, 699:soul quality that it leaves your personality constantly disturbed. Your aim, therefore, should beDiscipleship2, 714:movement is necessarily very nervous and constantly depleted, for seldom is anything carriedDiscipleship2, 714:mind is like a whirling humming-top which is constantly toppling over and has to be set in motionDiscipleship2, 715:I again give you permission to resume. You are constantly withdrawing and escaping into theDiscipleship2, 723:this, in due course, results in a restless, constantly changing physical plane life. Talk this overDiscipleship2, 729:the process of self-accusation in which you so constantly live. Years ago, your dream was to serveDiscipleship2, 741:here lies a hindrance - your fourth ray mind, constantly presenting fields of conflict which youEducation, 24:is true that all these distinctive energies play constantly upon energy-substance (spirit-matter),Education, 24:this instruction. Why is this? Because it must constantly be remembered that we are living in theEducation, 32:This you already know, but this I feel the need constantly to reiterate. In the work of theEducation, 60:of experimental spiritual energies which are constantly seeking impact upon or contact with theEducation, 115:of our world. The attentive minds of the age are constantly being made sensitive to these patterns,Externalisation, 39:this work of astral enlightenment and are constantly occupied with this task. Their work in the newExternalisation, 88:the last two types of energy expressions quite constantly, because they are symbolic (in this dayExternalisation, 112:or of a human being, and the object of this constantly recurring process is to bring anExternalisation, 129:of form, and of that which is. They endeavor constantly to negate the new and to hold back theExternalisation, 208:collaboration. These three points must be constantly presented to the public in the simplestExternalisation, 225:stories of manifesting divinity and to the constantly recurring periods of divine intervention. IExternalisation, 238:of reconciling the necessity of change in a constantly changing world with security against theExternalisation, 288:adornment, speculation and prediction; they are constantly subject to change, to rejection orExternalisation, 342:of what I said elsewhere. One thing you must constantly bear in mind. When the war is over, whenExternalisation, 342:to end war once and for all and to break its constantly recurring cycle, and a steadily mountingExternalisation, 383:one harmonious and understanding whole. 4. Pray constantly, and to your prayers add meditation andExternalisation, 399:in June successful; to use both the Invocations constantly; do not use them as prayers or employingExternalisation, 415:but long for a substitute; they are constantly emerging out of the mass of men and constantlyExternalisation, 415:constantly emerging out of the mass of men and constantly moving forward in consciousness throughExternalisation, 472:the Forces of Light and of Enlightenment are constantly working; that the strength and the wisdomExternalisation, 519:flooding over disastrously. The Hierarchy works constantly at the task of awakening theExternalisation, 540:of the motives animating the Hierarchy will constantly emerge with greater clarity in your minds,Externalisation, 563:be wise, therefore, to keep the following ideas constantly in mind; I will enumerate themExternalisation, 564:what you know as the Hierarchy. However, it is constantly subject to change in response to newExternalisation, 581:consistently present, and this Ashram is equally constantly aware of and influential in humanExternalisation, 619:aspirant, man of goodwill, or disciple, is constantly aware of the challenge of the times and theExternalisation, 654:major technique employed by the Hierarchy is a constantly applied stimulation. Of this, the effectExternalisation, 661:committed to me. The Master K.H. is therefore constantly in close with the Christ, theExternalisation, 665:this Master has His disciples who are working constantly to hold the movement in line with theExternalisation, 668:of human [668] living. An effort is being constantly made to arrest the ugly chaos of the presentExternalisation, 684:inactive, for only advanced humanity lives constantly in touch with the world of SpiritualExternalisation, 690:know, one of the problems with which they are constantly confronted is an extreme sensitivity toExternalisation, 695:factor. The ordinary devoted person, who constantly pledges and dedicates himself to the Christ orFire, VII:revelation and expansion that this fact, if constantly remembered, will give us a secondFire, VII:against that quality of the concrete mind which constantly tends to produce sectarianism. At theFire, 275:Spirit. Every form holds hid a Life. Every life constantly reaches out after the similar lifeFire, 463:and with their mental attitude to man, are constantly appearing, and by the means of these andFire, 661:that desire) is of real importance; they put man constantly in touch - even though he realizes itFire, 890:unity, is everywhere to be seen; this fact must constantly be borne [891] in mind by the occultFire, 1253:with the spiritual aspect. They are constantly spoken of in the occult archives as the "Lords WhoseGlamour, 32:humanity it appears to be walking in a deep and constantly changing density of currents which hideGlamour, 83:and students would do well to bear this thought constantly in their consciousness. The process isGlamour, 200:wider consciousness. Those forms which are being constantly created and ceaselessly produced inGlamour, 205:you that this increasing light brings with it a constantly developing series of revelations which,Glamour, 212:the world of glamor must subject themselves constantly to these phases in the art of polarization,Glamour, 258:enmeshed by the glamor and maya which he is constantly establishing and re-establishing. The lowerHealing, 47:and the future, the emphasis will be laid upon a constantly shifting triplicity, and each man willHealing, 64:and all those occupied with group training constantly meet with this problem, and it is just asHealing, 115:he succumbs to his own thought-forms, created constantly in response to his mounting aspiration.Healing, 126:becomes clear to him; he knows what he is doing. Constantly and systematically, both outgoing andHealing, 130:of the life force in the personality. Bear this constantly in mind. c. The problems connected withHealing, 181:by phases and stages of activity which produce constantly changing results and varying aspects ofHealing, 184:on the right or the left of the spinal cord. Constantly a movement, an interplay and a reversal isHealing, 201:an increasing amount of diseases of the brain (a constantly increasing mental imbalance), and ofHealing, 222:standards are removed, when danger of death is constantly faced and the larger value submerges theHealing, 225:you but realize it; he resists and throws off constantly and continuously every kind of disease -Healing, 296:to the soul, for it places the transient, constantly changing form-nature in a position of undue
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