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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSTELLATIONS

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Astrology, 660:is to the human personality." (C.F. 592) "Three constellations are connected with the fifth logoicAstrology, 690:be given to those who have power to see. Three constellations are connected with the fifth logoicAtom, 152:find that in all of them there are two or three constellations which are regarded as having aAtom, 155:amount of truth in their teaching about the constellations. Perhaps in the stars that we can see inAtom, 157:our solar system. The relationship of these two constellations, or rather their subjectiveAtom, 157:that connects them, out of all the myriads of constellations, with our solar system. But when weBethlehem, 63:symbolism attached from ancient days to these constellations is as old as religion itself. WhenceBethlehem, 64:the same section of the Heavens, are three other constellations, and in these three there isBethlehem, 67:the story-book of the heavens there are three constellations (besides the constellation Virgo)Bethlehem, 69:down into Egypt. These are symbols of the two constellations called the Northern Ass and theBethlehem, 70:universes and tens of thousands of millions of constellations! We are such specks in a greatExternalisation, 5:certain astrological relationships between the constellations are releasing new types of forceExternalisation, 419:it pursues its orbit in the Heavens (the twelve constellations of the zodiac). Astronomical andExternalisation, 422:nature of a particular [422] constellation or constellations influencing those months. ForFire, 28:of Cosmic Evil, and the Rishis of the darkest constellations, [29] gathered their lesser hosts, theFire, 146:the first Logos brings in the influence of other constellations. When this first aspect is betterFire, 151:with it, in its revolution, the entire number of constellations and of universes contained withinFire, 151:rotates in its appointed place among the constellations. But at this juncture we will not deal withFire, 183:it. Equally so, beyond the above named constellations is still another cosmic center. The name ofFire, 229:seen and felt, will His place among the heavenly constellations (the Son of God in a cosmic sense)Fire, 242:MAY BE SAID. The animating principles of allied constellations and systems watch the progress ofFire, 258:and its movements in space in relation to other constellations. Magnetic stimulation, acting uponFire, 269:mystery of electricity. The mystery of the seven constellations. The mystery of the ONE ABOVE THEFire, 294:Entity Vehicle Center Space Time The Unknown 7 constellations cosmic Logos 5 cosmic planes. AFire, 380:relation existing between our system and other constellations, and of our path in the vast arc ofFire, 436:and its electrical relationship with the seven constellations. We have now to deal with theFire, 553:system within the vibratory radius of certain constellations which have a position of profoundFire, 699:be given to those who have power to see. Three constellations are connected with the fifth logoicFire, 702:which caused a response in certain allied constellations; this set loose energy which swept intoFire, 788:certain force currents, emanating from certain constellations. These three events have a veryFire, 795:lies in the effect of the following stars and constellations upon our system and upon anyFire, 795:of Capricorn. Draco. Sirius. The various constellations and stars of the Zodiac. [796] The mysteryFire, 801:It lies hidden - not in the seven constellations - but in the three constellations which concernFire, 801:in the seven constellations - but in the three constellations which concern the three bodies of HisFire, 834:is sought for, the fact of there being entire constellations beyond our solar system in process ofFire, 837:67 unrecognized as yet, and disintegrating constellations (of which there are many in the universe,Fire, 837:is ignorantly termed "black magic." These two constellations have ran their cycles and areFire, 894:knowledge with that concerning those heavenly constellations which have a serpent appellation (suchFire, 920:first instance and from one of the three major constellations in the second instance. SystemicallyFire, 980:words. To the various solar Logoi of the vast constellations that are apparent when we scan theFire, 993:unimpeded, even if slowly, through: Two constellations of the solar system, The planetary schemes,Fire, 1029:may be viewed as: Inter-cosmic, or affecting constellations. Interplanetary, or affecting theFire, 1041:sphere, a solar system. The motion of the constellations external to the solar sphere isFire, 1041:space. As the wave lengths of the light from the constellations, and their relation to the sun areFire, 1042:yet been grasped as to the effect [1042] those constellations in the heavens (which areFire, 1056:of energy from what are termed the zodiacal constellations which reach the planetary scheme via theFire, 1057:parts of the sphere to the differing zodiacal constellations. This influence (in connection withFire, 1058:computations of any kind, for as yet the many constellations which exist only in physical matter ofFire, 1058:central point and with its relation to the three constellations so oft referred to in thisFire, 1059:the result of the united activity of the seven constellations (our solar system forming one of theFire, 1059:realize that in the many thousands of suns and constellations visible to the unaided eye of man,Fire, 1070:the universal whole, and the effect that certain constellations have upon it; secondly, it willFire, 1084:around a cosmic center along with six other constellations of even greater magnitude in theFire, 1084:vault of Heaven is seen to be in motion. All the constellations, viewing them as a whole, areFire, 1084:the power of man to conceive of these whirling constellations, to measure their interaction, and toFire, 1085:of force demonstrate to Him the fact that some constellations are knit with His system in a closeFire, 1085:not their function nor the nature of the other constellations. It must also be remembered that theFire, 1085:influences emanating from unknown or unrealized constellations whose with a systemic orFire, 1085:systems. A cosmic wheel, or a group of seven constellations. These are grouped according to: TheirFire, 1085:groups, each comprising millions of septenary constellations. For purposes of study by the Adepts,Fire, 1086:consciousness the general nature of the group of constellations, and the force occasionallyFire, 1086:Systemic wheels or the atomic life of individual constellations. These again are divided into 343Fire, 1105:between planets, or between systems and constellations, of which an illustration can be seen in theFire, 1117:and intensification which proceeds as constellations form the units in the Whole instead of planetsFire, 1132:informing Life of a solar system to the group of constellations of which He forms part, and HisFire, 1196:of the types of force emanating from the seven constellations. Their intermediary work, therefore,Fire, 1242:eventually leads to one or other of the six constellations which (with ours) form the seven centersFire, 1250:This center is of course one of [1250] the seven constellations. As it is the most potentHercules, 23:Fixed Cross in the heavens, formed by the four constellations Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.Hercules, 29:sign of the Zodiac will be found three other constellations, which symbolically (and often in aHercules, 29:for the labor, the sign, and the allied constellations with the forces let loose through theirHercules, 29:out for the sake of clarity, therefore, that the constellations symbolize the threefold spiritHercules, 29:shall next consider the relationship of sign and constellations, and close each chapter with aHercules, 35:mediates between the soul and the personality.") Constellations in Aries As is usual, there areHercules, 35:in Aries As is usual, there are three constellations connected with Aries. First, there isHercules, 36:whom we shall meet later as one of the three constellations in Pisces. At the commencement, Law; atHercules, 36:of victory. Perseus is the third of the three constellations, called in the zodiac of Denderah, inHercules, 43:is one of be most interesting of the zodiacal constellations, especially at this time. It is theHercules, 47:the great illusion. Significance of the Constellations The three constellations connected with thisHercules, 47:Significance of the Constellations The three constellations connected with this sign are Orion,Hercules, 64:Seven Stars of the Great Bear, which are the two constellations, in the north, around which ourHercules, 68:Hercules - Labor III - Part 2 The Three Symbolic Constellations The three constellations to beHercules, 68:2 The Three Symbolic Constellations The three constellations to be found in connection with theHercules, 69:Lepus, the Hare, associated with these two constellations, contains a star of the most intenseHercules, 70:of the various stars found in the different constellations, we should be able to retrace theHercules, 90:(Esoteric Astrology, p. 168) The Three Symbolic Constellations Jesus is often called the GoodHercules, 90:Christ. Connected with the sign Cancer are three constellations: Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and Argo.Hercules, 91:Arabic names [91] for the stars found in these constellations will be found to prove the fact thatHercules, 91:of St. John, is much that has reference to these constellations. Ursa Minor is famous because theHercules, 91:the north star. In the symbolism of these two constellations we have held before us the thought ofHercules, 91:to Capricorn and is one of the largest of the constellations. It has in it sixty-four stars, ofHercules, 92:instinct, and as they pass through the various constellations covered by this immense sign, thatHercules, 104:Originally the zodiac consisted only of ten constellations and, at some date practically unknown,Hercules, 104:and, at some date practically unknown, the two constellations, Leo and Virgo, were one symbol.Hercules, 104:the ancient initiates, who saw all the external constellations as personifications [105] of forcesHercules, 105:spiritual achievement. The Three Symbolic Constellations There is an immense constellation calledHercules, 106:a hundred degrees and lies beneath the three constellations, Cancer, Leo and Virgo. In Scorpio,Hercules, 106:is 666, and Hydra, the serpent, lies under three constellations and its number 6 is, therefore,Hercules, 106:form part of the body of the Serpent , and both constellations claim them. It is the cup that everyHercules, 107:zodiac of Denderah, Leo and the three attendant constellations are pictured as forming one great
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